Five Reasons NOT to Surround Yourself with “Yessers” While Planning Your Wedding

She’s the friend that tells you that your glitter nail polish should be reserved for a seven year old little girl. She’s the friend that sides with your sig other when you’re whining about an argument you had last night because he was actually right. She’s the friend that tells you that you don’t need the waffle when you can get the fried chicken by itself. This friend, bridey? This friend, is your real friend who tells you the truth even when it isn’t exactly what you want to hear, and she’s absolutely who you need around while planning your wedding. Contrary to what you might think, you don’t need a gaggle of girls (and boys too) “yessing” you to death and agreeing with all of the shit you say as you plan your wedding because it can drastically slow you down and prolong your decisions instead of helping you come to the right one. But, the top five reasons why you shouldn’t surround yourself with “yessers” while planning your wedding?

1. Because a yesser is so worried about upsetting the contrived facade of a happy bride planning her incredible wedding that she is afraid to tell you that you’re being ridiculous when you are in fact being ridiculous. It’s important to have your friends tell you that surpassing your budget by three thousand dollars on your wedding dress is stupid. Or that nobody can really tell the difference between chartreuse and lime green linens so make a decision and move on. This friend doesn’t concern herself with worrying about your precious bridal feelings (I mean, she’s not an asshole either), but instead, focuses on being a true friend and helping you make tough choices.

2. Because a yesser is phoning it in, and sometimes it’s by accident. Ever “yes” somebody just so they’ll shut the fuck up? Seriously, if you answered “no” to this question, then you’re totally lying. I’m ashamed to admit it, but I have definitely “yessed” somebody simply to end a brutal conversation or avoid a disagreement that I didn’t feel like engaging (no pun) in. And you know what, bridey? This brand of yesser? She’s not necessarily mean spirited, just not interested. Perhaps you’ve included her in your bridal party and she’s not into it, but felt badly declining. So rather than immerse herself in lengthy conversations she doesn’t care about, she says “yes” just to shut you up. If you feel like you got yourself one of these, then cut the cord. Trust me, you’d be doing both of you a favor!

3. Because some of these yessers? They’re not really your friends. They’re followers. They are only there because everybody else is doing it. And, unlike the followers you have on instagram, twitter, facebook, etc., this yesser is a follower because they don’t have a mind of their own so they need to do what everybody else is doing. I mean they might not even like you or care that you’re getting married! They’re superfluous; they’re redundant; they’re a stupid waste of a bar stool and cocktail. Okay, that definitely came out a lot meaner than I had anticipated, but still all true. If you’re smart bridey, you’ll steer clear of this follower.

4. Because a yesser feeds you when she should be encouraging you. It’s like an intertwining of bullshit, and frankly, it gets confusing. Bridey, your friends should be helping you be decisive and true to yourself during the wedding planning process, not simply yessing you because that’s what they think you want to hear. It’s counterintuitive. A real friend will help you focus on what’s important, has your best interests in mind, but will tell you the truth too.  

5. Because some yessers? Well, they like to be “yessed”, so they will yes you to death if you allow it only because that’s what they think you want. If you suspect that this is happening, then it’s your turn to be honest and let then know that you value their opinion and truly need it so please stop the bullshit.

Bridey, we are all intuitive. And, trust me when I tell you that you know who these people are, and by having them “yes” your every move you will only make your wedding planning more difficult. So don’t. Consider this a cheat sheet, and if you even think that one of your friends falls into any of these categories either confront it immediately or purposefully leave them out of your inner circle. Got it? Good! Stay bitchless!

Photo by Sam Manns on Unsplash

A Beautiful Wedding, Brewing with Fantastic Color and Tons of Fun!!!

g1qghcctwbvvqgqgh324_low.jpg I was seriously considering not writing anything else other than those three words because as you scroll down the page, bridey, you will absolutely see why there's not a whole lot more I can say about Natalie + Alex's wedding that you won't see for yourself. First of all, they got married at a brewery! Fucking awesome, right? I mean, in my book, that's always a good move! But, more than that, look up. See that FAB picture of the bridal party? Nothing but smiles and fun... That is why I decided to open this post with this particular pic because it totally captures the feel of the entire day. Fun! The way weddings should be! A celebration!!

