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    Real Wedding Wednesday ~ A Stunning Bride, a Botanica Background and One Kickass Wedding

    Bridey, this is NOT a styled shoot. Kira is a real bride, and that is a real location. Are you dying? I mean, I don't usually open with a photograph of just the bride, but I couldn't help myself! First of all, the backdrop looks fake, and secondly, Kira is beyond gorgeous. Yeah, the two key factors that make up an awesome styled shoot. But, seriously, Kira you are a SUPER stunning bride, and that dress...OMFG!!! That Pronovias dress!!! Absolutely breathtaking. WOW! Okay... I guess I should probably move on and tell you a bit about Kira and Pierrick. 

    Kira and Pierrick have been together for twelve years! Which I'm guessing means that they probably met when they were about 10 years old because they are so incredibly fabulous and make such a handsome couple! I love all of the DYI aspects, but what I love most? This shouldn't shock you, bridey, but what I love the most is that the bride and groom are having a great time. It's so important to celebrate and have fun after all of the work that goes into planning you wedding, and Kira and Pierrick are doing just that... HAVING FUN! And, so are their guests. 

    INCREDIBLE. ABSOLUTELY INSANELY AMAZING!!I must say, Kira... You got a fine looking bunch of girls!I mean... Pierrick you are rockin' those sunnies!!OMG! Again! Kira... WHOA!!Probably one of my favorite shots...GQ anybody?

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    The Truth Hurts Tuesday ~ Why DIY Can Sometimes Make You Cry 

    I heard a DIY story the other day that just made me want to curl up in a ball and cry for this bride. Really... I wanted to cry for her. Because while DIY is FAB for several of you, some of us just don't have the knack for doing anything ourselves. Take me for instance... I have never pretended to be a DIYer, and for those of you who really know me (and I mean, like for reals), then you know that I surround myself with people who get shit done and know what they're doing, as opposed to doing ANYTHING myself. Now, that's not to say that I am lazy, or don't want to be a DIYer, it's just that anything I attempt to do myself (basically anything that requires building, gluing or reading directions) turns to shit. The good news? I know this about myself, and therefore I got off of the DIY train long ago.

    I am a fantastic event planner because I love logistics, I have a keen eye for design, and I get off on seeing all of the pieces come together. But, that does not translate to doing anything myself, so bridey, if you are like me, never fear, you can still have an amazing wedding DIY or not. As for why I wanted to cry for this poor bride... Well, it is a long, crazy story.

    In a nutshell? The bride completely underestimated how long it was going to take her to complete the centerpieces (all 22 of them) for the guest tables, and because of this, she ended up DIYing her own makeup (which thankfully,

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    Fantasy Friday ~ Tattoo Engagement Session 

    Tara + Kirk. Yeah... They got matching tattoos and photographed it. How cool is that? And would you look at Tara's amazing HOT PINK hair? Clearly, I love it. While my hair might be a wig, I can still appreciate how awesome hot pink hair is, right? Anyway... Apparently, Tara is super sweet and funny and Kirk thought so too...

    From what I gather, Tara posted a photograph on Instagram and Kirk couldn’t get over how beautiful she was. They started a conversation, one thing led to another and next thing you know they are getting matching tattoos and being photographed! I mean, the dude even moved from Ohio to Chicago to be with her! LOVE IT! Could you bust!!!??

    That's Jessica. She seems super happy to be a part of this documenting history what have you...LOOK at Tara's hair! If I had the balls, I would totally have hot pink hair. But, I don't, so on occasion, I wear a wig and film myself.I love this shot.... (and I love her hot pink lips too!)Awwwwww.....I love them! 

    Submitted via Two Bright Lights  ~ PhotographerF/stop Poetry


    Real Wedding Wednesday ~ A "Please Touch" Wedding

    Rachel and Jaden, all I gotta say... WHAT A KICKASS WEDDING!!! Seriously! I love everything about everything! The location, the dress... OMG, the dress! I am super obsessed with Jim Hjelm, and when you see Rachel's dress, you'll see why. Anyway, as I was saying, they chose an incredible location, incredible decor and an insanely AWESOME cake! But, the best part? It's clear by the photographs that everybody was having an incredible time. I wish I was there...

    From the very talented David Walters Photography: "The Please Touch Museum in Philadelphia was an impressive venue choice by our bride and groom, Rachel & Jaden. This locale boasts both beautiful grounds surrounding the museum, as well as dramatic and elegant spaces within for the ceremony and reception, not to mention a carousel for the cocktail hour! The grand staircases and architecture of the Please Touch Museum posed as stately backdrops for our couple, including a unique spot for our first look. The greenery behind the museum was a charming, clean backdrop for our family and wedding party photographs."

    OMG. OMG. OMG. The dress!!!!Such a cute first look series!Jaden... NICE SOCKS!!!Holy bridal party... Love all of the colors, and styles.Look at these ceilings!Seriously, I'm gonna bust! A MAZ ING!!!

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    The Truth Hurts Tuesday ~ I Should Have Been an Attorney

    I'm thinking I should have gone to law school. No really, I should have. I come from a family of attorneys and judges, and going to school for food science and pastry was probably not what my folks had in mind for me. Although, they always supported my originality (particularly around food... I used to dye my hair with fucking Kool-Aid! Oh, and it worked!), I would be making piles and piles more dough, and then I would feel more comfortable charging by the hour.

    Some event planners DO charge by the hour, and I am strongly considering changing the way I structure my business and getting on board with the whole charging by the hour thing. Because some of you brideys really take advantage when it comes to air time. If I divided what your wedding is worth to me from a dollars and cents standpoint, by the number of hours spent with you, on your behalf or on the phone with you, I would DEFINITELY be making more money if the clock started running the moment I said, "Hello." Harsh, but true. Would you feel as comfortable pouring your heart and soul out to me or dwelling on some very small stupid detail if you know that each minute was going to cost you $5? I don't think so. I think you would most likely curb the bullshit, get to the point, and move on. Right?

    Yes, I love what I do. Yes, I care about what you think. And, yes, I do like you, bridey. But, sometimes I feel like you need to consider that time is money, and that I am a business; no matter how small or how personalized, I do what I do to make money. Don't you? So, when you keep me on the phone stuck on something that we have discussed over and over again that won't make a fucking difference in the overall scheme of your wedding day, it's all I can do not to reach over and grab the egg timer. I mean it... Go talk it through with your fiance or best friend, because at least they can drink when they are with you, and politely (or maybe not so politely) tell you to stop obsessing over the small shit, and focus on the enormity of what a wedding means.

    Bridey, all I am saying is to please be mindful of your wedding vendors. We are too polite to tell you to shut your mouth, but our time is just as valuable as yours. So, put a sock in it, or I'm gonna break out that egg timer.

    Image via Pokerati