Bitchless Bride is Speaking at the Elite Workshop!! Go Register!

From the founder: These workshops are designed to fuel creative individuals — professional or newbies. The goal of our workshops is to share an abundance of knowledge on each topic. We help cultivate a community of the most talented professionals as we come together to share our stories — the good, bad and ugly — as well as offer a light and newfound creativity. You will leave with brilliant ideas and relationships, and most of all, inspiration and support.

This is the project I am most proud of because we are giving you the opportunities to learn from some of the great ones. As professionals, we are given the gift of experiences and our skills. Helping others start building their businesses and feeling good about who they are and the brand they represent is the true gift!

Soooo... What are you waiting for? If you're in Boston or the surrounding area, then go register!!! Just click here!