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    The Truth Hurts Tuesday ~ When Choosing the Guest List for the Wedding Becomes Emotional... For Somebody Else!

    So, I was at the gym the other day, (Ewwww... I have officially become one of those girls who starts off a story by bragging about how I was at the gym! It's not like that, really! I got baby weight to lose, bridey, which is a whole other post for a whole other blog! Anyway...) and I started chatting with the woman, old enough to be my mother, who shared a story about how the guest list for her niece's wedding took an ugly turn. I won't get into all of the gory details, because I although I was focused on the dirt of her story, I was also attempting to burn off the spare tire that loves to present itself in every shirt I own.

    Basically, her niece was picking and choosing the guest list for wedding in a way that was extremely hurtful to close family. I believe the cliche I am looking for is 'cherry picking' the guest guest list. And I'm not talking about the family members whose names you forget because you see them once every five years at a funeral, I'm talking CLOSE family members; like, people important to your MIL important. Right? Bridey, while choosing your guest list is among the most difficult tasks of planning your wedding (just wait until you start placing those guests at tables!), remember that this list will stay with you for the rest of your life. It's a fine line between choosing your guest list, and choosing who will stay in your life once the wedding is over. 

    Look, I totally get it! Weddings are fucking expensive. The more people the more money. Plain and simple. But, your choices now will have repercussions later. So, if it's not a money thing, then get over it, and invite your soon to be MIL's cousin from Cincinnati, because let me tell you, your MIL won't forget that you didn't invite her. You will, but she won't and when you least expect it, she'll torture you with that choice down the line.

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    Fantasy Friday ~ A Stunningly Beautiful Hawaiian Couples Session

    As I always say, the best place to meet your sig other? A bar of course! That's where Kamalie and Merr met four years ago, and they have been inseparable ever since. You know how they say opposites attract? Trite, but true, right? Well, Kamaile is a lawyer and Merr is a welding supervisor. And while their day-to-day entails an entirely different set of rules, everyday they complement each other. (Just like my hus and me! We are super different, and it totally works! We complement each other quite well!). Kamalie and Merr love to go to EDM raves, travel and just have a ball together! On the day of the shoot, they were just having fun around Kaka'ako in Hawaii! Go take a look! Totally AWESOME!

    I think I may go purple ombre with my hair... I LOVE how it looks!!It's clear that these two have a ton of fun together!!Such a FAB pic! I love a good smile kiss!What's so funny?!!!

    Love this couples shoot! Thank you for sharing with Bitchless Bride!

    Industry Peeps:

    Photographer: Creatrix Photography


    Real Wedding Wednesday ~ A Modern Day 'Married with Children'...

    Sara and James have four children. FOUR! And, they still like each other enough to get married! I mean... I have two kids and there are days that I want to tell my hus to "suck it" and slam the door in his face! As some of you may know, kids definitely bring out the best and the worst in a couple, and looking at Sara and James, it's clear to me that their kids bring out the best in them.

    These two got married in the East Ayton Church before heading off to Betton Farm to celebrate with their friends and family. And when you see the pics, you will see that although their reception was quite beautiful, the wedding was nothing short of a kick ass party! Hand cuffs (yup!), booze and mood lighting certainly get the party going that's for sure! Enjoy the inspiration, both aesthetically and emotionally!

    I am OB SES SED with Sara's dress! It's the perfect mix of princess and wedding...Um... Those are silk. Right? I would have never guessed!Sara! You're stunning!Such a dapper groom!Cut it out! Would you look at how happy Sara is to see James! This is what it's all about, bridey! Quick! Let's get away to snap some pics!I love how much they laugh together!!Stunning decor! Pretty cake!Again... Look at Sara's face! FUCKING LOVE IT!

