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    Putting Things into Perspective... Hurricane Sandy and her Wrath

    Here comes my favorite word again, perspective. And after the storm, I feel like it would inconsiderate to write about anything wedding related or super pretty, or pretty bitchy. Because perspective really is the bitch in this scenario… So, I abandoned my original post for today… And it was going to be a good one too. All about Barbie… no really, it was! I had an awesome correlation back to the wedding industry, but it seems almost inconsiderate to be funny or even bitchy when millions of people have been and continue to be affected by Hurricane Sandy. People lost their lives, livelihood and homes, so I just can’t seem to get my brain to be in a “wedding” place today. Plus, I really doubt that even the most coo coo bride is thinking about her nuptials right now.

    I live on the East coast too, but I happened to be traveling for work (strange how things played out) and now I am currently stuck in the Midwest. But, I have been thinking about my husband, family and friends as I watch the news and see all of the destruction and anguish. And I feel grateful. Grateful that my husband is okay and grateful that while family might be powerless (quite literally), no real damage was done. So for all of you struggling right now, please know that BB is thinking about you and hoping for the best.

    Take care of yourselves… Got it?

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    Reader Comments (1)

    My wedding will forever be one that we (or our guests) will never forget. Our wedding took place the day before Hurricane Sandy in Tarrytown, NY. You never figure in a hurricane when planning your wedding. My family and lots of my friends including my bridal party were from NJ. The rehearsal was that Sat. and the 12 minute ceremony was scheduled to take place outside of this venue in the garden area with the Hudson River, Fall foliage and Mountains as the beautiful scenery. I remember seeing those gray clouds moving in but stayed positive that it wouldn't rain on my wedding the next day. I prayed that we just get through all the photos that were to be taken before the ceremony outside and the outside ceremony (total time 12 mins). The wedding coordinator was all ready to set up the ceremony inside moving the cocktail hour location to another location in the mansion. I stood my ground and had faith the weather would hold out. It did. As soon as the ceremony was over and the bridal party was walking up the aisle to go back inside the wind start kicking in.
    At around 8pm one of my bridesmaids had to leave. She received a phone call from her family in NJ near the shore area and the rain was starting. I just wanted everyone to be save. She missed half the reception but her getting home was more important and she was there for the most important part...my ceremony and giving a speech.
    I had family fly in from TX, NM and MI...two of my cousins had to scurry out to find rental cars to drive home very early that next morning. I was hoping to have had some quality time with them but Sandy had other ideas.
    The next morning my mom left very early, my other guests left to get home. The storm was starting. The hotel had a skeleton staff and it took us over 2 hours to get all our luggage, gifts and the decorations I provided to use at the mansion for the reception. Instead of the hotel putting everything in one place, everything was all over. My cake and the topper were nowhere to be found. Needless to say, it was a nightmare getting out of there. The reason we didn't stay there was they handed out these notices saying that they didn't have back up generators and that if the power went out you'd get locked in your room. Forget that. By the time we got on the highway no one was on the road and we had no idea all the highways home were shut. What should have been a 30 minute ride turned into a 2 hour harrowing drive in a hurricane through side streets.
    Now in all the years where we live we've never lost power during any storm. We walked in the house, my cell was ringing. My bridesmaids were checking in. While talking to two of them, the phones went dead. They lost power in NJ. Within 15 mins of being home, we lost power. We thought it would come back on like it usually did. So the night after our wedding all I was able to bring in the house was my wedding dress. Both our cars had all our luggage because we had no lights.
    The next day I drove through our city looking for a gas station. I begged an old man who was telling everyone he had no more gas to please help me. I told him I just got married. He gave me gas. I called Massachusetts where we were planning to go for Halloween (we got married on Oct 28...a honeymoon was out of the question right away because of all the money spent on the wedding) and the hotel had power and said the whole area was fine. So I drove home quickly, we packed our cats and took our luggage from one of our cars and left.
    Enroute to Mass. we hit the Hurricane again...more heavy rain and lightning. Our power was out for over a week so we hunkered down at the hotel for a few weeks. Thank God for those reward points! And then the Nor'easter snowstorm hit.
    I have to laugh looking back at this.
    Someone told me that rain was good luck for a wedding. Well, a massive Hurricane and a Nor'easter snowstorm, I'm hoping that is super double luck!
    So that's my Hurricane Sandy wedding story. What saddens me the most is the amount of destruction and devastation Sandy left down the shore in NJ...my home state.

    On a side note...for anyone getting married. It's a lot of work. My husband and I planned the whole thing ourselves. We also planned our engagement party and my bridal party. The more family or people you get involved, the more stress it is. I would tell all newly engaged couples to read all the contracts the vendors give you. We had more trouble with some of our vendors. That was a huge drama we didn't need. My florist was the worst. I never got to see any pics of bouquets to pick out. My bouquet was nothing like the photo I supplied them with 3 days before my wedding because this guy wouldn't return any of our calls for 2 months but wanted all the money wired to him up front. We had to use this florist as part of the wedding location that we were using. These are things couples never factor in. And if you have a budget, add on to that because the prices keep getting bigger with extra added taxes, etc added on that you don't know about till the end.
    Would I ever have another wedding...hell NO! People see me and my husband and say we look so much more relaxed than before. I was not a Bridezilla. I knew what I wanted. I became a mini Bridezilla dealing with the florist. No one should have to wait 3 days before their wedding to hear from their florist. I never got to see a sample table set up. We did get a pic of the table thrown together and you can see it was taken in a garage. Oh, don't get me started. And the cost was not cheap and I didn't have any flowers on the centerpieces.
    Good luck to all the new brides-to-be!

    January 6, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterJennifer R.

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