Real Wedding Wednesday ~ A Lovely NYC Elopement

As much as I love showing off amazing weddings on Bitchless Bride, you know that in my heart, I definitely have a soft spot for those brave enough to just say "fuck it", and elope. Ahem... Like moi. However, this story isn't about me. It's about Serena and Steve, and how they threw caution to the wind, and ran to city hall! Don't you just love it? I mean...

I am positively dying over Serena wearing that 1950's gold dress and blue suede shoes. Plus... I'm totally lovin' the tattoo down her leg! And Steve? Well, Steve is quite a catch himself! So, brideys, if you are considering an elopement, I would HIGHLY suggest taking a que from Serena and Steve. Kickass dress, blue suede shoes, city hall and a photographer (oh... and a cupcake!)...

I would fight for that cupcake too... Looks yummy!

I love the vinyl. And I LOVE that they came packin' for the photographs!

Wedding or elopement, THIS is an extraordinary photograph. This is one of those pictures (that if your folks are still together, obvi...), that every couple should include in their album.


I love how the world is just buzzing around them, and they don't even see it.

Best photograph EVER! I totally love this! THANK YOU Jacquie of Photo Philosophies for sharing Serena and Steve's elopement with BB!!!

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