Bridey, aside from the spectacular decision to get married at a beautiful brewery with amazing grounds, N+A ROCKED some seriously orangetastic color without being overdone and displaying too many "pops of color". It's a fine line, and they did it so well. And, can we just talk about the GORGEOUS wedding dress Natalie wore like a glove? It's truly stunning, just like her. Anyway, I'm going to stop typing so that you can start scrolling for piles and piles of inspiration. Enjoy!


OMFG. Right? Completely incredible!


Are you totally dying over those fantastic flowers?


Um. WOW! That dress! And, Natalie, your bum looks pretty FAB too!




I peed a little the first time I saw this pic... LOVE IT!


I've actually never seen a bride balance her bouquet before! Nice work N!!


This shot... So lovely.


I can't stand it! The B+G are just so GREAT together! 


Fantastic cake! And, see what I mean about how great the orange is without being overdone?


Thank you Natalie + Alex for sharing your fun and fabulous wedding with Bitchless Bride!!

Industry Peeps:

Photographer: Bob Hoffman Photography & Video
Cake Designer: French Gourmet Bakery
Floral Designer: I DO Flowers
Reception VenueKarl Strauss Brewery Gardens
Dress Store: Panache Bridal
DJ: Sunset Mobile Music

A Styled Shoot with a Little Water, Air, Earth, but No Fire!


Bridey, drop whatever it is that you're doing, and check out this amazing styled shoot! Even if you're not a 'get married on the water' kind of girl, you won't want to miss this! Because if nothing else, it's fucking amazing with amazing details and the most amazing wedding cake I've seen in a very long time. But, not just that... This shoot is plain ol' pretty with a lot of prettiness to look at!

I love the idea of adding "props" to your wedding to make it more authentically "you". If you and your sig other do a lot of traveling, then a globe makes perfect sense! And the plane? Hell yeah! But, bridey, the reality is, don't be afraid to do what YOU (and your sig other) want to do. Because the beauty really is in the details... And the details are what make you two the collective YOU! Now, go... Enjoy this lite and fun styled shoot!


You know how sometimes when you see something so awesome you have a physical reaction? That was me when I saw these GORGEOUS invitations! I mean... Talk about perfection for this air/water vibe!


Bridey, you know I love cake, right? Like not just like, but really, really LOVE! And when I see a BEAUTIFUL cake done so well that it literally brings tears to my eyes, showing you one pic just won't do. Soooo... I have like five pics of the cake in this post!!! Keep scrolling!


Right? Like, STFU! It's so awesome!!


This whole scene is just incredible. It 100% makes me feel as awesome as I feel the second I step off of the boat in Nantucket!


Anytime a man places his hand on my face or neck before a kiss, I seriously melt (and by "a man", obviously, I mean my hus!!).


Hey now! This is not a boudoir shoot people! It's DAMN sexy though!


This venue is A MAZ ING! WOW!!!


Inside or out, this cake is just FAB!


Thank you FABULOUS industry peeps for submitting this incredibly beautiful and inspiring styled shoot!

Industry Peeps:

Photographer: Wings of Glory Photography
Transportation: Jones Brothers & Co
Cinema + Video: Lang Film Company
Event Designer: Weddings by Carly Ane's 
Tuxedo + Mens Attire: Any Tux 45 Bucks
Hair Stylist: Brie & Brie//The Emerald Fox
Cake Designer: Cut The Cake, Inc.
Invitation Designer: CZ Invitations, LLC
Apparel: One & Only Bridal Boutique
Design + Decor: RW Events
Event Venue: Tavares Pavilion on the Lake

A Colorful, Fun and Spooktacular Halloween Wedding


I wasn't going to do it, bridey. I wasn't going to show you a Halloween wedding today. And it's not because I'm a grump or anti-Halloween, it's just because I am lazy. You see, I usually write The Truth Hurts on Tuesday's; something real, honest and educational for your reading pleasure. And, frankly, it's much easier for me than posting the pics + posts. I put my heart and soul into everything I post on Bitchless Bride, and while I love sharing real weddings with you, they take up a ton of time, and sometimes hurt my brain. But, then I received Gia + Travis' wedding, and all of that changed! I couldn't wait for Halloween just so that I could show you how fucking awesome this wedding was! 

This B+G rocked the shit out of their wedding! I mean, anybody who has the balls to host a Halloween wedding is a hero in my book, but more than that, you really can't NOT (I know, double negative!) have fun at a wedding in which you can go as a zombie!! Right? Right! And, the OMFG wait until you see the décor and the wedding cake! A MAZ ING! Bridey, enjoy this kickass wedding, and Happy Halloween from Bitchless Bride!


