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    The Truth Hurts Tuesday ~ Listen Up, Bridey! Here are the Top 5 Trend Setting Wedding Themes for 2013

    This is a sponsored post by Bridal Shoes (and so are all of these AWESOME shoes!)

    Wedding themes are as fickle as love is, sometimes changing in the blink of an eye. What never goes out of style is when weddings are personalized to reflect the unique personalities of the happy couple. Any wedding theme trend is made more special by putting a personal stamp on it, in a non-traditional way.  Imagination can make any wedding truly memorable.

    A Rainbow Wedding

    One unique wedding trend is incorporating gorgeous colors of the rainbow into the entire wedding. This is done through beautiful touches like bright rainbow colored flowers on the cake, decorative floral arrangements in bright colors and accents for bridesmaid’s dresses. Featuring simple white dresses with rainbow colored shoes for bridesmaids is one way to create a rainbow theme, along with rainbow bow accents on the bride’s shoes. Satin ribbon around the bridesmaid’s waists or belts to match their brightly colored shoes also goes along well with a rainbow themed wedding. Pictures from these weddings are cheerful, bright and always amazing to look back on.

    Birds of a Feather

    Try a bird feather themed wedding for a fabulous, memorable day. Feathers like those from ostriches and peacocks work beautifully for this and they come in such an incredible array of fascinating colors. Colors range from blues to turquoise, to shades of green and gold. These color blends can be infused into all aspects of the wedding from food to decorations to feathers worn in bridesmaid’s hair, or incorporated into flower arrangements. Feathers create a sophisticated and always memorable ambiance and add unique flair to a wedding. Brides can wear a dress with feather or feather-like accents and feathery lace bridal shoes also follow the theme.

    Hollywood Here We Come!

    A Hollywood blockbuster movie provides a captivating theme for any wedding. Choose a favorite blockbuster movie or a newly released movie to base decorative elements on and let your imagination soar. The year 2013 saw the release of “The Great Gatsby”, bringing with it a trend towards 1920’s era, jazz era themed weddings.  Favorite decorative elements include rose petals, a bird cage veil for the bride and vintage inspired wedding dresses with lace and vintage jewelry like brooches. Vintage bridal shoes complete the look. Bridesmaids can wear sparkling headbands and hair pieces along with lace sleeves. Men can be dressed to the nines in 1920’s style straw hats and pocket kerchiefs. The roaring 20’s come back in a big way through creative wedding stylistic elements reminiscent of the era.

    Rustic, Green Themes

    Eco-friendly themes are a popular recent trend. Brides can wear beautiful lacy, vintage western styled dresses along with either flat or kitten heel bridal shoes. Outdoorsy embellishments, along with invitations printed on eco-friendly paper add a nice touch. Woodsy décor used in table decorations fits perfectly, featuring all natural elements like twigs and prairie type flora. Simply styled wedding cakes in plain white or featuring shades of brown, copper or gold complete the theme.

    Romantic English Garden Style

    With the recent headlines announcing the birth of the new prince, everything English has become a new trend in wedding style. Beautiful gowns by famous English designers like Jenny Packham are in high demand. Vintage inspired bridal shoes add an extra element of flair. The romantic English Garden wedding theme requires use of elements like classic vintage lace, gold candelabras and stunning floral arrangements with Victorian embellishments like dangling pearls.

    The most important thing to remember when planning a wedding is to incorporate the personality of the couple into the wedding theme. Trends come and go. Love is there to stay. Guests will remember fondly and forever a wedding that is also a personal statement.  

    Images via: Shoes ~ Bridal Shoes, Rainbow ~ Shaina Sheaff Photography, Cake ~ Let Them Eat Cake, Bouquet ~ Etsy, Hollywood/Gatsby ~ Dani Fine Photography, Eco-Friendly Wedding Invitations ~ The Wedding Stationary Store, English Wedding ~ Charlene Morton Photograpy


    Fantasy Friday ~ Sweet Sensation... It's Such a Good Vibration

    Do you ever think to yourself, "Dammit, there's not enough pink in the world."? I do. Like, all of the time... Seriously, I look back and can't believe I actually went through a "I only wear black" phase. Right? Just look at my website. It's super PINK!! Brideys, ladies, whoever... you know what I'm talking about!! So, in honor of us girls who went through the, "I only wear black phase", here's a whole bunch of pink to make up for it! Not too mention a kickass wedding dress (cheers to Solitary Pearl) to drool over and some gorgeous flowers to boot!

    Maribel (from EightTreeStreet) take it away: From Vivacious," one of Pantone's 2013 fall colors teams up with a unique non-traditional Fall bright palette to celebrate an exciting Urban Autumn wedding in pinks, fuchsia, with silver, chartreuse and yellow accents. This inspiration photo shoot celebrates Vivacious with an organic combination of Indie wedding designers - a natural blend of modern and sustainable design.. Many of the components of this inspiration shoot have been made with all natural, recycled, repurposed or reclaimed materials. Flowers come from organic farms, and the wedding gown is designed by one of Ohio's up and coming Indie designers, Solitary Pearl. 

