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    About Bitchless Bride

    Hey bridey! My name is Bitchless Bride, and I am a straightforward, foul-mouthed wedding planner who's been in “the industry” for almost two decades. I started BB as somewhat of self-therapeutic outlet, however it seems to be evolving into more of an educational spot for brides to learn how to be better in their new role as "engaged to be married". My goal is to educate, inform and communicate REAL bridal etiquette to those of you sporting a new sparkly rock. I want you to consider Bitchless Bride your mentor throughout your wedding planning process. I hope that my anecdotes, real weddings and advice will provide you with some perspective (my favorite word in the whole wide world!) on the true realities behind the beauty of your wedding day.

    I must warn you... While there is no doubt that you will learn a tremendous amount about planning your wedding during your visit to Bitchless Bride, consider it free advice without the sugar, spice and everything nice. I am gritty and sometimes bitchy, but I promise... I always have your your best interests in mind.

    Who are you, and why the secrecy BB?:

    Hmmm... Tough Q... The secrecy is because I am actually a well respected wedding planner with real clients who might not appreciate my candor.

    As for WHO I am... Well, I don't really have pink hair (it's currently brown). I absolutely adore bright Chanel Lipstick,

    I love any kind of wedding cake to look at or to eat (like piles and piles of it... even went to culinary school to MAKE it, but clearly that's NOT what I'm doing),

    {Photographs taken by Person + Killian Photography}

    mac-n-cheese (even the really bad mac-n-cheese), my two cats, Mickey and Olivia, 

    my husband (he probably should have been towards the top of this list!), and cool graffiti that I sometimes frame.