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    Real Wedding Wednesday ~ Married at the Mall with a Penguin as the Ring Bearer! 

    Sooooo... I'm told that Julie and Lawrence wanted an intimate wedding ceremony that was also quite memorable. And, based on the photographs (and the little ring bearer creature), I would say that they certainly achieved both (well, if you don't count the peeps at the mall as guests). Because the majority of their guests were travelling from Ontario to attend the wedding, the B+G wanted it to be a day that was especially extraordinary. 

    Bridey, Julie and Lawrence prove that it doesn't matter if your wedding is on The Santa Maria ship in West Edmonton Mall or on an actual island or a fancy hotel, etc.; just as long as it's about the two of you, then it will be special and memorable! Enjoy this unique twist on traditional nuptials!

    Stunning wedding gown and accessories! The hotel room is FAB too!I seriously don't think my leg was ever that skinny. Love these pics!!Julie! Your wedding dress is simply GORGE!! You look beautiful...FAB paper flower backdrop...Yup! That's a fucking penguin ring bearer! OMG!

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    The Truth Hurts Tuesday ~ Bridey, It's Not What it's Worth to You, It's What it's Actually Worth!

    Show me the money, bridey! Seriously, I kinda can't believe we have to cover this. I mean... You've been doing so well, so to have to have this convo with you feels like somewhat of a regression. Look, I am all for saving money (especially as you plan your wedding), but sometimes I think you are borderline insulting when you push your wedding vendors too hard. Particularly if you haven't even hired them yet! Huh? Allow me to explain.

    I was shooting the shit with one of my fave hair people as I was getting my locks cut, and as we were chatting, she told me about a bride who had reached out to her, inquiring about the cost for wedding updos, etc., and before my friend could even get a word out, this bride immediately asked if she could do "bridal hair" for $25 per person at the venue site. Now, before I go on, bridey, I just want you to answer a simple math equation. Let's say, this bride had six bridesmaids, okay? So, a total of seven girls (including the bride) getting their hair done on the most important day of this chick's life (just sayin'), and she thinks it's completely acceptable to ask a total stranger to do hair for seven girls for $175 TOTAL? REALLY? I mean... Most of us can't even get our hair cut for less than $50 (I say very generously), and this girl wants to pay $25/pp for wedding hair? Fuckin' lame.

    I know I am not making myself very popular with this post, but bridey, surprisingly, this has nothing to do with your wedding budget. I could give a shit about your budget. But, let's face reality, shall we? If my hair person were to accept this job, she would lose money. A lot of money... Simply by being absent from the salon. Not to mention her travel expenses... I've said previously, that I am a huge fan of "if you don't ask, you don't get". But, perhaps some of you need to do your research before you ask (and ultimately waste your time and the time of the vendor).

    This is not limited to your the vendor you are selecting for your hair, bridey. All of your wedding vendors field these kind of questions, and it gets pretty tiresome. Not because you can't afford us, but because you haven't done your due diligence. I know that you don't know what things cost in "the industry", in the same way that I don't know what things cost in your industry. But, before I were to throw a number out there (which could be insulting), I would have done the appropriate research and ask about pricing shortly after pleasantries are exchanged. See what I mean? Then you can see if there is a happy medium between the two of you, and if not, then move on; find a vendor that fits your budget.

    Image via Taranaki Weddings


    Fantasy Friday ~ Dueling Pianos, Ominous Skies and a Beautiful Wedding in the Wisconsin Dells

    I haven't been to the Wisconsin Dells since I was a kid, but I remember loving it then (duh, the water slide parks and duck tours... totally amaze for a nine year old!), and now that I see Sarah and Matt's fabulous and fun wedding, I think I love the Dells even more. While I was too young to drink back then, I'm definitely not now, and I cannot get over the homemade beer (something brewed) that the B+G served to their guests. How kickass is that? AND... You tag your "brew" with labels like "Clouded Judgement" or "Brides Remorse"... I'll let you guess which one BB would tag! 

    Anyway, Sarah and Matt were quite lucky as the forecast wasn't totally agreeable, but the rain did hold out for them and ultimately created one hell of a backdrop! Enjoy this lovely wedding, and let me know which brew you'd be, bridey!!

