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    Bitchless Bride is in Las Vegas!

    Hey brideys! This girl is taking a much needed vacation! And if you haven't guessed, the hus and I are off to Las Vegas and will be staying in a lovely room at the Bellagio. Don't worry, even though I won't be posting this week, I will be tweeting, pinning (and eating, drinking, and maybe even some gambling), etc., so be sure to check in with BB because I'll definitely be cataloging my debauchery!!

    Here's to a FAB week, brideys!!



    Image via Travel-Wonders


    Fantasy Friday ~ Not Your Average Engagement Shoot

    Every now and again, I receive an engagement shoot or a wedding submission that so perfectly fits my mood, that I truly do feel like it's fate that it ended up in my pretty little hands. Enter Kacie and Shaun. Their engagement shoot is super unique and edgy, clearly encapsulating who they are, and I gotta say, it is exactly how I am feeling as of late. Plus, I am heading to Vegas in a few days, and let's just say that when I'm in Vegas, my edgy side definitely shows her face! And, I wanted to leave you brideys with a post that will stay with you while I am dabbling in debauchery at the Bellagio, and I feel strongly that this post will do the trick!

    Really look at the opening pic... Got me thinking, and I felt like I needed to know more about Kacie and Shaun, so I had Kacie answer a few Qs for me! Pretty fucking fab!

    BB: How did you two meet? I was best friends with Shaun's cousin, Candace, growing up and we used to say that we were cousins; now we almost are. It wasn't until Shaun and I were older, 5 years ago maybe (not sure), that we got to know each other. I was working at a local bar that he frequented often, very often, like his name was everyday guy, and the rest is history. I was even almost fired for dating him in the beginning, but that's another story.

    BB: Kacie, have you ever shaved Shaun's head before? No, he doesn't let me! I offer all the time, something about him wanting to live is usually the response I get... He was scared, and still sleeps a bit uneasy.

    BB: When and where is your wedding? Our wedding is Halloween! The ceremony is being held at the Newburgh Brewery & reception at F.E.A.S.T. at Round Hill in Washingtonville, NY.

    BB: Who proposed and how? This is a complicated story, I'm not even sure if most of our friends and family knows the truth... Long story short... Shaun had an 'experience' while quite intoxicated one night, and woke up the next day a new man. I was terrified and had no idea what this new Shaun did with old Shaun. I went to work at Gleason's, a restaurant in Peekskill NY, an he showed up 15 minutes later just to tell me he loved me. Now, I'm really freaking out, I thought he was going to kill himself or something, this behavior was very unlike him. Later that night he showed up at my job again, sitting at the bar, holding my hand, crying, I knew something was up... He said I want to spend the rest of my life with you, will you spend the rest of your life with me, I said I'm In! And that was that. 

    BB: How many tattoos do you have between you two? I have 3, but it's really over 30 hours. How many is a trick question. The Dragon piece on my back is now finished, what see you was just the start! Shaun has 8, but well over 60 hours!

    BB: What's your favorite kind of beer? 
    Shaun's is Guinness. I can't pick just one! But if I had to, La Roja from Jolly Pumpkin brewery.

    BB: Are you going to have a signature drink at your wedding? Since we are doing a 1920's Speakeasy theme we're going to stick to the classics, a Bee's Knee's or a variation on a Manhattan.

    I really love this shoot! Thank you for sharing with BB!!!

    Industry Peep:

    Photographer: Lilypad Photo Studio


    Real Wedding Wednesday ~ Warm Hawaiian Beaches, Orange Lilies and a Stunning Couple!

    We all need a little romance in our lives, right? Right! Especially when it comes to a proposal! I mean, at the very least it’s got to start with the proposal!! And, if you’re anything like me, then a great proposal story always gets your heart swelling! My eyes swell with tears, I get goose bumps… Yeah, I’m definitely one of those girls! Anyway, take Nick for instance… Nick proposed to Wendy on a gondola in Coronado Cays and then took her to dinner at the Loew’s Resort to celebrate! Pretty fucking cool! But, the best part? Nick didn’t hear Wendy when she said “yes”, so she had to raise her voice and practically yelled “yes” to Nick’s proposal! LOVE IT! 

