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    Real Wedding Wednesday ~ A Sparkly Beach Wedding

    I love this couple. I mean, of course I do considering that I won’t post anything to BB that I don’t love, but Emily and Justin? Well, they sparkle together! No, really, they even call themselves “The Sparkles”! And a couple that sparkles together? Well… they stay together! I mean, that’s what I always say! Right? Anyway… what I love most about this wedding is that they seem to have it all. Not only do they have a lovely beach ceremony, amazingly beautiful and creative décor, but the best part…? It’s clear that everybody is having a ton of fun! Just look at the DJ… Seriously, in my opinion, you can usually tell by the DJ if the music is going to suck or not. And he had me with his kickass, green sunglasses! Definitely NOT going to suck!

    Brideys, you know what’s really cool? Andrea Mabry, the photographer, submitted this wedding to BB because Emily is “totally a Bitchless Bride”. How fantastic is that? Although, if I’m honest? I could have told you that just by checking out the wedding album! I mean, c’mon! They exchanged hippie-inspired love beads during their ceremony, rocked out (hopefully not with their cocks out) to the FAB music and then ended the sparkly night with a dip in the ocean… fully clothed! To me? That’s a successful wedding!!!

    How cute is Emily? Her hair is all done up, and she's calmly drinking a margarita!!I love this photograph.Justin is beaming! And THAT'S how you kiss on your wedding day!

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    The Truth Hurts Tuesday ~ Five Ways to Get the Most out of Your Wedding Planner

    It seems like every wedding planner I speak to during this insanely busy time tells me the same thing… “OMG, I really love this bride, but…” Or, “This fucking bride is driving me crazy because...” So, because I really, truly want to help YOU, bridey, get the most out of your wedding planner, be it the one you’ve hired independently or the catering manager you’re working with at a hotel or resort, I thought it would be helpful if I shared a few of these… hmmm… “insights” so that you can get the absolute best out of your planner, and not have her (or him) hate you.

    Here it goes:

    1. Don’t be a micromanager. Just don’t do it. Bridey, I know that some of you have great big jobs that require you to be in control of a large team or an enormous budget, etc., and that’s fantastic. But, please don’t let that spill over into MY domain. The reason I'm in charge is because you don’t know shit about planning a wedding, and I do. Listen, bridey, I'm not telling you something you didn't already know! Right?? So, let me do it! Stop trying to control me! Wedding planning is MY full time job, so please, give me some room to do it. I mean... You are well aware of this fact because you are the one who hired me. So, back off… Let me handle the details without having to run each decision by you first.

    2. Don’t be a penny pincher when it comes to paying me! When the penny pinching begins, I seriously want to bang my head against the wall… HARD! It tells me that you clearly have no idea just how much I am doing for you, and dammit, I deserve to get paid for the four hours I spent attending an “emergency planning meeting” with your mother.

    3. Don’t confuse me for your therapist. I love to listen. I really do, but

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    Fantasy Friday ~ Majestic, Vintage & Fabulous 

    I'm not gonna lie... This styled shoot is totally an orgy for the eyes... So, in keeping up with the whole "orgy" theme, I'm going to share it with you. Because isn't that what an orgy is all about? Sharing? OMG... SORRY! I think it's time that I move away from the orgy thing... Anyway, this shoot is BEA U TI FUL!! I love everything about it. In fact, I hardly knew where to begin (because there's like, so much beauty), so whatever photograph caught my eye, that's the order in which you are seeing it. 

    I hope you enjoy this one, bridey! Clearly, you know that I did! I mean, considering that I used the word "orgy" four times in one paragraph... Yeah, I'd say this one definitely moved me!

    The lace, the gold and the china, oh my!!Is that the cutest thing you have ever seen? Look at that pink tongue!Um... could you bust? This dress had me at "hello"...SHUT UP!! This cake is fucking incredible!!!Check out the jewels on the dog!Fantastically amazing table... Look at that headpiece!!!I love this one... 

    Industry Peeps:

    Photographer: Robyn Preston Photography
    Etsy Designer: Carolina Moon Designs
    Event Designer: Stargazer Creations
    Dress Designer: Alina Pizzano Couture Bridal
    Veils and Headpieces: all that jazz design
    Makeup Artist: Beautiful Faces by Denise
    Cake Designer: The Blooming Bakery
    Equipment Rentals: The Vintage Table Co.
    Floral Designer: Recycled Love Story
    Reception Venue: The Valencia Country Club


    Real Wedding Wednesday ~ Lovebirds... Truly, Madly, Deeply...

