A Garden and Brewery Wedding Rockin' Hula Hoops, Butterflies and More!

I just love a B+G with a great sense of humor and personality. And, as you know I share  (more like I preach) how important it is to have fun on your wedding day, and to incorporate who you are into the details (and to not be a bitch, and to treat your friends, family and vendors well, and to think about the future vs. one day, and and and...). Well, Kim and Craig? They totally did it! Bridey, look at the title of this post! Right? In a nutshell? Garden+Beer+Hula Hoops+Butterflies = Wedding. I mean... I cannot make this shit up! And just wait! It's SO fabulous!

Something awesome that struck me about Kim and Craig? Well, when their photographer submitted their wedding to Bitchless Bride she said that, "The rain came for a bit and added to the fun." Now, I don't know about you, bridey, but I'm pretty sure that a statement like that had been uttered by no bride ever! But, clearly it didn't bother them, and I LOVE it! So, go get inspired by all of the fun details and fun captured in this kickass wedding!

Such a FAB bouquet! Love all of the bright colors!

Seriously, I don't think you could get any more adorable, Kim!

Shut the front door... It's like the exact same expression! I LOVE this moment!

Their ceremony was held at the Muttart Conservatory in a butterfly themed Pyramid. I can't get over the upside down umbrellas!

The wedding officiant is too funny! His expressions are seriously priceless!

Oh yeah! (See Craig's polka dot socks? LOVE IT!)

I'm kinda obsessed with this pic. Very cool.

Not going to let a few rain drops get in the way!

HAHA! So cute!

Fuck yeah!!!! 

Such beautiful, yet simple d├ęcor...

That's a great cake! And, I love that the B+G served pie, too!


So, instead of clinking glasses to get the B+G to kiss, guests had the ultimate task of hula hooping! 

I imagine Kim saying, "Bring it"....

I don't think Bitchless Bride has ever ended a post with a mid-air flip! And, I fucking love it! Congratulations Kim and Craig! Thanks you for sharing your fun and fab wedding with BB!

Industry Peeps:
Photographer: Megan Kemshead Photography
Ceremony: Muttart Conservatory
Venue: Yellowhead Brewing Company