    Bridey, wanna know a super cool thing that Wendy did for Nick? She had suspected that an engagement was imminent so she had an engagement present for him ready just in case! Could ya’ bust? How awesome is that!!?? Even cooler? Check this out! Wendy got Nick something he’d been talking about his entire life! A one day pass to a race car driving school at Skip Barber. FAB U LOUS! And I know because my husband did this for me about four years ago! 

    Anyway, enjoy all of the lovely little details of this Hawaiian wedding. It’s super colorful and delicious!

    Simply stunning.So sweet...I love how colorful the bridesmaids and groomsmen are! I love that Wendy chose two different colors to work with!When I saw this pic, my eyes started welling. Can you feel it?

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    The Truth Hurts Tuesday ~ A Quick & Dirty Etiquette Refresher for All of You Brides to Be!

    I feel a rant coming on... And maybe it's because I'm on vacation next week and I feel my patience wearing thin or maybe it's because I'm feeling completely burnt out from the craziness of wedding season, but this bridey really pissed me off. Know why? Well, she was a guest at this particular wedding (I knew she'd be there), and not only did she ask me several questions about her own wedding, comparing décor details and whatnot and even a few logistical questions, but she serial texted me décor ideas that she liked for her own wedding or would things she would change, as I was in the midst of running the event. Yeah... Are you fucking kidding me?

    So, my clients obviously knew each other, which is great, but when I'm running the event that I have put my blood, sweat and maybe even a few tears into, get outta my face. Seriously. Bridey, your day will come, and right now, I'm fucking busy making sure this event is flawless and as much as I like you, you don't matter to me right now. You hardly exist. Plus, your wedding isn't for months, and therefore I'm not focused on it as I'm running around checking every last detail for wedding I am orchestrating, TODAY!!!

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    Fantasy Friday ~ A Cajun, Louisianian, Nautical Inspired Bridal Shower Shoot

    If this styled shoot doesn't give you some colossal inspiration, bridey, then I'm afraid you're screwed. Just kidding, but seriously, this shoot is so awesomely bright and fabulous that it is sure to inspire even the uninspirable! If nothing else, it will totally brighten your day! Perfect for a Friday, right? You see, when a group of fabulous vendors get together and aren't bound by limitations, this is the shit they come up with; unabashed, bold and kickass events (or styled shoots)!

    Not only is this is a fantastic idea for a lovely bridal shower, but these elements incorporated into your wedding day would certainly add some serious heat! Aggressive colors with amazing decor would definitely get people talking. Want to stand out, bridey? Then STAND OUT! Be bold! Don't know how? Then scroll down! Enjoy!

    Amazing place setting! I love the place card. I love the wine glass. I love EVERYTHING about this!Great idea for message in a bottle!You know me and my love for cake... And this one is no exception. Simple and elegant.
    Don't you want to be there? I totally do!! And if you look down, you'll DEFINITELY want to be there!Oysters anybody? If you have an oyster bar at your wedding, I'd say you'd be pretty popular!I love this shoot! I feel super inspired! I feel super happy! If nothing else, I'm super thirsty definitely craving a cocktail.

    Industry Peeps:

    Photographer: Sweet Lovely
    Makeup Artist: Ashley Sievert Beauty
    Equipment Rentals: Event Rentals
    Invitation Designer: Fiore Creative
    Lighting: Firefly Ambiance
    Dress Store: Haus 131
    Other: Mrs. Vintage
    Hair Stylist: Nicole Pigeon
    Floral Designer: Poppy & Mint Floral Company
    Event Planner: Southern Charm Weddings
    Other: Sweet Lovely Weddings
    Cake Designer: The Royal Bakery