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    Fantasy Friday ~ A Tea Cup Riding, Mickey Mouse Ears Wearing, Disneyland Engagement Session

    Jennifer and Daniel wanted a fun engagement shoot, and what could be more fun than Disneyland? Right??? I mean is there anywhere else on earth that could be more fun than Disneyland? Well, besides Disney World? Jennifer and Daniel started their day by walking around and enjoying the FABU rides that Disneyland has to offer. Seriously, look down. TEA CUPS! OMG! The TEA CUPS!! Can't you just feel the wind on your face? Ahhhh.... Anyway... after stopping for some mint juleps (YUM), they worked their way to California Adventure for some romantic lighting and a few less peeps.

    Brideys, if you want some cool and super memorable pics (not too mention some fun), then I highly suggest a bit of Disney for your engagement sess!

    Are you just melting right now? This one picture seriously brings me right back to childhood!

    Oh yeah... Mint juleps!!Um, where can I get me one of these? Oh wait...

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    Real Wedding Wednesday ~ A Spectacular Wedding Dress, A Pink Champagne Tower and Amazing Decor

    O.M.G. Courtney's wedding dress. Seriously, are you falling over because of her sensationally incredible wedding dress? I mean, hot damn. Holy shit. Just holy shit. I can't... And you know what? Courtney designed this amazing wedding dress (with a little help from Jean Ralph Thurin). Can you believe it? Wowza! And what a stunning design it is!! I love the beautiful bodice and the sea of ruffles. Courtney, I'm officially envious and I'm sure I'm not alone! Pretty sure that every bride-to-be is drooling right now...

    Anyway, I guess I should probably move on and tell you about the wedding, huh? Well, Courtney got ready at her family's home in Dowlestown, PA with her all eight of her bridesmaids (wow!). And just WAIT until you see their dresses! Just a damn fine looking bride and bridal party. Okay, clearly I can't seem to get past the attire so you know what? I'll let you get to it. Start scrolling, bridey!! This is one you don't want to miss!

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE this shot! Oh! I also love the shot below! Holy orchids!!HOLY SHIT this dress!!!!! What a handsome couple...I love that she's wearing the wedding dress (that I am officially obsessed with) while getting a piggyback ride from Tim.Lighting changes EVERYTHING, bridey. The decor is beautiful, but the lighting will change how your guests feel about the decor.Lovin' the pink bubbly being poured into those fancy champagne coupes. NEVER see that anymore!Hmmmmmm.... Not so sure what's happening here, but clearly they are having fun!So sticky sweet... 

    Industry Peeps:

    Photographer: Joe Dantone Photography
    Makeup Artist: Alyne Halvajian
    Hair Stylist: Amanda Elizabeth Thys
    Floral Designer: Encore Florist
    Dress Designer: Jean-Ralph Thurin
    Dress Store: Onlineformals.com
    Makeup Artist: Sheri Kuper
    Reception Venue: The Merion


    The Truth Hurts Tuesday ~ How to Get Your Mom to Stop Texting on Your Wedding Day! Whaaaa? 

    Every now and then, I get an email from a distraught bride fretting over such a universal topic, that I feel like I would be missing out on an opportunity to educate all of you brideys, so today I am sharing it on Bitchless Bride. Below, you will see an email which I received from "Bridget" regarding her mother's obsession with her iPhone. Bridget is asking for some advice on how to handle her MOB's addiction with said phone, and wants to be sure that mama is present, both physically and mentally, for the big day. 

    I am getting married in about six weeks. While my mother and I don't have the perfect relationship, she has been phenomenal through the planning process. She has kept her personal opinions to herself and aimed to give my fiance and I the wedding we desire. She has been key to planning the event from 1,500 miles away.

    The problem? My mother is addicted to her iPhone. She is constantly texting, emailing, Facebooking and often during very important times. Much of this is because she runs her own business and doesn't have normal hours (I am sure you can relate), but she has yet to set boundaries. For instance, when I come home to visit, she is often on her phone during family dinner and movie night. I am afraid my wedding will be a victim of her addiction too.

    I am very worried that my mom will miss a momentous event in her and my life because she is so concerned with taking pictures she can text or post to Facebook. She has worked very hard and waited a long time (8 years of us dating) for this day and I want her to be fully present. I know I can't tell her what to do, not that would I consider that, but is there a tactful way to let her know I would like her to be engaged in the day and not so concerned with her virtual presence?



    Dear Bridget,

    My very first thought, is that while it would be inapprorate to tell her what do to, you certainly CAN tell her how you feel. You don't have to be nasty about it, bridey, but you should definitely have a candid conversation about how you are feeling.

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    Fantasy Friday ~ Welcome to the Sequin Garden... A Styled Wedding Shoot

    I must say, this shoot excites me. And it excites me for two reasons. The fucking awesome décor (totally gives me butterflies in my belly), and Michelle and Corban. You see, five years ago Michelle and Corban had a simple ceremony, and a reception held in the back yard of a friend. They really didn't get to have the experience of having a wedding. Soooooo....Shaina (the photog) and Amanda & Megan (of Bluebird Weddings and Events) collaborated, and voilà! Welcome to the Sequin Garden!!

    But, how to make it their own, and be a styled shoot? Well, Michelle did the Speechless print on the dessert table (you'll see, it's adorbs!), mixed with Corban's classic style, and their love of living in the city (and each other, duh!) and the Secret Garden came alive! A glam, urban-meets-garden-party wedding set in a stunning three-story venue tucked away in Deep Ellum. Enjoy this one, brideys!! PILES AND PILES of inspiration here...

    Seriously? SERIOUSLY? I mean, how much would you LOVE to sit at a table like this? AT A WEDDING?!!!I want to wear the linen as a dress! Right?Yeah, Michelle drew that! Nice!Love the jewel tones with the green vases!

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    Real Wedding Wednesday ~ A Special Effects Rockin', St. Louis Cardinals' Mascot Crashing, DIY Sportin' Wedding

    Um... Would you ever guess that there is a parking lot behind Julie and Chris? No, for real. There is a parking lot behind them. I know, RIGHT? I mean, all I see is a beautiful couple with bright, fabulous flowers in the background. Don't you? How cool is that? Where are the cars? Where are the lights? Seriously, how lucky for them that they chose such a kickass, cool photog who brought smoke emitters to mask a rather less than perfect backdrop. That my friends is the work of the talented Amy Aiello. An out of the box, forward thinking photographer. Want to see more of these shots? Just wait, bridey! 

    I mean, there are so many different elements to this wedding, that as you scroll through the pics , you may very well feel as though you are seeing three different weddings showcasing the same couple. Like... really. This wedding encapsulates some seriously cool stuff. The B+G are from Chicago (so is the photog) and had a super chill, low key wedding. They didn't have a plated dinner, but instead opted for heavy passed hors d'oeuvres, some delicious cupcakes and tons of dancing... Totally my kind of wedding reception! Not only that, but decor was mostly DIY (down to the homemade jam given away as favors), and there was even a cameo appearance by the St Louis Cardinals' mascot! SHUT THE FRONT DOOR!

    So, without further ado, start scrolling, bridey!

    I am such a sucker for sunflowers. (Side note... the very first flower my hus gave me was a sunflower.)That wedding dress and the shrug! LOVE IT!The seventh grader in me wants to laugh at the sign. But, I won't. I'm a grown up!Beautiful shot.

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