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    The Truth Hurts Tuesday ~ BB is Losing Faith in Humanity

    This is an unbelievable story. Seriously. Even I can't believe it... But, bridey, listen... I have to change a few of the details or else this client will absolutely know that I am talking about her. And considering what a crazy fucking bitch she is, I wouldn't be surprised if she hunted my ass down if she accidentally stumbled across this post! Cool? Great. Here it goes...

    So, from inception, this client was somewhat of a pain in the ass. Like, she knew that she needed planning assistance (and, I was the lucky planner... probably because I was the only one to call her back), but raged against the machine from the very beginning. It was like she hated that she needed help. Not only was she was late to appointments, but when she finally did arrive, she wasn't really engaged during conversation. Between that bullshit and he missing scheduled phone calls, this bitch didn't pay me until the day of the event (seriously, I almost didn't show up myself!). So, there are the CliffsNotes. Now let's get to the meat.

    Fast forward to the day of the event... I was pacing until I saw her (holding my fucking check!), and when I finally did, she was her usual unemotional, bitchy self. All I kept thinking is that I couldn't wait for the event to be over. And if you've gotten to know me at all, that's not my MO. I love seeing my events come together; all the hard work coming through to fruition is the best feeling in the whole world! Anyway... So, the event is going well, somewhat anticlimactic, and then somebody took a fall and smacked their head. YIKES!

    The worst part? It was a kid. Yup. A fucking kid took a digger and smacked the back of her head while getting her groove on... I had hired some fantastic entertainment, and this kid was rockin' hard on the dance floor, and then fell... OYE! So, procedure at the venue was to call 911. Yes, a bit drastic, but considering it was a kid, I really had no objection if the EMTs checked her out, but... my client? This bitch wasn't happy.

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    Fantasy Friday ~ A Sensational, Same-Sex, Outdoor, DIY Wedding! Oh My!

    I really, really love this wedding. I know I tend to say that a lot when I post weddings on Bitchless Bride, but you know what? I only post what I love, and what I think you will love too, bridey... And, this is no exception! Just wait until you see all of the goodies in store for you! So, get ready to pin your heart out because these pics are chock full of some serious inspiration!

    Dana and Glenda put together this stunning wedding filled with juicy DIY touches (OMG! Wait until you see the brooch bouquet!!), cool ass décor and tasty tid bits all the way down to the superhero bow ties (and socks) the groomsmen wore. Right? I am absolutely in love with the escort cards, and everything alcoholic (you'll see what I mean!). So, bridey... Are you ready to be inspired? Good! Ready, set, go!I'm drooling over the hair...Are you fucking kidding me? LOOK at this GORGEOUS bouquet! Holy DIY...So sweet. My eyes are welling as I type...SUCH a great idea... And beautifully done too!So happy together... Fabulous photograph!Look up! Okay... Now, look down!!! I know... I want the shoes too.Those are some super unique escort cards!

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    Real Wedding Wednesday ~ When the Love of Books Leads to Love and Marriage

    My mom always said how important it was to read. Right? Yours did too I bet... She said that losing yourself in a book was probably one of the greatest (and cheapest) escapes that one could find. Clearly, Candace and Sean got a lot more than simply losing themselves in a book when they met while working for a major book publisher. It was their shared love of books that brought them together, and helped them to create a beautifully charming and thoughtful theme for their NJ wedding. 

    These two lovebirds really tied it all together... They sent out library card-styled Save-the-Dates, selected books as wedding favors... INDIVIDUALLY! Like thought about each guest, and paired them with perfect book to several goodies strewn throughout the wedding. Bridey, if you're looking for some amazing inspiration, look no further! Enjoy this FAB wedding!!!

    Candace, this is how all brides should be on their wedding day!Love. Love. Love. Sean, you're absolutely adorable!!!Candace and Sean's first look took place at Columbus Park (around the corner from their apartment).These group shots are so much better than the waterfront, right? This B+G didn't let a little rain get them down! Seriously! Take a peek at the next pic!I know it's a strange thing to love, but if you had to choose umbrellas, these are perfect for photographs!Sean, those dimples! You look incredibly happy...Beautiful ceremony, and a great kiss!!! 

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    The Truth Hurts Tuesday ~ When Obama Fucks Up Your Wedding, and Other Unexpected Obstacles

    I wasn't going to do it. I was going to steer clear of this one. Seriously, because Bitchless Bride is not a blog in which we share our political views, and voice our opinions and/or disdain for government bullshit. But, this is not political, it's just bullshit. And the more I thought about it, and the more I reread the article on Bloomberg (I believe they broke the news first) the more I couldn't let it go. I had to throw in my two cents about how Obama just had to "play through" his golf game even if that meant that bride, Natalie Heimel, and groom, Edward Mallue Jr., both U.S. Army captains, had to move their wedding ceremony last minute. Seriously? What the fuck, Obama?

    I've read that the President had no idea Natalie and Edward were planning their wedding ceremony at the 16th tee box at the Kaneohe Klipper Golf Course. But, it all seems a bit fishy to me. NOBODY at the White House knew? Really? I find that hard to believe considering that the entire world knew that President Obama and his family were vacationing in Hawaii, and that the dude loves to plays golf on vaca... Just sayin'... And, when he (or one of his people) found out that two Army captains were planning on exchanging their vows on said golf course, perhaps the right thing to have done would have been to wait for the ceremony to end or skip the 16th hole altogether.

    The other piece to this that really bothers me from a wedding planning standpoint? The disclaimer from the caterer responsible for arranging the ceremony with bride and groom. It states that if the president is in town, then "last-minute shuffling" (of the ceremony location) is a possibility. So, can somebody please tell me why they weren't proactive...

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    Real Wedding Wednesday ~ An Elegant, Laid Back NYC Wedding

    Here we go again... Another beautiful couple and another beautiful wedding. Seriously, how lucky am I that I get to share this fabulous wedding with you, bridey?!! And the coolest part about this wedding is the couple! While Christina and Andy's wedding is super fance, you can totally tell that they are super laid back. Their wedding definitely reflects who they are... See, bridey? You CAN have it all! This wedding is fucking fantastic, the details stunning and the couple is awesome. Just scroll... See it for yourself! As you recall from yesterday, I wrote Designing My Dream Bride, and clearly, Christina falls into my "dream bride" category.

    So, Andy is from Switzerland and quite a few guests made the trip overseas to attend the wedding. As a tribute, you'll see some Swiss references (check out the cake and the flag on the back of the boat!) strewn throughout. TOTALLY LOVE IT! Bridey, it's important to weave who you are as a couple into your wedding, and Christina and Andy certainly rocked it! Enjoy this fucking FAB wedding!!

    Shut the front door! Just wait until you see the full length pic!Christina... THAT DRESS!!!! You look HOT HOT HOT!I'm dying over that little boy's suit! And the flower girl? Holding hands! Sniff... Sniff...Hi Andy. You're quite dapper and lovely.Seriously a beautiful couple!Holy shit. I can't get over your dress, Christina. You look amazing!Got to love it!Love a boozy escort card!

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