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    Real Wedding Wednesday ~ A Super Fun, Alternative, DIY Wedding

    I can't stop looking at this post. Seriously, every time I scroll these pics, I find something new to look at. And for a predominately DIY wedding, I have to say that I am super impressed! Emily and Mike seem to be the kind of people who'd be friends of mine. You know how you can just tell, well, I can tell with them. Yeah, they'd be my friends. And the wedding? I love everything about each and every detail. Just WAIT until you see the ceremony photos! You're totally gonna want this for your wedding, bridey! I know it!

    So, here's a bit about the wedding from the bride herself: "A very DIY wedding in beautiful port town of Newburyport, MA. Most of the decorations were DIY - paper flowers in centerpieces, big paper pin wheels with family photos display, display for name cards were all made by us (by hand). Most of the various vintage jars/bottles/vases were found at flea markets/yard sales/antique stores/borrowed from friends. Maple syrup for the favors was made by my parents from the trees in our backyard in Connecticut."

    Those shoes!! I am in LOVE with those shoes!I really don't know where to begin with this one. The hair or the dress? Right? OMG! Both fucking BEAUTIFUL! Just amazing!I'll be honest, normally I'm not a big fan of a bow, but this dress? Totally works.So handsome. Such a cool tie too.Such a FAB bouquet! Anybody else see a bit of John Krasinski in Mike? I mean they are in Massachusetts... John's old stomping grounds... Just sayin'...Emily, you are the CUTEST!! I swear you are saying, "Ta-da!" in that photograph!

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    The Truth Hurts Tuesday ~ Why it's Important to Hire a Wedding Planner

    You know how I perpetually say that wedding planning always comes together in the end? Well, I lied. Wedding planning always comes together in the end if you have a fucking fabulous wedding planner like me, but if you don't, then you might be in some trouble. So, for all of you "newbies" or newly engaged brides, sit down and listen to me. Actually, why don't all of you, brideys, have a seat. Because after this past weekend, I clearly have some more educating to do.

    It's no secret that I am a big fan of hiring a wedding planner to orchestrate your wedding plans. Be it a wedding planner who will help secure all of the details from start to finish or a "day of" wedding planner who jumps in a few weeks to a month prior to the big day, or a something in-between the two, but allow me to say it again. BRIDEY, HIRE A WEDDING PLANNER! Just do it. You know why? Because I single-handedly saved a wedding this past weekend. I did. Go me.

    Okay... So I am being a touch melodramatic, but here's what happened. I was working with a truly amazing couple. Really, I swear, I'm not writing this with an ounce of sarcasm! Anyway, they were so amazing that several guests wanted to say a few words (or many, many words) about this amazing couple, and as lovely as that was, it was fucking up my perfectly sculpted timeline of events for the evening. And the DJ kept allowing these people to take the mic without clearing it with me first (great guy, but not in my network of trusted vendors)... NOT COOL! 

    Most of you probably don't think that this is a big deal. I mean, what's wrong with guests who wish to take the mic for a few? Well, it becomes a chain reaction.

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    Fantasy Friday ~ A Masquerade, Steampunk, Dragon Cake Kind of Kickass Wedding!

    Every now and again, I receive a submission on Bitchless Bride that is so outside of what I see and do on a daily basis (uh, my day job as a wedding planner) that I want to jump up and down. Seriously, I feel this wave of AWESOME wash over me, and this is one of those jump up and down times. Although it is not my awesomeness washing over me, it is my awesomeness that is doing the sharing of this unique masquerade, steampunk cool wedding.

    You see, Heather and Chad had a festive masquerade ball themed wedding at Urban Light Studios. Complete with board games, a rad dragon cake, actors, the four seasons as bridesmaids, and steampunk groomsmen, the night was a lively adventure. Full of fun and unusual details, yet elegant at the same time, Heather and Chad mastered their theme all while embracing the sanctity of marriage. Now how kickass is that?

    Holy corset! I can't breathe just looking at it, but I LOVE the colors!!Just look at this bunch of bridesmaids and groomsmen!! There is so much to look at in these photographs!The couple stood in a middle of a circle of guests for the ceremony and launched into the first dance, where their family and friends threw leaves onto the dance floor.

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    Real Wedding Wednesday ~ A Rustic, Tented, Coffee and Wine Lovin' California Wedding

    I feel like you, brideys, are going to absolutely swoon over the details of this wedding. (Yes, I said, "swoon"get over it...) There is so much to look at, and so much to love about Kayte and Jason's wedding, that I really won't waste a lot of time typing. The only thing I will say is that I could totally see this wedding (particularly this photograph) gracing magazine covers around the world. Right? A beautiful bride... sorry, more like a beautiful couple, a stunning dress and a bright and colorful merry-go-round. All of the elements, which make up a FAB inspirational shoot, no? But, this is no shoot it's real life. And it's AWESOME!

    So, get ready to drool, bridey, as you scroll down the page because this is such a well executed, well thought out, and fun-filled wedding that you won't want to leave. Enjoy!

    OMG! Is this not the BEST looking group of girls? Holy shit! Wowza!Absolutely OB SESSED with Kayte's gown. OBSESSED! I mean, the dress alone is amazing, but the embellishments? WOW!Again... GORGEOUS girls, amazing bride and a cool ass backdrop!I am busting over Jason's white tux! They are a damn fine looking couple.I mean... Kayte, you are an insanely beautiful bride. Oh, and Jason, you're quite dapper.

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    The Truth Hurts Tuesday ~ The Entitled, Part-Time Wedding Planner

    This is somewhat of a touchy subject for me because I am a wedding planner, but I gotta get it this story out there because that's what I do; I get shit out there, and sometimes, it isn't just about a bitchy bride. So, here it goes... Ahem... To all of my wedding planner colleagues, quit your bullshit! Okay, I guess it isn't fair for me to include all of you in this broad statement, but there are definitely some of you who are taking advantage of your position (the client), and pissing off a lot of people in your path.

    So recently, I was schmoozing with what I like to call my "partners in crime" (a group of venue managers, catering managers at hotels, etc.), and some of what I was hearing was a bit baffling. Story after story of event planners behaving badly. The more I heard, the more embarrassed I became. Although on one level, I felt pretty good because these chicks were comfortable sharing the deets with me (probably because I used to be a catering manager at a fancy hotel), but mostly I felt pissed off because there are wedding and event planners out there who can be just as bad as the bride!

    Now I know that as a planner (or bride), we all have our moments. It's frustrating when you're not getting what you need from a venue or catering manager (or any of your vendors), but it's all in how you manage it that matters. Right? What do I always say? Be nice! Whether your a wedding planner or a bride, you get more sugar with honey! It's a really simple concept. People want to help you if you are nice to them!

    Here's the story that really stuck out for me. One of the catering managers was telling us about how a certain wedding planner was all over her about obtaining particular details for an upcoming wedding (like nitty gritty shit). And I say upcoming LOOSELY.

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