In my opinion, every.single.bride. should have a cape to wear on her wedding day!


Gia! I love everything about you! The dress, the gloves, the veil! Oh my!




How super cute is this? I love seeing all of the places they've been together! Gia! Love the purple hair!


Totally amazing...

Sylvia 2.001.jpeg

Yes she fucking did! LOVE THIS!


This pic is so special. It's the quiet after the storm....


Bright and colorful paper bouquet!


This photograph is EVERYTHING! 


Holy fuck with this pancake cake and the incredible cake toppers!!! Right? Please, somebody, anybody, get me a fork ASAP!


SHUT the front door... I can't even!

Sylvia 2.002.jpeg

Utterly fabulous + gorgeous!


Gia + Travis, thank you for sharing your kickass Halloween wedding with Bitchless Bride!

Industry Peeps:

Photographer: Ryan Horban Photography
Event Designer: Temecula Wedding House
Photo Booth Equipment: Rock This Moment
Submitted Via Two Bright Lights

A Truly Stunning Steampunk Wedding at The California State Railroad Museum


Dana + John's steampunk wedding oozes with sexy-awesome-fantastic. Bridey, I just had to use a combination of three adjectives because I was way too indecisive to stick with one word. I mean, just look at that pic! Right? Not only is Dana's whole ensemble is truly A MAZ ING (OMG... Are you as completely in love with her hair as I am?!!), but, she and John are so damn steamy! Like hot for teacher steamy! Right?? Not exactly sure who she's calling in this photo, but it's probably super important! 

Anyway, bridey, the décor + the venue are a perfect match here. The California State Railroad Museum combined with the steampunk aesthetic is totally spectacular! Seriously, just wait until you see the red velvet skeleton heads! Yup! You read that right! RED VELVET SKELTON HEADS! Oh my! Even if steampunk isn't your thing, there are so many inspirational details captured in this cool and kickass wedding that I'd be surprised if you didn't walk away with at least ten things you want to incorporate into your wedding day! So go scroll, and get inspired!


OMFG. Check out that black lace and jewel encrusted bouquet! Simply amazing! And those boots? WHOA!!!

Harriman + Vickers.002.jpeg
Harriman + Vickers.003.jpeg

Dana you are so fucking gorgeous + sexy!

Harriman + Vickers.004.jpeg

Hello handsome John! You look quite dapper in that hat!

Harriman + Vickers.005.jpeg

WOW! Best first look pic!!!

Harriman + Vickers.006.jpeg

Can we just talk about how A MAZ ING Dana's wedding dress is? And that fucking fantastic red velvet jacket?

Harriman + Vickers.007.jpeg
Harriman + Vickers.008.jpeg

So sexy.

Harriman + Vickers.010.jpeg

This venue is absolutely tremendous! It has nineteen steam locomotives and the guests had the opportunity to wander freely throughout the evening.


Totally obsessed with the velvet skeleton heads! 

Harriman + Vickers.012.jpeg
Harriman + Vickers.011.jpeg

Décor. Décor. Décor. It's all in the décor ladies and gentlemen! 

Harriman + Vickers.013.jpeg


Harriman + Vickers.014.jpeg

Thank you Dana + John for sharing your cool and unique wedding with Bitchless Bride!

Industry Peeps:

PhotographerXSIGHT Productions
Ceremony Location: The California State Railroad Museum
Hair + Makeup: I Make Beautiful
Getting Ready: The Citizen Hotel 
Event Planner: Fearon May Events


Five REAL Reasons Why Nobody Wants to Come to Your Wedding


Does anybody else think it’s ironic that nobody wants to come to your wedding, while concurrently, you’re secretly hoping they don’t? Really think about that. I mean, I know you want certain people to come to your wedding and certain people actually do want to come to your wedding, but what about the majority? Oftentimes, you don’t want them and they don’t want you. Strangely enough, sometimes, it’s for very similar reasons. You want to save money, and they don’t want to spend it. You don’t want to be surrounded with people you don’t care about on your wedding day, and they don’t want to be there out of obligation. To them, your wedding is a hassle; an interruption to an otherwise lovely weekend. So where’s the happy medium? And, what about the other reasons people don’t want to come to your wedding? Is it always about the money? No, it’s not, and some of the reasons will surprise you…

Bridey, last month I wrote a post titled, Please Don’t Come to My Wedding… How Cutting the Guest List Can Mean Cutting the Cord. That article was more about you, bridey, relieving yourself of toxic relationships simply by cutting certain people from your guest list, your budget and ultimately from your life, but how about some insight as to why people don’t want to come to your wedding (that has nothing to do with money). What other reasons could there possible be? Several actually… And, you better sit down because the truth hurts.

