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    Fantasy Friday ~ A Damn Sexy Bridal Boudoir Shoot...

    I can't... I love the idea of boudoir so much that when I saw this submission come in I was totally enamored. Because as not shy as I am, I have never so much as taken a picture (or had one taken) of myself that showed skin (well, anything worth seeing). So, as much as I love boudoir, at the same time, it kinda scares the shit out of me. No really... It's quite odd to appreciate something that scares you at the same time. I keep vowing that I will have one of my photographer peeps snap some photographs of me in my knickers, but every time I think I'm close to building up the courage, I bail. So... if you have bigger balls than me, bridey, go for it! Because I can assure you that as far as wedding gifts go (for your hus to be), boudoir is the one gift that is priceless.

    From the Photographer: There's no better gift to a brand new husband than some bridal boudoir, so Ali Sumsion Photography and I got together to dream up the classiest, light-and-airy bridal boudoir session with the bride. We wanted the focus to be on her natural beauty, blended with lots of natural light and soft florals. Pulled together with bridal features like Danani's impeccably beautiful vintage-inspired polka dot veil and the bridal garter, we believe this classic shoot is inspiration for any bride-to-be!

    I once wore a garter... Yeah... It's definitely not my thing!Flawless makeup!As I have mentioned, I'm totally aftraid of needles, so a belly ring is out... But, this girl? Sexy...The polka dot veil is FAB!!!

    Industry Peeps:

    Photographer: Anna Gleave Photography
    Second Shooter: Ali Sumsion Photography
    DIY or Handmade Goods Designer: Danani


    Real Wedding Wednesday ~ An Off the Beaten Path,Traditional, DIY, and Homemade Farm Wedding

    Bonnie and Becky. Becky and Bonnie. Maybe it's because when you put their names together, you come up with BB or maybe it's because they rock such cool and exquisite taste or maybe it's because they are so clearly meant for each other, but whatever it is, I really, really love Bonnie and Becky! I want them to be my friends 'cause I can just tell that they are fucking awesome. And bridey, all you have to do is absorb their gorgeous ceremony and all of the FAB elements of their wedding reception, and you'll want to be their friends too... But, the major reason I want to be friends with Bonnie and Becky? Is because they get it. They get that while the planning is coo coo, the marriage is totally worth it... 

    From the brides: Whenever wedding planning was overwhelming, we reminded ourselves that even if virtually EVERYTHING went wrong, we'd still say our vows and be married, so it'd be a success. Well, not only did we get married, but we a dream-come-true celebration, surrounded by the people we love the most.
    From the brides: Our wedding outfits were kept secret from each other until the wedding day, and in fact no one (except our tailor) had seen both the dresses up until that day. We decided to do a "first look" and we're so glad we did - seeing each other and having a moment alone before the ceremony was one of our favorite parts of the day. 
    From the brides: We walked down the aisle and back up again to violin and viola tunes provided by two of Bonnie's former classmates from her time in music conservatory. 
    From the brides: The ceremony itself was officiated by a dear family friend. We worked hard with her in the months leading up to the wedding to make sure that every element of our ceremony was meaningful to us - we wanted to combine tradition that made sense to us with things that define us as individuals and as a couple. 
    From the brides: We integrated pieces of each of our backgrounds into the ceremony, resulting in an awesome mash-up of both of our heritages and histories.
    From the brides: We knew we wanted an outdoor wedding, someplace with lots of green space and off the beaten path. We fell in love with our venue the moment we saw it - the gravely path leading up to the gorgeous red barn, big trees and rolling green hills in every direction. We loved that it was a real, working farm, complete with goats, chickens and pigs, and that the space is a public park, accessible for anyone to visit. 

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    The Truth Hurts Tuesday ~ Sometimes, I Wish I Wasn't a Planner

    OMG, bridey... I just don't fucking feel like it! I don't feel like plunging into the fall wedding season pool of drama. I don't wanna. I don't feel like being a shrink, a referee, a "nice guy" and your bitch this fall season. You know why? Because I have some shit that I'm dealing with lately, and while I have learned to put my personal "baggage" aside, so that I can sift through yours, bridey, some days are harder than others. Some days I find it almost impossible to keep my grin plastered on my face.

    Honestly? Sometimes I wish I followed in the family footsteps and became an attorney so that a callus, straightforward attitude was the norm; no bullshit required. Just the truth, no rainbows, no unicorns, no fluff, no bullshit... only the truth. Because I'm getting pretty tired of the bullshit, bridey. It's exhausting. And like I said, I don't fucking feel like it. I don't feel like putting on a face when all I want to do is tell you to quit whining about finding the perfect flowers to perfectly match the bridesmaids dresses. Because I don't care... But, what's a girl to do? Seriously? Wedding and event planning is ALL I know how to do! It's all I have ever done. And right this second, I don't want to play anymore.

    Some of you will read this, think I'm full of shit and move on to the next pretty, frilly wedding blog.

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    Real Wedding Wednesday ~ A Shrug, A Nod and an Australian Wedding

    I have to say, I love that I keep seeing weddings which rock a cool mixture of nature and rustic fabulousness, and then completely switch gears, hosting their reception in a super modern venue. Talk about having the best of both worlds! Right? Get married outside; be close to nature, take some beautiful photographs and then party in a space that’s fit for a rock star. That’s what Nica and Matt did! They held their ceremony in a park in Emerald Lake and then partied at the funky Pumphouse Hotel in Melbourne. Seriously, how FAB is that? A lovely ceremony followed by some photos in the gardens, and then hop on a fire truck and get carted to the next location! LOVE IT!! Matt volunteers for the Country Fire Authority (CFA), so it really was a perfect nod to his crew!

    But, what I love the most? Nica and Matt tied their love for nature and appreciation for modern design together. They uplit the event space, hung paper lanterns, lit them, and danced the night away! Oh yeah! And take a look at their cake. It is so fabulous that I can hardly stand it! Nica and Matt didn’t try to match the cake with the space; in fact, it totally clashes (in a good way) and it’s fucking cool. Anyway, bridey… Go enjoy!Nica, if that isn't genuine happiness, then I don't know what is. You're incredibly beautiful and relaxed!How funny are these pics?!!!I'm sure that cutie was just dying to bust into those bubbles!!Love the standing ceremony...It's official!

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    The Truth Hurts Tuesday ~ How an Unorganized and Arrogant Photographer Can Put a Damper on Your Wedding Day

    It was an amazing wedding. Like drop fucking dead amazing... From the deep purple décor to the floating orchids all the way down to the boutonnieres and the blinged out bouquets. A MAZ ING. Clearly, there was a lot to photograph, and it would have been an absolute crime to miss any of the intricate, well-planned (ahem) details. Well, I wish the photographer felt the same way. UGH. This dude... GRRRRR.... This fucking dude! Frankly, it was all I could do not to drop kick his ass and have a total meltdown. But, I am a professional, and having a meltdown (that seriously would have included stomping my foot and screaming at the top of my lungs) in front of my client is something I will never do.

    Anyway, a few things were happening here. First of all, I had never worked with this photographer. He was somebody that the groom knew (not sure how well or what the relationship was exactly), and clearly, he was quite new to the biz. That's fine, we all have to start somewhere, but let's just say that I wish his start didn't include me (or my bride). And what do I always say, bridey? If you are hiring a wedding planner or you trust the event coordinator at your venue, then choose to work with vendors in their network. Because when you deviate from the professionals which are tried and true (by said wedding planner or wedding venue), and actually have their reputations on the line, you really do risk missing out on the best day of your life. Sounds dramatic, but it's the reality. And second of all... this asshole was unorganized and arrogant.

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