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    Real Wedding Wednesday ~ St. Patrick's Day Meets Hawaii with a Little Rome

    Sammy and Tom met in Italy seven years ago in Rome on St. Patrick’s Day. I mean… That’s pretty fucking cool, right? Seriously, I have no words to describe just how cool that is. AND, they met on a pub-crawl. Who meets on a pub-crawl and gets married? Aren’t those usually a sloppy mess of a time… all be it a fun time, but usually not the best circumstance to meet and marry. Right? And I thought I was cool because I met my hus in a bar, married him in Vegas and we still love each other, but Sammy and Tom? Totally got me beat!

    Their dates were strewn between Naples (Italy) where Tom was stationed (in the Navy), and Rome… not too shabby! Ultimately, the made it stateside, and better yet, in Hawaii! Considering that they met on St. Patrick’s Day, the two decided to marry seven years to the day they met sporting a whole lot of green, and a whole lot of love… 

    I love these robes. I mean, they are super Hawaiian, and super cute!! (And makes for quite a photo op!)

    Adorable. Adorable headpiece. Can you feel it? The Hawaiian air? What an amazingly intimate and lovely spot for a ceremony...Love the Rolls!!! And Sammy kissing her Dad? Priceless.I love this shot. Now... Look down... 

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    The Truth Hurts Tuesday ~ Five Signs You are in Desperate Need of a Wedding Planner

    I had a lovely meeting with a potential client today. This bride was charismatic, bright and pretty awesome actually... But, all I kept thinking during our meeting was that I got to her in the nick of time! Seriously, this bridey was about to go from pretty awesome to pretty cray cray real fucking fast! And the more she spoke, the more I was able to see it... Seriously, I felt like I was watching myself in some horror movie. You know the ones that make you think you are going crazy, but what you are seeing is really happening?! I swear I saw an invisible crack slowly creeping down her body. It started from the top of her skull and was getting bigger and bigger... It's a good thing she found me or else this chick would have CRACKED! And then? Well, this bridey, bitch would be on the loose!

    Sooo, bridey... I starting thinking about the signs when it becomes apparent that you need to hire a planner:

    1. Your husband-to-be threatens divorce before you even walk down the aisle. That would suck, right?!! Bridey, it's okay to admit you need help. For some, wedding planning truly is a second job. My advice? Just don't wait until you're in over your head to do it. Get help sooner rather than later.

    2. When vodka starts becoming your dinner, regularly... We all hit the sauce during stressful times (I'm legit drinking a delicious vodka tonic right now!), and that normal. But, when the sauce starts becoming a food group? Well, then you many have yourself a little bit of a problem. Brideys, I'm allowed to drink because I am busy planning all of your crazy weddings! Like SEVERAL. But, you? Not so much. If you're turning to the sauce or any vice for that matter, then it's time to call in the big dogs. Okay?

    3. Your friends don't want to play with you anymore.... Because you suck...

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    Fantasy Friday ~ I'm A Crushin'

    Every wedding planner dreams of orchestrating an amazing event she's never done before. I mean, there's something to be said for doing something new, dammit! Right? A new idea, some new décor... basically anything that's fucking new in general will be exciting for those of us have have "been there done that" in the case of weddings past. And you know what? My fantasy? A fucking candy crush wedding! That's right? CANDY CRUSH WEDDING! Because I don't know about you, but sometimes, I actually choose to "crush" instead of pin! Seriously, what the fuck is that about? I'm obsessed with Pinterest, but sometimes... all I want to do is just crush it!

    Soooo... me being me, I started thinking about how cool it would be to mix two of my favorite things in the world. Planning weddings, and candy crush. How awesome would it be to throw a candy crush wedding? I mean... it would be super colorful, and quite delicious, right? So, check this out... THIS is my Candy Crush fantasy wedding... Let's start with some cake... Look down!!

    Don't you just want to dig in? Seriously. Give me a... Screw it! How needs a fork?Sweet!!!! Love this cake topper!!!

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    Real Wedding Wednesday ~ A Sparkly Beach Wedding

    I love this couple. I mean, of course I do considering that I won’t post anything to BB that I don’t love, but Emily and Justin? Well, they sparkle together! No, really, they even call themselves “The Sparkles”! And a couple that sparkles together? Well… they stay together! I mean, that’s what I always say! Right? Anyway… what I love most about this wedding is that they seem to have it all. Not only do they have a lovely beach ceremony, amazingly beautiful and creative décor, but the best part…? It’s clear that everybody is having a ton of fun! Just look at the DJ… Seriously, in my opinion, you can usually tell by the DJ if the music is going to suck or not. And he had me with his kickass, green sunglasses! Definitely NOT going to suck!

    Brideys, you know what’s really cool? Andrea Mabry, the photographer, submitted this wedding to BB because Emily is “totally a Bitchless Bride”. How fantastic is that? Although, if I’m honest? I could have told you that just by checking out the wedding album! I mean, c’mon! They exchanged hippie-inspired love beads during their ceremony, rocked out (hopefully not with their cocks out) to the FAB music and then ended the sparkly night with a dip in the ocean… fully clothed! To me? That’s a successful wedding!!!

    How cute is Emily? Her hair is all done up, and she's calmly drinking a margarita!!I love this photograph.Justin is beaming! And THAT'S how you kiss on your wedding day!

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    The Truth Hurts Tuesday ~ Five Ways to Get the Most out of Your Wedding Planner

    It seems like every wedding planner I speak to during this insanely busy time tells me the same thing… “OMG, I really love this bride, but…” Or, “This fucking bride is driving me crazy because...” So, because I really, truly want to help YOU, bridey, get the most out of your wedding planner, be it the one you’ve hired independently or the catering manager you’re working with at a hotel or resort, I thought it would be helpful if I shared a few of these… hmmm… “insights” so that you can get the absolute best out of your planner, and not have her (or him) hate you.

    Here it goes:

    1. Don’t be a micromanager. Just don’t do it. Bridey, I know that some of you have great big jobs that require you to be in control of a large team or an enormous budget, etc., and that’s fantastic. But, please don’t let that spill over into MY domain. The reason I'm in charge is because you don’t know shit about planning a wedding, and I do. Listen, bridey, I'm not telling you something you didn't already know! Right?? So, let me do it! Stop trying to control me! Wedding planning is MY full time job, so please, give me some room to do it. I mean... You are well aware of this fact because you are the one who hired me. So, back off… Let me handle the details without having to run each decision by you first.

    2. Don’t be a penny pincher when it comes to paying me! When the penny pinching begins, I seriously want to bang my head against the wall… HARD! It tells me that you clearly have no idea just how much I am doing for you, and dammit, I deserve to get paid for the four hours I spent attending an “emergency planning meeting” with your mother.

    3. Don’t confuse me for your therapist. I love to listen. I really do, but

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