1. Perhaps they don’t like you as much as you like them. Whoops! Maybe I shouldn’t have started with such a doozy. But, please don’t kill the messenger, because it’s true. Just a stab in the dark, but this could be their way of cutting the cord with you in the same way not inviting somebody to your wedding is your way of cutting the cord with them. It goes both ways, it’s just hard to be on the receiving end.

2. Maybe they don’t like your who you’re going to marry, and don’t think you’ll be a together in the long run. Why go to a wedding to celebrate a couple who, in their opinion, has no chance of making it? And, if this IS the case, then I’m guessing that on some level, you, bridey, already knew this and therefore the RSVP shouldn’t come as a surprise.

3. Did you go to their wedding? No? Well, what goes around comes around. Sure, it’s childish, but they’re getting even with you. Even if you had a valid reason, they’re obviously still pissed off, and consider not going to your wedding as retaliation. This person isn’t married? Are they engaged? Because if they are, perhaps you’re not on their guest list, so it’s only fair if they don’t go to your wedding.

4. It’s possible that their RSVP has nothing to do with you, bridey. Maybe they’re just in a shitty place personally, and the idea of being around happy people, happily celebrating and just being happy is the last thing they want. I mean, we’ve all been there and it sucks, and feeling depressed in a big crowd of people makes it worse.

5. Two words: Vacation Time. Or lack thereof… Using those precious and limited vacation days for your wedding isn’t exactly the vacation they had in mind. Because your day can’t compete with a week in sunny and fabulous destinations like Barbados, St. Thomas, Cabo…

Bridey, we’ll never really know why people do the crazy shit they do or what makes them tick. And, sadly, this list could have been ten deep, but the five listed above are the most “popular”. However, I’ve been doing this long enough to tell you that if they don’t want to come to your wedding, then you’re 100% better off without them there. So, please, try not to dwell on the people that aren’t coming, and focus on the people that are coming to your wedding! Got it?

Photograph viaPhoto by Ben Rosett on Unsplash

Bohemian, BBQ and Bodacious... A Deliciously Alternative British Columbian Wedding


Imagine a wedding that was all your own. A wedding in which you chose exactly what you wanted and then built the day around those very important details. Bridey, I'd like you to meet Alli + Mikk. This B+G are a complete inspiration to brides everywhere simply because that is exactly what they did. They chose what was important to them and then constructed their wedding day around those particulars. It's so simple, yet so difficult to achieve usually due to the noise and bullshit that surrounds your wedding planning. But, A+M? They rocked it! And, I'm seriously in love with them.

Not to mention that this is the first time I've shared a pic of the bride nibbling the groom's ear on Bitchless Bride! Seriously, how is that possible?! Right?! But, beyond the ear nibbles, I wholeheartedly enjoyed this wedding submission because I felt like I was there. I swear I could taste the BBQ, feel the texture of the kickass dress and play the games (and drink the booze during the two hour cocktail hour!!). Bridey, I hope that you take piles and piles of inspiration away with this post, but more than anything else, I hope you take away that it's okay to do your wedding your own way. 


This dress is EVERYTHING! I mean... The black mixed with the texture of the skirt... I'm officially in wedding dress heaven! Now, look down for a close up.

Walter Tammark.001.jpeg

Alli you are truly stunning! As you know, I'm completely obsessed with your wedding dress, but seeing you in it is absolutely breathtaking! Oh, and you look quite handsome too, Mikk!


Know what's amazing? Alli's friend put together this sensational bouquet! It's so bright and beautiful! 



Walter Tammark.003.jpeg

Fuck yeah! Bridey, you gotta love a smoker at your wedding! BBQ baby!

Walter Tammark.004.jpeg

OMFG. Look how grandiose this structure is! Side note? It was hand built by the community and it belongs to the Estonian society.


#functionalunit2017. Fucking love it!

