When Old Hollywood Meets Contemporary Chic... A Stunning Country Wedding...

"Jared is the best person I know, and it amazes me every day that I get to love him." Wow! Think about that for a sec... That's what Allysa said about her groom, Jared. I know, right? Seriously, it's pretty hard to compete with that statement. Well, unless you're Jared! He did a pretty good job when he said that, "Not only did she love God, but she was quirky and goofy like me." Amazingly beautiful and sincere statements from the B+G on their wedding day. Although I'm not the most religious person, I have a deep respect for those who find comfort and love within a deeper power.

Bridey, the deets captured in this wedding exude a particular loveliness that can sometimes be forgotten as the wedding planning begins to take on a life of itself. So, as you take in the beauty of the details, don't forget to pay close attention to the B+G and the beauty they exude.

Such a cute pic! Love how Allysa's robe is different than the 'maids!

Great mother + daughter moment...

WOW Allysa! You're 100% GORGE in that dress!


Love the smile you can see from the back!

The B+G are washing each other's feet. I had to look it up too... Here's what I found.

Wonder what's so funny!

Jared, you're adorable! Holding back the tears...

And THAT ladies and gentlemen is how it's DONE!

I wanted to point out that Jared is holding the bouquet...


Thank you for sharing your truly lovely and warm wedding with Bitchless Bride!

Industry Peeps:

Photographer: Clint Bargen Photography
Venue: 100 Braid St Studio