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    Real Wedding Wednesday ~ A Barefoot and Beautiful Bride, A Dog Named Lunchbox, and a Laid Back Groom

    I love how chill Maggie and Matt's wedding was. Like super chill. I mean... Maggie was barefoot for most of the day!! I know, right? How awesome is that? And when she needed to slip on some shoes? She just put on her lace Toms... No biggie. LOVE IT! And Matt? The dude had on khaki pants and suspenders! Now, how FAB is that? Even their dog, Lunchbox, wore a handmade bow-tie! Not only that, but these two really made their day all about their love for each other, and the love for their family and friends.

    Bridey, if you scroll down you will see all of the lovely details from Maggie and Matt's amazing wedding. They rocked organic flower arrangements, set a vintage mismatched table, drank from mason jar drinking glasses, and served Southern vegetarian food. Basically? They incorporated everything they loved into one day.... And frankly, I can't think of a better day to just that! Enjoy!

    I love that the dog's name is Lunchbox!Funny story? Apparently, the guys had no idea how to tie a bow tie.Handmade, vintage inspired bridesmaids dresses found on Etsy.Awwwwwwwww.......Hip! Hip! Hooray!!See? Maggie is barefoot! LOVE IT!!

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    The Truth Hurts Tuesday ~ Don't Do Me Any Favors

    "Are you fucking kidding me? REALLY?" she asked. This was the response from an overworked, underpaid and pissed off venue employee. "ALL of that for two fucking French macarons? Seriously, why do I even bother?" she asked and walked away in a huff. "Nice 'tip'."

    Brideys, as we are heading into a busy spring wedding season, I cannot stress enough how important it is to tip the vendors who work their asses off for you. I'm not saying that you "owe" them (particularly if they did not perform well or if they just plain ol' sucked), but if you are going to make like 800 demands (all the way down to the light bulb brand used in function space), and expect that your demands are met, then you know what? You DO owe them, and you better show your appreciation... with CASH. Giving them a $4.00 favor that you are giving to all of your guests? Yeah, it doesn't cut it. Actually feels more like a "fuck you" than a nice little sweet treat. It's definitely not how you should show your appreciation to anybody who has gone out of their way for you (especially if they were the ones who helped you procure said macarons!).

    Bridey, I have written about this a million fucking times, and so has The Tipping Fairy (a Vendor Vent), and even Martha Stewart has written about tipping your wedding vendors! If you pushed your vendors HARD, and they lived up to all of said demands (ahem... changing the brand of light bulbs for your wedding), then show them. Give them a nice fat envelop, write something nice, and build it into your wedding budget.

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    Fantasy Friday ~ A Bitchin' Bitchless Bride & Her FAB Irish Wedding

    About a month ago, I received a pretty kickass email from a bridey named Carol. Not only is she is "obsessed" with Bitchless Bride (duh, who wouldn't be?), but Carol happens to be a Bitchless Bride. And you know how I know? 'Cause she told me. I mean, she didn't come out and tell me tell me, but what she did say was enough proof that this girl "got it". That she understood that marrying somebody is more about the person than the event. You see, brideys, Carol couldn't wait to marry her "favourite person in the world", and while there wasn't a theme or sparklers, there was love... Well, love and some pretty cool details. 

    A few words from the bride: "Over the past year I've been obsessed with your site especially, 'Vendor Rants'. As an Irish girl, I found it both bewildering and hilarious while planning our wedding, which happened on 16th November. Firstly, I just want to quickly introduce myself my name is Carol, and I finally married my favourite person in the world, Kevin.We are both from Derry (in Ireland) it's the best place ever if I don't say so myself lol. We are going out just over 13 years now (we can't remember a specific date but it was a Sunday... I remember the hangover in work the next day).

    Clearly not the normal "getting ready" pics that we've all become accustomed to seeing!Love these bridesmaids dresses, and I am dying over the pockets!! Baby's breath bouquets! LOVE how gigantic they are!More from Carol: Our wedding didn't have any 'out of this world' themes, but we thought it was cool and we and everyone else enjoyed it. I've attached some photos from the day; I know they may not be blog worthy but we both know we don't take good photos (sad but true), but we think they show how laid back the day was for us, and I thought you might like to have a wee look maybe while some bridey is annoying the hell outta you my Kermit onesie will make you smile. Anyhoo I hope you like them."
    What a fabulous seating plan! Super unique!I mean...I can't stop looking at the pink chandeliers!I like your style, Carol! (And your nails!) A bit of Guinness before putting on your sneakers and bustin' a move!I totally wish I could have been there!!

