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    "And then..."

    Let me be blunt. Limit the number of toasts. Ask your friends what they hate most about weddings, and I bet the number one answer will be too many toasts that are far too long. Nobody gives a shit or understands the private jokes besides you, the groom and the person giving the toast. This is not your Bat Mitzvah and it is not appropriate for your friends to ramble on and on like a 13 year old. Remember my entry about taking care of the guest? Well, this is a big one. Your wedding day is lovely, but it’s an all day commitment.  When guests are finally able to sit at their tables, they want to eat. Sure they want to toast the bride and groom, but filling up an hour with shit nobody cares about makes people angry. So, put a cap on it. Limit the number of toasts and the time they get to speak.

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    Why is it people confuse a wedding toast with a drunken rant?? When we edit we limit toasts to 3 minutes, max. So should people who toast. No one wants to listen to the bm sharing his adolescent exploits with the groom or the fob who decided to write all the "cute' (read: horrifying) stories of the bride when she was 2 and liked to take her clothes off in public from an endless roll of toilet paper (Yep! We actually filmed that!)
    A toast is a tribute - not a roast, or a biographical epic. Keep it short, tasteful and sweet!

    January 9, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterNaomi

    We always advise our readers that the time limit is the first and foremost thing one should bear in mind when making a toast or giving a speech. But as from our experience, only those follow the advice and actually keep it short and sweet who have personally witnessed how boring a lengthy speech may sound.
    As to the stories told, nothing can resonate more with the audience than a compelling story, whether a childhood /teenage memory or otherwise.
    Without a unique story, your toast is only "yet another wedding toast", and words that get repeated again and again actually loose its lexical and emotional meaning.

    March 27, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterWedding Speeches Guide

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