Walter Tammark.005.jpeg

Can we talk about how amazing the décor is? And, bridey, look closely. It's mostly plastic and it's fucking fantastic!

Walter Tammark.006.jpeg

YES! Check out that delicious pig! Last time I was at an event rockin' a whole pig there were birthday candles sticking out of it!


LOVE this pic! Super romantic!

Walter Tammark.007.jpeg

Thank you Alli + Mikk for sharing your utterly delicious, super lovely and amazingly fantastic wedding with Bitchless Bride! 

Industry Peeps:

PhotographerJelger & Tanja Photography
Shoes: Converse
Equipment Rentals: Lonsdale Events
Event Venue: Mäeotsa
Caterer: Smoque 'N Bones
Event Planner: Umbrella Events
DJ: Wailin Dalen Entertainment

Wedding Woes... Five Ways to Ditch the Professional Worrier, and Just Get Shit Done!

This article is dedicated to MK.

This article is dedicated to MK.

Are you a professional worrier? Do you worry about shit you can’t control? Do you worry about shit you can control? Do you worry that you worry too much? Do you stay up half the night thinking about witty retorts to potential arguments that will most likely never (in a million years) happen? Well, depending on the severity of your worrisome worrying, hopefully I can help. Well, from a wedding planning standpoint that is… And, if you’re in the midst of planning a wedding, I’m sure you’re worrying is currently out of control, taking over life as you know it and you’re on the brink of worrying yourself right to Las Vegas.

Here’s the thing, bridey, stop. Stop worrying and start doing. Let go of the need to think big picture, and start thinking about conquering each step of the planning one at a time. How? Well, it’s really quite simple. Here are five ways to ditch your professional worrier persona and just get shit done:

1. Hire an actual professional worrier… Ahem, a wedding planner. I know your budget is small, and I know you’re already stretching to make this wedding work, and I know that it’s fucking hard, but when you hire somebody equipped to handle the stress and worry for you, then you’ve already won a huge battle. Hiring a wedding planner isn’t an option for you? Well, frankly, that’s just stupid, because if you think about it, we use professionals for every other big purchase and big dream in our lives, so why your wedding isn’t under this umbrella is beyond me. But, there’s still something you can do. Hire a “day of” or “month of” wedding planner to handle the logistics leading up to your wedding, and on your wedding day so at the very least, you don’t have to be a worrywart as you walk down the aisle.

2. Take a break. Hell, take twenty-five breaks. It really doesn’t matter how many times you take a break from wedding planning, it matters how many times you get back into the game. You don’t need to be planning your wedding every.second of Set small goals, stick to them, and then take a fucking break. Repeat.

3. Organize yourself early on. Bridey, if you’re a procrastinator and you know it (clap your hands… just kidding), then get ahead of it. I mean, there are a billion wedding planning tools out there to help you stay organized leading up to your wedding day, so just pick one, and get going. This isn’t rocket science, it’s a wedding, and more than that, it’s a celebration of your love for one another. So, it’s a good idea to keep that in the back of your mind when shit feels overwhelming or you’ve gotten off track. Okay?

4. Have a lot of sex… Obviously with the dude or girl you’re marrying. (For some peeps, I know it’s not so cut and dry!) I’ve said this several times, and I’ll say it again. Go do it! Sex releases endorphins (which make you happy), relaxes you and more than that, it brings you two closer. You’ll feel your worrying melt away after a good roll in the hay. Sorry! Couldn’t help it! But, you know what I mean! 

5. Move on. Bridey, did you make a decision? Did you finally determine the color scheme and florals? Congratulations! That’s awesome! So move forward. Keep going. Don’t look back! Seriously, how many cheesy cliches will make you listen to me? Once you’ve made your choice, don’t go back! This will be your biggest downfall. Second guessing yourself never works out well for anybody no matter what decision they’re making in their life. Go with your gut and with what works well for you, and then fucking move on!

The thing is, bridey, I could give you 102 ways to stop worrying, but then you’d worry that you weren’t not-worrying enough, so I thought I’d begin with the five biggies… Just stay true to yourself and your sig other because there are going to be bigger battles down the road that will require more worrying than worrying about your wedding.

A Magical Disney Wedding Rockin' Amazing Purple Hair, Kick Ass Shoes and Some Seriously FAB Décor!