    Industry Peeps:

    Photographer: Kevin Nash Photography


    Real Wedding Wednesday ~ An Amazing Beachfront, Thailand Wedding

    I am absolutely astounded by these photographs. Like, astounded. Part of it is because I desperately need a vacation, and lately if I see palm trees, then I start to daydream about warm beaches, bikinis and cocktails with umbrellas, but mostly it's because this wedding is just fucking stunning. STUN NING. I mean, Gabrielle is a magnificent bride (just wait, you'll see), and Gareth is truly adorable (again, you'll see, and agree!). And you all know that I LOVE Hilary Cam, and when you take in these breathtaking photographs, it will be impossible for you not to to love Hilary too...

    Hilary Cam wrote: Gareth proposed to Gabrielle in South Africa where she grew up. Their choice of Phuket for their wedding was due to it being between South Africa and Australia, so both families could easily travel and share the day. The Jewish ceremonies scattered throughout the day were full of energy and warmth, matched by the stunning beach sunset that seemed to go on forever – something we have missed since returning to the eastern shores of Sydney.

    Seriously? SERI OUS LY? I mean, look at that crystal clear water! OMG! Damn Gabrielle. You are intoxicating.A fantastic way to remember those who aren't with us anymore...Hello handsome!Pure happiness.Apparently it was so hot and humid that Hilary's lenses began to fog! (Like you can tell! Such FAB pics!)I really, really love the bridesmaids dresses!The details in Gabrielle's wedding dress are unbelievable!I can't. I really can't. OMG.Amazing wedding... Amazing.

    Industry Peeps:

    Photographer: Hilary Cam Photography Sydney
    Venue: Katathani, Phuket Beach Resort
    Wedding Dress: Carla Zampatti
    Shoes & Clutch: Jimmy Choo
    Rings: Miller Diamonds
    Makeup: Catie Kenzie Makeup
    Groom’s Suit: Calibre


    The Truth Hurts Tuesday ~ Are You Waiting in Line or Enjoying the Ride? Some Perspective from a Very Perceptive Groom...

    So, Eric, a super intuitive groom, emailed me and said that he'd written a post on his blog regarding the commercialization of weddings. And after I read his post; his perspective if you will, I fell in love with his idea that we are so busy waiting in line that we forget what we are waiting for... You see, bridey, he's currently engaged and wanted to share a bit about his perspective, as a groom (which we all see to dismiss most of the the time), about what he and his future wife, Leigh, are going through as they plan their wedding. His post begins as a dude watching USA hockey team duel Russia in the Winter Olympics.... I've underlined particular sections which I feel are so incredibly insightful that I needed them to stand out. 

    Eric of The Sea Log:

    I’m preparing for an Olympics of my own. My first, and hopefully last wedding (Leigh loves that joke).

    I’m taking the big plunge into marital bliss. The world might not be watching, but the majority of my family and friends will be. So we have to make sure everything is perfect.

    A wedding is stressful. So much thought, resources, and time go into planning one day*. Just like that, it’s over and we invade the Ukraine.

    It’s troubling though. Somewhere along the line wedding planning dropped its trousers and took a big ol’ steroid shot of commercialism.

    I’ve heard that people send out Save the Dates… not for the wedding, but to tell people that a Save the Date is coming.

    Exsqueeze me?

    I bet that Suit who invented Sweetest Day is pulling these levers.

    I love my fiancé. I’m excited to marry her. I think about this quite a bit. I want it to be a great day that we remember for the rest of our lives, but I also don’t want to lose sight about what the marriage is actually about.

    I don’t want to build up one day of wedding bliss and then business as usual a month later.

    Life can feel like a busy theme park. We spend an hour in line for the coaster. Our anticipation grows as we imagine how great this 2 minute ride is going to be. Then it’s over and we get in line for the next thing.

    At days end we stood in line talking about the future for 8 hours and shouted into the wind for 10 minutes.

    I live in this theme park. Mostly in my head. The lines are really long too. Measured in years not hours and minutes.

    • Wedding day line – The girls always wear white in this line. Some strange tradition.
    • Buy a house line - No specific date on the calendar. It makes the line seems a lot longer than it is.
    • Start a family line - Currently as a single guy, this is like the line to the Haunted Catacombs. Scary anticipation greeted with screaming tears… mine not hers.
    • Save for kid’s college line - You got the point long before I ran out of analogies.

    Eventually my theme park will close. When they board me up I hope I wasn’t standing in lines my whole life. Thinking about the next ride, instead of how I can make today awesome.

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