    Are you dying right now? I love the pink and silver. LOVE!

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    Real Wedding Wednesday ~ A Weekday, Log Cabin, Beach Wedding...

    The absolute simplicity and loveliness of this wedding excites me... Like, to my core... First of all, Crystal and Sam got married on a Thursday. I feel like I'm starting to see more and more of that, or maybe I'm just writing about it a lot, but either way, it's still so completely out of the norm, and I love it! Second of all, the wedding was on the beach at a log cabin. I mean... That's just fucking great! So, between the weekday wedding, the log cabin and beach venue, home cooked food and hand picked flowers, etc., etc, etc. I'm just so excited to share it with you.

    Brideys, not to sound like a complete cheese ball (although I'm about to), but you can feel the warmth of this wedding through the screen. No, really. Reading the excerpt from the photographer combined with the pictures will bring a tear to your eye. So, my suggestion? Enjoy it! Recognize that you don't have to spend a shitload of money to have your dream wedding. You just need to surround yourself with the right people and the right venue.

    Emily of Emily Alt Photography: When Crystal first got in touch to describe her wedding vision, I knew it was a wedding I had to shoot. Crystal and Sam rented a log cabin on Northport Bay that was built in the early 1800s for their ceremony and reception, and I honestly cannot image a better spot to get married—it was absolutely, totally beautiful. The Pure Michigan vibe that these two were able to create in every little detail of their day was perfect.

    I met up with Crystal, and all the girls in the family on Wednesday, the day before the big day to pick wildflowers at Omena Cut Flowers along M22 (about 2 miles north of Sutton’s Bay) for the bouquets and decorations (when I asked Crystal if she’d ever made bouquets before she said, “Nah, but it can’t be too hard, right?”—and from what she produced for Thursday, it appears she has a knack for it!).

    On Thursday, when Ian and I arrived for the wedding we were blown away—not only was this house absolutely amazing, but the amount of work and support all of Crystal and Sam’s family had put into getting the day ready for the couple was amazing—Sam’s mother and sisters cooked all the food, Crystal’s aunt and uncle hauled their pontoon boat a few hours North to ensure Sam and Crystal had a proper “getaway” car, and all of their nieces and nephews were over the moon excited to help the couple get dressed and pretty-fied for the big day—it was definitely a community effort and it was definitely great.

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    The Truth Hurts Tuesday ~ Wedding Planner, Personal Assistant or Bitch?

    Last year, I wrote a piece similar to this for the Huffington Post, called Wedding Planner or Personal Assistant? And all I have to say is that I'm glad to know that I'm not alone. If other wedding planners feel the same way, then we MUST be onto something... Right? So, bridey, jot down a few notes... You'll need them!

    Written by the "Peeved Off Planner"

    I thought I'd include what this wedding planner wrote to me in the same email as the vent...

    Hey BB!

    I wanted to send you a little vendor vent. I am to the point of ripping my hair out from the past couple of wedding weekends I have had. I work my ass off and when brides start being demeaning I wonder if they are just incompetent or just bitches. So below is a vent. I can definitely expand on it, but I definitely will need a prozac and a glass of wine beforehand.

    I am your Wedding Coordinator, not your slave, personal assistant or bitch.

    The fact that it is getting to the point where I have to explain to brides what I DO NOT do is unfathomable. Brides, I am planning your wedding, I will be supportive to you over family feuds, bitchy bridesmaid and crazy mothers, but I am not your BITCH. I repeat, I am not your bitch, your slave, or personal assistant. My job is to make sure your wedding runs smoothly, so that you can enjoy the day.

    My job is not:

    - to make your nail appointment
    - pick up groceries for you
    - contact your mother about her plans because you just cannot speak to her any more

    Yes, I have had brides ask me to pick up groceries for them!

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    Fantasy Friday ~ A Joshua Tree Trash the Dress Session

    You know how this trash the dress sess started? By accident! I know! Right? I LOVE that what was meant to be a camping trip, turned into a full blown production! I mean, there is nothing more fun than when a few of us "industry folk" get together, but to go camping for a few days? That's FAB! And then, to decide to do a shoot while you're up there? Even better! You see, bridey? That's what happens when your vendors are completely in sync with each other.

    Just like you, bridey, I too need a bit of a mental break from wedding planning, and when I saw this shoot, I immediately felt relaxed. And then it reminded me of how awesome this industry is... How creative this industry is, and why I will never ever leave it! So, enjoy, bridey! This one is pretty fucking cool!

    I kinda love how dirty his vest is... It's not just about trashing the dress! Trash the vest!HOT DAMN! That's sexy...Wow! She's stunning....I love this shoot! So happy to feature this trash the dress sess to Bitchless Bride!

    Industry Peeps:

    Photographer: Siegel Thurston Photography
    Reception Venue: Joshua Tree National Park
    Veils and Headpieces: Loveybyisha
    Jewelry: Sandra Nicole designs
    Personal Stylist: Thorne Artistry
    Hair Stylist: Thorne Artistry
    Event Planner: YOU-Nique Weddings