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    And They Lived Unhappily Ever After... 

    I am completely dying right now... I just got off of the phone (literally, like 2 minutes ago) with a Mother of the Groom (MOG), and not only did the conversation begin with her crying, but it ended with her saying, "I just want to do this for them (the rehearsal dinner), and then I want them to get divorced." Right? What the fuck???

    After I picked my jaw off my desk, I had to press mute so that she wouldn't hear me laughing. I've known from the get-go that this is not an ideal couple based on what the MOG has told me, and honestly probably the worst part of my job KNOWING that the bride and groom will likely end up in divorce court, but to just come out and say it... kinda made me feel like a proud mama. Has she been reading Bitchless Bride all along? 

    I feel badly for her though. Not only is she spending a shitload of money on a rehearsal dinner (probably more than most wedding budgets), but to completely despise the bride and just "get through the wedding weekend" has got to be an awful feeling. I know that oftentimes there are three sides to every story and that the truth is somewhere in the middle, but to make a statement like that leads me to believe that this bridey is a total bitch.

    I mean, I've heard the stories about them being in therapy (we'll save that for another post), her total lack of respect for the groom and his family and basic rudeness, but WHOA... Divorce talk from the MOG before walking down the aisle? That's crazy! You know what's crazier? I haven't met the B+G! And now, I can't wait! Does that make me a bad person?

    I want to know... What do you think? What's your relationship like with your MOG? Stories please...

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    Reader Comments (7)

    I, personally, love my future in-laws and we all get along great. BUT, I have heard MANY stories of couples almost breaking up due to mother-in-laws hating their child's choice in spouse and giving them absolute HELL every moment of the planning process....some make it through the in-law gauntlet and some don't. More often than not, with couples that know they are on the brink of divorce before ever even heading down the aisle, they feel it is better to go through with the wedding (not disappoint family and guests) and get a divorce later, rather than calling off the wedding before taking the plunge. Oyy vey! Drama!

    August 15, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterLiz Fields

    Hey Liz,

    Oy Vey is right! How sad to go through the motions only to get divorced? Seriously, I don't care WHO you are... You MUST trust your gut. Because it doesn't matter what people think (because they will think the worst, and really are they wrong?), don't do walk down the aisle if you don't feel it.

    And remember, your in-laws are IN your life not just your wedding...


    August 15, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterBitchless Bride

    Oh BB!

    My MOG stories would take up way too much time! But over the course of my wedding planning I have completely rethought entering into this family! MOG has literally been overly pushy, melodramatic, it's all about her-her family, and what she wants! I have quite literally bitten my tongue to the point I have drawn blood! Overall I would have thought MOG and I had a really good relationship, and at times I still believe that we do. It's just her personality to be this way. And it is NOT fun, not at all!!! But the difference between me and the bride you mentioned, is that I respect, and adore my hubby to be. I can deal with all the crap and let MOG "win" at times, because I love her son and I want to be his wife. I was also raised, that divorce should never be an option! My hubby to be and I have been together almost 8 years, and that was something we discussed before getting engaged. I told him, not to ask me if he wasn't 100% sure, and I also told him that I wouldn't say yes if I wasn't 100% sure. So when things got stressful for awhile with the MOG I had to speak to him about how I was feeling, and he was shocked but we worked it out! The thing with this MOG is she should be honest and up front with her son, and really ask him if this is what he wants to do. And this couple needs to rethink this whole wedding!

    August 15, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterPattieH81785

    As someone who has a difficult relationship with her mother-in-law I would say this, some of it works its way out. Some of it doesn't but makes for hilarious FB posts. I believe some of my fb "friends" stick with me just to find out what crazy thing my m-i-l will do next. Also, if you plan on having children keep in mind that eventually you will have the upper hand. I would never use my children as a pawn against my in-laws, but my m-i-l has finally realized that the more comfortable I am around her, the more time she gets to spend with her son and grandchildren.

    August 15, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterMarta (GigMasters)

    Very newly married- but the wedding was telling of the future. Patience, kindness and an understanding husband-to-be were the only thing that got me through the. "Oh I forgot to add..." and "We aren't paying for that many people at the rehearsal dinner, you'll just have to make them pay."

    August 15, 2012 | Unregistered Commenterwyngrrrl

    I feel pretty fortunate with my future inlaws. All my fiance's aunts, uncles, even his stepdad warmed up to me right away. His brothers and mother took a little while, but I found it understandable since my fiance wasn't exactly one to stick with one girl very long. But now, MiL always looks forward to when we come around to visit and is always very interested in discussing our wedding plans; even if she doesn't love our venue choice 100%. My fiance's family is mexican and I don't know why, but when your groom's mother can't wait to share her next favorite recipe to cook with you, I think you're in good balance with your soon-to-be mother.

    August 16, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterLadydragon Queen

    This is really a shame..being a Mother of the Groom..twice I adore both of my daughter-in-laws! They are the daughters I never had. This mother of the groom needs to accept her little boy is not "her little boy" anymore but a grown man and needs to learn to let go and accept the fact he is getting married and moving forward to a new beginning. If she want to get along with her son and future daughter-in-law, and see her future grandchildren she needs to wise up and face the music!

    August 18, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterMary Adams

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