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    The Truth Hurts Tuesday ~ The Entitled, Part-Time Wedding Planner

    This is somewhat of a touchy subject for me because I am a wedding planner, but I gotta get it this story out there because that's what I do; I get shit out there, and sometimes, it isn't just about a bitchy bride. So, here it goes... Ahem... To all of my wedding planner colleagues, quit your bullshit! Okay, I guess it isn't fair for me to include all of you in this broad statement, but there are definitely some of you who are taking advantage of your position (the client), and pissing off a lot of people in your path.

    So recently, I was schmoozing with what I like to call my "partners in crime" (a group of venue managers, catering managers at hotels, etc.), and some of what I was hearing was a bit baffling. Story after story of event planners behaving badly. The more I heard, the more embarrassed I became. Although on one level, I felt pretty good because these chicks were comfortable sharing the deets with me (probably because I used to be a catering manager at a fancy hotel), but mostly I felt pissed off because there are wedding and event planners out there who can be just as bad as the bride!

    Now I know that as a planner (or bride), we all have our moments. It's frustrating when you're not getting what you need from a venue or catering manager (or any of your vendors), but it's all in how you manage it that matters. Right? What do I always say? Be nice! Whether your a wedding planner or a bride, you get more sugar with honey! It's a really simple concept. People want to help you if you are nice to them!

    Here's the story that really stuck out for me. One of the catering managers was telling us about how a certain wedding planner was all over her about obtaining particular details for an upcoming wedding (like nitty gritty shit). And I say upcoming LOOSELY.

    Click to read more ...



    OMG... Remember last year how I wrote the Wedding Planning Guide? Well, I did, and it was so well received by you brideys, that I thought I would make it even more accessible. So, with a few minor adjustments and a lovely lower price, now ALL of you can plan like a planner for under 10 bucks! How awesome is that? 

    A few of you mentioned that while you loved my guide, you didn't really need some of the "other" stuff. Well, I listened, brideys. I separated the timeline and budget templates from the guide. So, if you absolutely need to know how to plot your wedding day down to the minute, or you really suck at budgeting, then you should get the whole guide. But, if you're pretty savvy with logistics and money, then get the Kindle edition. 

    Bridey, not only do I know how much you will enjoy reading my book (because it really is FAB and funny), but with each page, you are that much closer to a being a Bitchless Bride.





    Bitchless Bride's Year in Review ~ 2013 ROCKED!

    I have to say, 2013 started with an absolute BANG for Bitchless Bride!! Hmmmmm... I wrote a Wedding Planning Guide, I launched some pretty rad Bitchless Bride T-Shirts, and somehow, a producer at ABC's 20/20 found lil' ol' me, and invited me to the studio to have a chat with Elizabeth Vargas. Holy shit, and that was only January! The clip is below for your viewing pleasure... It's like my 60 seconds of fame!!

    While planning numerous weddings and events, I amped up my writing for BB and I continued to write for Huffington Post Wedding, here's one of my absolute faves... "10 Ways Your Mom Can Ruin Your Wedding Day". It wasn't always easy, but when you have passion, nothing can stop you. OMG! Did I just fucking write that? I did. But, it's true.

    I have said it before, and I'll say it again, Bitchless Bride might be educational for you, bridey, but it's super theraputic for me. I write, I pin, I tweet and I get pissed off at FaceBook. My favorite moments? Well, take a look:

    This Real Wedding ~ How to Have an Incredible Wedding with Tough Family Dynamics and a Small Budget:

    Yeah, Erica and Trevor generated 41 comments ranging from angry guests, to both the bride and groom, and many many more... Brideys, this wedding post was SUPER educational (for me too), and provided a glimpse into how weddings can really shake up a family. Go take a look...

    Oh! I LOVED this one: 5 Tips on How not to be a Bridey Bitch:


    Or this the Mother of the Bride Blues:

    BB got a bit more risqué, and absolutely fell in love with boudoir... I LOVE LOVE LOVE this one: I'm Sexy and I Know it...

    I am super proud of making it onto the Bride Tide's Top 100 List!!! OH YEAH!!!

