Super Stylish Sunday ~ I'm Sexy and I Know It...

When photographer, Jen Sinclair, sought out a non-traditional boudoir model, Brittany answered. And thank goodness she did! Because not only is she absolutely stunningly beautiful, but she is non-traditional. Be it the wavy locks of luscious purple hair, the colorful tattoos or her damn sexy curves, Brittany is HOT! But, most of all? Brittany is confident... And it totally shows with every single photograph.

And you know what, brideys? Don't even bother having boudoir photographs taken, if you're not going to flaunt your body and confidently, because it'll show in the pictures. You'll end up looking more like a scared little girl instead of a sexy bride-to-be. Just LOOK at Brittany! She's amazing, and she completely OWNS it in these hot pictures!

OMG, look up! Can we just talk about how perfect her ass is? Sorry, but you know I call it like I see it! And that is a perfect ass!! I love the way her photographer only lets us see only a glimpse too... Certainly gets the juices going that's for sure! Whoever he is , he's a lucky guy! And... honestly? I am a little bit obsessed with her hair. I love the color, and I love how perfectly it flows down her back. 

To me, the photograph in the mirror, is probably the most sexy of them all. This woman exudes sexiness, and is so seductive and confident all mashed up into one. This is Brittany OWNING her boudoir experience, brideys. Seriously, if you need a confidence boost before your boudoir shoot, then study this post before you get down...

Sexy, not skanky.

Love the props! The pearls... The flower in her hair... The super high FMPs...

It's clear that Brittany is having fun and is completely relaxed during this shoot.


Soooo... if you need a little something to break the ice (with yourself), then why not a Storm Trooper helmet/mask? Especially if your man will appreciate the humor associated with it!

We all know that look, don't we? And we all know that there's probably nothing under there, right?

Thank you to Jen Sinclair for submitting these gorgeous boudoir photographs to BB! Interested in her stunning hair? Then email: Beauty by Brittany: Love the flawless makeup? Krista Rose did it!

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