A Wedding with a Ton of Pride, a Fabulous Parade and a Lot of Spunk!!

As a wedding planner + writer, blogger, etc. I feel like I've seen and been exposed to all kinds of amazing weddings and events. But, Steven + Tim's wedding? Well, it's a first for me. Why? Because I've never seen or planned a wedding that took place at a parade. And Steven + Tim? They got married at the Stonewall Columbus Pride Parade. Right?  Isn't that amazingly wonderful!? I mean... Holy fuck! Talk about incomparable wedding day experience! And the best part ? When their photographer, Mak Rabbit Photography, asked what they were looking forward to most on their wedding day, Tim said, "Having our relationship legally recognized and standing up in front of our family and expressing our love and commitment to each other." Hell yeah!

Sooooo.... Friends and family met at a little corner of the park, and John (the friend who introduced S+T) officiated their ceremony. Followed by some candids in and around the park, complete with a wardrobe change, Steven and Tim truly rocked the hell out of the pride parade and their kickass wedding! Enjoy!

I can't even with this shirt. It's just too awesome!

Sniff sniff... Everything is in this moment! Totally moving...

A beautiful embrace, and some seriously FAB pants!

So sweet! I'm a l'il obsessed with the beard...

Time for a quick change! I love that they kept the same color scheme going!! 


Thank you Steven + Tim for sharing your AWESOME day with Bitchless Bride! 

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Photographer: Mak Rabbitt Photography
Other Location: Goodale Park
Submitted via Two Bright Lights