    It's really refreshing to see a couple who love to have fun, rock a kickass sense of humor and aren't afraid to let it show... Even in their wedding pictures. Meet Cyndie and Mike. They met while swing dancing in Kansas. Yup! I said swing dancing! I know, right? How awesome is that? And since then, they laugh a lot, love a lot and play a lot. 

    Brideys, I've mentioned how important it is to make sure that your wedding truly encapsulates who you are as a couple, and Cyndie and Mike nailed it! They both love the great outdoors, a factor which is clearly evident in the photographs, and they are both big goofs... Also a super obvious factor in the pics. I have no doubt that they will definitely look back on their wedding day and be proud at what they accomplished! Congratulations Cyndie and Mike!

    I am completely melting over these blue shoes!! Yes! That's a black bridesmaid dress! I love it! The black dresses with the green sash? A MAZ ING! And I love all of the greenery!!Shut the front door. (I really couldn't help it... Get it?)

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    The Truth Hurts Tuesday ~ Listen Up, Bridey! Here are the Top 5 Trend Setting Wedding Themes for 2013

    This is a sponsored post by Bridal Shoes (and so are all of these AWESOME shoes!)

    Wedding themes are as fickle as love is, sometimes changing in the blink of an eye. What never goes out of style is when weddings are personalized to reflect the unique personalities of the happy couple. Any wedding theme trend is made more special by putting a personal stamp on it, in a non-traditional way.  Imagination can make any wedding truly memorable.

    A Rainbow Wedding

    One unique wedding trend is incorporating gorgeous colors of the rainbow into the entire wedding. This is done through beautiful touches like bright rainbow colored flowers on the cake, decorative floral arrangements in bright colors and accents for bridesmaid’s dresses. Featuring simple white dresses with rainbow colored shoes for bridesmaids is one way to create a rainbow theme, along with rainbow bow accents on the bride’s shoes. Satin ribbon around the bridesmaid’s waists or belts to match their brightly colored shoes also goes along well with a rainbow themed wedding. Pictures from these weddings are cheerful, bright and always amazing to look back on.

    Birds of a Feather

    Try a bird feather themed wedding for a fabulous, memorable day. Feathers like those from ostriches and peacocks work beautifully for this and they come in such an incredible array of fascinating colors. Colors range from blues to turquoise, to shades of green and gold. These color blends can be infused into all aspects of the wedding from food to decorations to feathers worn in bridesmaid’s hair, or incorporated into flower arrangements. Feathers create a sophisticated and always memorable ambiance and add unique flair to a wedding. Brides can wear a dress with feather or feather-like accents and feathery lace bridal shoes also follow the theme.

    Hollywood Here We Come!

    A Hollywood blockbuster movie provides a captivating theme for any wedding. Choose a favorite blockbuster movie or a newly released movie to base decorative elements on and let your imagination soar. The year 2013 saw the release of “The Great Gatsby”, bringing with it a trend towards 1920’s era, jazz era themed weddings.  Favorite decorative elements include rose petals, a bird cage veil for the bride and vintage inspired wedding dresses with lace and vintage jewelry like brooches. Vintage bridal shoes complete the look. Bridesmaids can wear sparkling headbands and hair pieces along with lace sleeves. Men can be dressed to the nines in 1920’s style straw hats and pocket kerchiefs. The roaring 20’s come back in a big way through creative wedding stylistic elements reminiscent of the era.

    Rustic, Green Themes

    Eco-friendly themes are a popular recent trend. Brides can wear beautiful lacy, vintage western styled dresses along with either flat or kitten heel bridal shoes. Outdoorsy embellishments, along with invitations printed on eco-friendly paper add a nice touch. Woodsy décor used in table decorations fits perfectly, featuring all natural elements like twigs and prairie type flora. Simply styled wedding cakes in plain white or featuring shades of brown, copper or gold complete the theme.

    Romantic English Garden Style

    With the recent headlines announcing the birth of the new prince, everything English has become a new trend in wedding style. Beautiful gowns by famous English designers like Jenny Packham are in high demand. Vintage inspired bridal shoes add an extra element of flair. The romantic English Garden wedding theme requires use of elements like classic vintage lace, gold candelabras and stunning floral arrangements with Victorian embellishments like dangling pearls.

    The most important thing to remember when planning a wedding is to incorporate the personality of the couple into the wedding theme. Trends come and go. Love is there to stay. Guests will remember fondly and forever a wedding that is also a personal statement.  

    Images via: Shoes ~ Bridal Shoes, Rainbow ~ Shaina Sheaff Photography, Cake ~ Let Them Eat Cake, Bouquet ~ Etsy, Hollywood/Gatsby ~ Dani Fine Photography, Eco-Friendly Wedding Invitations ~ The Wedding Stationary Store, English Wedding ~ Charlene Morton Photograpy