    Phew! 2013 really was a HUGE year! And that's not even the half of it because I certainly don't want to be a bragger! Right? And, I hope you learned a lot bridey, I really do. Because I cannot even tell you enough how much I appreciate your readership! THANK YOU for reading Bitchless Bride... I mean it when I say that your bridal health is truly important to me.

    And you know what? My mental health is important to me, so I am going to take a week off, and I will see you next Friday with a new Fantasy Friday. But, never fear... You can always find me on Twitter, FB and Pinterest!





    2013 image via FUONLYKNEW


    Another... The Truth DOESN'T Have to Hurt Tuesday ~ Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice

    This is a sponsored post.

    I have to admit, for as much as I know about wedding dresses, and wedding planning, I know practically nothing about flower girl dresses (except that I want to fall over every time I see an adorable little girl in a FAB dress). Is this a sponsored post? Yes. But, considering that I am on a mission to educate you, bridey, I thought you could actually learn a thing or two about these ADORBS dresses. Not too mention that these little cuties will find a place in your photo album, so I thought you should know a bit about choosing your flower girl dresses. 

    From the masters at BLACKNBIANCO:

    The old adage goes that little girls are made of sugar, spices and everything nice. Ah, but what are flower girls’ dresses made of? Well the short answer these days is, everything! Today’s flower girls come adorned in a vast variety of luxurious fabrics that gleam in both innocence and elegance; reflecting the variety of classic beauty that one would expect from wedding wear.

    Silk. The classic dress fabric, silk stands as the primary ingredient in classic haute couture fashion. Smooth and luminous, a silk dress is the ultimate statement of beauty and class; so when planning any item of wedding wear (including the flower girl dress), it’s always safe to say it with silk.

    Taffeta. Conventionally used to craft dresses worn at church events, tea parties, formals, ceremonies and dance events, shiny, taffeta is a fabric classically associated with girls’ dresses. The flower girl will feel like a little princess in her billowy taffeta frock!

    Cotton. A vast variety of children’s clothing is culled from fabric, a soft, comfortable, and endlessly flexible fabric that stand as a cornerstone of traditional fashion. What’s better, today’s cotton dresses can be crafted to resemble works of fine silk, their fine-spun fabrics giving the impression of a haute couture gown.

    Organdy. Silken and light, organdy is a lovely cloth traditionally associated with weddings, high-class parties, and other social events. Bridesmaids, flower girls and even brides are often adorned in organdy.

    Lace. Many flower girls has been adorned in a gown of pure ivory lace; standing as the symbol of purity and grace at the most sacred ceremony of all. Lace is a material befitting of a queen; and, of course, of a little princess who brings both ebullient floral and endless charm to any wedding event.

    Do yourself a favor, click on BLACKNBIANCO, and not only will you fall over due to the amazingly stunning blondie on the home page (don't get any ideas, brideys... one thing at a time... kids can come later!), but you will have some serious options available to you. Got it?!


    Super Stylish Sunday ~ If You're Happy and You Know it...

    I'm a little in love with Carey and Alex. I say that a lot, I know, but, these days, when you see a fantastic couple, and a totally Bitchless Bride, my emotions get the best of me, and I fall in love. What can I say? I guess that I am somewhat of a softie after all. And this wedding? Well, let's just say that I cannot get enough of Carey, the bride. Seriously? TOTAL GIRL CRUSH. And you know why, brideys? Because she is BEAMING from start to finish. BEAMING. The way a bride should be on her wedding day. Right? I mean, there is something about Carey that simply exudes pure and utter happiness. 

    Okay... moving on from my girl crush... The other reason why I love this wedding so much is because of all of the details. You all know that I am whore for cake, and this cake is so simple, and so lovely that I just... can't... I can't... So, I encourage you, bridey, to scroll, to take it all in. The details, the beauty, but most of all the joy. Because, Carey? Well, Carey is an example of how every single bride (and groom) should walk through her wedding day. 

    Couldn't you just squeeze her?!!!I am lovin' the DIY aspects of the wedding. Beautiful and simple.Honestly? At first I thought her mom was patting her ass (in a loving way of course). But, then I realized that she's holding up the train. Still totally love the photo, but...Again... LOOK at Carey! BEAMING! STUNNING!!! AMAZING!!!

    Click to read more ...