I wish I could draw in a speech bubble coming from Ray's mouth. I mean, I could, but I don't want to destroy the integrity of this fantastic photograph. And it really is FANTASTIC, right? So, bubbling in "Fuck yeah!" probably won't do it the justice I was aiming for, would it? Nope, so I am simply telling you what I want to do instead of doing what I want to do (a huge step for me btw...). And actually, I don't have to do either because Ray is doing it for me. And Krystle, the cool-ass bride with the pink and purple locks, is 100% feeling it too... 

Bridey, this wedding is a complete mixture of cool meets Disney. Seriously, Krystle and Ray rock some superb style, and that style, connected with the awesomeness that is Disney is captured in every frame. And as a fun side note, the B+G's combined name is "Kray". So, obviously, they had to run with it and came up with the phrase, "Kray ever after". It's too good, right? 

Ganotsi Quengua.001.jpeg

Notice the jewels? I'm completely in love with them. 

Ganotsi Quengua.002.jpeg

Just stunning. I love everything about Krystle's bouquet!

Ganotsi Quengua.004.jpeg

Holy fuck with the hair! I am envious and jealous all in one!



Ganotsi Quengua.003.jpeg


Ganotsi Quengua.006.jpeg
Ganotsi Quengua.007.jpeg

I wasn't just talking about Krystle's kick ass shoes! I was talking about Ray's kick ass shoes too! Check 'em out!

Ganotsi Quengua.008.jpeg
Ganotsi Quengua.009.jpeg

Loving the floral installation...

Ganotsi Quengua.010.jpeg

I mean, holy fucking shit with the "Kray Ever After". So many fabulous double meanings.

Ganotsi Quengua.011.jpeg
Ganotsi Quengua.012.jpeg

The cake is awesome and not overdone! I love the Swiss Mickey Mouse dots!


Thank you Krystle + Ray, aka, "KRAY", for sharing your fantastic Disney wedding with Bitchless Bride!

Industry Peeps:

DJ: Audio Zone DJ
Professional: Bruddah Bryan
Linens, Coverings + Floral Designer: C and C Silk Flowers
Reception Venue: Hale Koa Hotel
Cake: Hale Koa Hotel
Beauty: Reniel May Saludez
Cinema + Video: Small Hour Films
Ceremony Location: St. Augustine by the Sea

Shifting from the ‘Getting Married’ Phase to the ‘Getting Divorced’ Phase and Why...


***I originally shared this piece on Huffington Post, but the response was strong enough that I wanted to share it with you here too. Bridey, this is definitely more of an already married post, but with a message about how important it is to put the same energy into your marriage as you put into planning your wedding.***

Bridey, suddenly, I find that I am at the age where people are getting divorced not getting married, and it’s totally fucked up. It hit me like a ton of bricks the other night after a few cocktails, and a lot of interesting conversation with some incredibly strong women sharing tidbits of life over some fried pickles (they’re really good) and French fries. I know, disgusting…but, it was a delicious guilty pleasure! Anyway, when I got home, I had a fucking epiphany and thought, “Oh shit, I am officially out of the getting married phase and in the divorce phase. How the hell did I get here, and so fast?”

The thing is, none of the ladies I was with are getting divorced, but we started talking about how hard marriage can be; juggling our careers, all of the kid shit, lives of our own, and through all of that, seeming to lose our connection with our sig other. And with thatclarity, it’s pretty easy to see why people get divorced… Because marriage is hard. Marriage is something that requires a ton of work and sacrifice, and sometimes it’s easier to give up that to put the work into it.

But, I wonder what would happen if we put the kind of pressure on ourselves for our marriage to be “perfect” instead of our wedding to be “perfect”. Seriously, think about how much, time, money and energy go into planning a wedding. Weeks and months and for some people, even years, right? And at the same time, think about how much time, money and energy go into getting a divorce? About the same (if not more) as your wedding… Please tell me I’m not the only one who sees the irony in that correlation! Right? Now ask yourself why we focus on ONE day, one fucking day, being “perfect” as opposed to focusing that energy into our marriage being “perfect”. Why should that one day, the first day of our marriage, be worth more than a lifetime of marital bliss. WHY?