    Gorgeous flowers and the bodice of that dress... A MAZ ING!Love the lime green ties!!OMG! Could ya' bust? SO SO SO cute!!!Love the stationary!Looks like such a fun bunch of maids and men!WOW! Look at the skies behind them! The only thing missing is a rainbow!Let's go party!Um. Hi. I love you.I love the bright colors and wine bottle vases!Hey, bridey!! What would your tag say?I would guess that when you have a dueling piano band as your entertainment, shit could get crazy!Bring it people!!! Love this wedding!!

    Industry Peeps:

    Photographer: Tara Draper Photography
    Event Venue: Trappers Turn Golf Course
    Cake: Colleen's Cakes
    Band: Felix and Fingers


    Real Wedding Wednesday ~ From a Long Distance Courtship to an Energetic Wedding Filled with Laughs

    Holy shit! Bridey, imagine getting married there! Absolute heaven, right? Seriously, I am completely obsessed with the bench seating and the lack of any additional décor; just the beauty around them. Just wait until you see the rest of the photographs from this FAB wedding! They are truly jaw-dropping and simple. The B+G? Not so much. I mean... They are a beautifully handsome couple, but they are anything but simple! 

    Techincally, they've known each other since their freshman year at UCLA, but didn't officially start their courtship until each were traveling for months at a time. Great timing, right? Actually, it was... They got to know each other via email and when they finally saw each other stateside, they greeted with a kiss and haven't looked back since! Awwwww... How romantic! And, as you will see from their wedding pics, they are certainly two peas in a pod! Laughing the whole day through! Something to aspire towards, bridey... Wouldn't you say?

    Such a beautiful smile, Adriana!! Totally how it should be!! Nothing but fun and excitement!Um. WOW!From the groom: "The first look was the most emotional part. You build this day up as "your wedding day" and the "most important day ever." Walking out onto the river with my eyes closed, yelling over the wind at Adriana helped me realize that none of that stuff mattered; it was only the day that I get to marry my best friend. Things got WAY easier after that." First look shots get me every time! Ready? Let's do this!Ro, Adriana.... Clearly, you two make each other laugh out loud... Even during your wedding vows!Great angle!Okay, bridey, look up! Now, look down! I seriously think I have a couple crush on Ro and Adriana!

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    The Truth Hurts Tuesday ~ What if Your Wedding Vendors Reviewed You, Bridey?

    I had the opportunity to work with a truly amazing bride this weekend. She was friendly, organized and considerate of every single person who had a hand in the wedding planning. Totally Bitchless. And as I was placing the final touches at the venue, and bullshitting with the DJ, both of us said how great it was working with her because as we both know, it could go either way. And after a few traded horror stories about crazy, bitchy brides of the past, he said, "Wouldn't it be great if we could review them?" I stopped in my tracks... Holy fucking shit. It would be great if we could review our brides. It might even be life changing, for vendors and brides alike. How?

    Well, think about it, bridey... If there was an outlet, similar to Yelp, WeddingWire, etc. where following your wedding, your vendors could write a review about you and your behavior/attitude while planning, would that impact how you conducted yourself? Wait! Before you answer the question, allow me to keep going for a bit... What if this outlet was powerful enough to alter the course of your professional life? Similar to the way a negative review can wreak havoc on our business, a negative review could potentially ruin a fantastic job opportunity for you, bridey (like it does for us), get you fired (as it can for us), and completely soil your reputation as you know it.

    Imagine if a potential (or even your current) employer "Googled" you, and could read about how you treated your wedding vendors without hearing "your side of the story". Scary, right? Pretty fucked up? Yes! Because in their eyes? These reviews reveal a lot about how you behave under pressure, and how you treat people in the process... Bridey, if you were a raving lunatic or even had one looney moment, you'd probably have some explaining to do or maybe you'd miss a chance to land the next big career move; pretty damaging for some of you. Right?

    Now, bridey, answer the question... If there was a site for vendors to review brides in the same way you very publicly review us, would that change your behavior during wedding planning? Would it change how you treat people knowing that your behavior and conduct could leave a lasting impression not only on your vendors, but on your career too?

    Image via Box University Blog