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    The Truth Hurts Tuesday ~ FLASHBACK: Five Crucial Wedding Appointment Etiquette Guidelines

    ***You'll never guess why I'm posting this one again, right? Well, I was having a rather heated conversation with an industry friend the other night, and a few cocktails later, we came to the conclusion that brides are just fucking rude when it comes to the unwritten rules of wedding planning. When suddenly, I had an overwhelming sense of déjà vu, and then I remembered that I had written the rules in 2013! Check it out!***

    February 12, 2013:

    I feel like I need to piggyback off of our Vendor Vent for today... It's an important topic, so if you haven't read it, bridey, then check it out. It's a touchy subject for the industry because we are really tired of being taken advantage of, particularly when it comes to appointments... Making them, keeping them, and fucking around with our time. Therefore you need to know the rules of engagement (sorry, couldn't help it!). Ready?

    Wedding Appointment Etiquette ~ Five Crucial Guidelines to Follow:

    1. Here's my absolute favorite... Bridey, don't ever just "walk-in" to a hotel, bakery, dress shop, photography studio, etc. expecting to be seen, and then get pissed off if you have to wait or are turned away because they can't see you. If you've purchased my wedding planning guide, then you know that this is a big no-no. I mean, you would never just "walk-in" to your doctor's office demanding to be seen, would you? No. And if you did, then the nice lady behind the counter would most likely put you in your place. So please, pay us the same courtesy and phone first. Make an appointment so that we can be prepared for your arrival versus feeling annoyed because you assumed that you could be seen simply because you walked in. 

    2. Once you make an appointment, keep it or cancel it with plenty of notice. Going back to the doctor's office example... In most cases you are required to cancel 24-48 hours ahead of time or else you will be charged. Actually, it's becoming more and more common for restaurants, salons, etc. to charge you for not canceling your reservations, appointments, etc., and honestly, I'm surprised we haven't started following suit! Because if you knew that you'd have to pay for our time lost due to no-showing, then I'm sure you'd call to cancel. Right?

    3. If you are running late, then please call to let us know particularly if your appointment is scheduled after normal business hours. If you are running early, fantastic! But, don't expect to be seen just because you are a half hour earlier then expected. We may be with another client or we may just need to clear our desks before the meeting...

    4. Don't bring an entourage to your appointment. We are interested in your thoughts, your needs and your expectations. When you bring more people to your appointment, then you bring more opinions. So please, give us the opportunity to hear it from you and not everybody else. Because you are the one we are trying to please.

    5. Respect our time. I can tell you right now that no wedding vendor needs to sit with you for three hours during an initial consultation. This is especially true (and quite painful) if your meeting started at 6 PM. I'm not saying that you shouldn't discuss everything that is important to you, I'm simply saying that you don't need to talk about your who's coming to your wedding, how much weight you want to lose, your crazy MOH, etc. We care, but after three hours, our excitement starts to wane.

    Bridey, you know that I am a straight shooter, and this information is important when you are planning your wedding. I know you want to be respectful, so if you follows these five rules of engagement, then you should be all set. Got it?

    Photo via Blessed Events Fashioned by Adrianne


    Fantasy Friday ~ I Love You More Than Biscuits and Gravy

    Trust me. If Candace and Rob love each other more than biscuits and gravy, then it's absolutely true love! Just wait until you see the biscuits they served at "biscuit hour". Yup! Biscuit hour! Not cocktail hour, biscuit hour! Totally wish I could have sunk my teeth into one (or twelve) of those!! Anyway... I love this wedding! I love it because Candace and Rob were clearly able to incorporate everything that they love about each other into their wedding. It really doesn't get much better than that... I'll let Candace tell you more about them. 

    "Rob and I met in upstate New York at a songwriting event almost 2 years ago, and after a first date where we swapped songs for 8 hours, we were both sold haha. I talked about my dream of owning a therapeutic riding farm with lots of animals and nature trails, and he talked about his dream of converting an old barn into a recording studio."

    Isn't this bouquet fantastic? The paper flowers were made from the song Rob composed for Candace. The song? Well, it's called, "I'll Be Your Biscuit".Rob, you look quite handsome!So cute!I'll be honest. Where I live, I don't hear the word "hootenanny" very often. I kinda like it!I am obsessed with both of these lovely ceremony pics!Biscuit hour!! And... They had a dude singing songs about biscuits during biscuit hour! STFU!!! I mean...

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