It’s not. Your wedding day is not more important, but some people treat it as if it is; as if it’s the only thing that matters and the rest will fall into place afterwards. And, you know what? That’s bullshit. My vantage point as a wedding planner and as a married woman of more than a decade? Well, it seems as though you’re a whole lot less likely to give up planning a wedding when the stress feels overwhelming simply because you recognize that the stress is temporary, and a whole lot more comfortable giving up a marriage simply because the stress feels indefinite. But, what if we merged these feelings? What if we allowed ourselves to acknowledge that it’s okay to not be happy of our marriage (because you won’t be), and that just because today sucks (and potentially next week too), doesn’t necessarily mean that we should quit (unless there is physical danger and/or abuse… then quit and run!).

Unhappiness can be temporary too, but only if you allow it to be. We could be talking about any facet of your life in which you are unhappy, and once you realize that it’s temporary, and you have control over it, it feels better, right? You decide to not be unhappy anymore, and work your ass off to fix what’s broken. You don’t deem yourself “bad” for being unhappy, so don’t do it in your marriage. Marriage is hard and could have made June Fucking Cleaver unhappy, but it doesn’t necessarily mean the two of you are “bad” together. It just means that you need to communicate and put time into it; just like you did when you were planning your wedding. And, please don’t mistake my tenacity to make it work for naivety. I know that “working at it” won’t fix all marriages, and that some are doomed from the beginning. However, I do think we give up too easily when things get tough as opposed to at least trying to move forward… TOGETHER.

Image via Kev Seto

A Sexy and Stylish "Married in the Mud" Styled Shoot

A Sexy and Stylish "Married in the Mud" Styled Shoot

I'm feeling awfully playful today, bridey, which is totally awesome for you, because I am about to share a pretty kickass styled shoot with you. SO awesome, that, like, I.CAN'T.EVEN with the wedding dress, and all of the other delicious details showcased below. Bridey, if you rock some seriously gigantic jewels (I just cannot bring myself to say, "balls" and jewels is all I could come up with...), then I DARE you to be bold enough to wear a damn sexy dress like this on your wedding day. OMG... Can you imagine? I mean... Perhaps you could cover up the tatas with a nude faux bra, but either way, a statement would be made!

A Nautically Perfect, Sensationally Sweet and Incredibly Relaxed Beachfront Wedding


Meet Shelby and Jake. This fun-filled B+G met on a boat! I mean, kinda makes me feel like a degenerate for meeting my hus in a bar! But, it's been thirteen years, so I guess we're doing something right! Anyway... Shelby was working as a camp counselor for Reef Relief and Jake happened to be working on the same boat. And, according to the adorably cute pic above, sparks were totally flying. They beat the odds and withstood the difficulty of a long distance relationship while Shelby earned her Masters in Marine Biology from the University of Miami. After graduation, Shelby moved to Key West and began her career researching corals, while Jake transitioned from working in the water sports industry to a teaching career. 

Bridey, THIS WEDDING IS EVERYTHING! It's so lovely and well designed, but at the same time, supremely relaxed and fun. And you know that I preach how important perspective is during wedding planning and on your wedding day, and this B+G fucking nailed it! The details are stunning AND they are clearly having the So, scroll down and absorb the vibe and the take in the beauty of Shelby + Jake's kickass wedding!


Are you completely dying over these two pics? This incredible building is The Southernmost House, a historic beachfront Key West boutique hotel. Just wait until you see the backyard!


Lovin' the flowers with the beautiful bridesmaid dresses in the background.


I love this picture. It's entirely honest and beautiful.


Meanwhile as the girls are getting ready... I can't even! LOVE IT!


Jake, you look charming and handsome! He didn't want to wear a tie "because I feel like I am choking!" While I don't wear ties too often, I can appreciate feeling a bit claustrophobic with something wrapped around my neck!


Seriously? It really doesn't get much sweeter!


I love that as somebody who has never met Shelby + Jake, I can clearly see how much they love each other. I can also tell that they have a fucking fantastic time together too!


That is one hell of a swirl! Totally GORGEOUS!


Shelby said that, "The backdrop was simply baby's breath with the deep blue ocean behind it." 


I mean... These pics of the ceremony. Sniff, sniff...


Love the Florida Keys map the B+G are using as a guest book!


Industry Peeps:

Photographer: Freas Photography
Equipment Rentals: Prestige Party Rentals
Makeup Artist: Crystal Smith's Theatrical Makeup
Floral Designer: Petals & Twigs 
Event Planner: Soiree Key West, LLC
DJ: SoundWave Productions
Reception Venue: Southernmost House
Caterer: Three Fine Cooks
Officiant: Weddings Key West