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    Real Wedding Wednesday ~ A Little Romance in Paradise 

    See that, bridey? Know what that is? Complete and utter happiness. I love Michelle and Seung's Hawaiian wedding so much because even without the engagement story that I am about to share with you (or that Michelle is about to share with you), it's clear that these two are head over heals... Plus, not gonna lie, I love that they met at work and it took a 'lil booze to finally move things along! So, bridey, I am going to let Michelle take it away... Enjoy the eye candy!!!

    From the bride: We met through work and finally started dating a few months later. We were secretly admiring from a far. It took a little bit of "liquid courage" to get things going. Sounds so terrible! Lol, but it's true!

    Love that the Raiders shirt is staying on underneath the tux!From the bride: A random Wednesday night before bed, he called me to go outside in the backyard with him. I was wondering what he wanted since I was all ready to go to bed I even had my sleeping clothes on (hence why we don't have proposal photos). 
    Hi. Manolo. I think I love you.From the bride: He and our 2 pups were outside and he had 2 glasses of wine which only had 2 sips in each because I drank a glass earlier! Haha! If I had known I wouldn't have drank it! One of my pups Sadie who happens to be obsessed with socks, brought over a sock to me, which happens all the time and most of the time they happen to be dirty! 
    From the bride: So I was reluctant to take it from her but, when I did I realized it was heavy and took the ring box out of the sock, he then got on one knee and proposed and I of course said "yes?".... I was shocked I wasn't sure if this was really happening.
    Michelle's dress is just STUNNING!!!From the bride: It was the not the perfect proposal, but I loved it and wouldn't change anything about it! It was so Seung, spontaneous and not planned to thoroughly! Lol. Definitely a moment to remember.
    Unity candle? Nah. Sand cermony? Nope. How about we both drink from a coconut? PERFECT!What an amazingly passionate kiss.

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    The Truth Hurts Tuesday ~ Don't Call me Until There's a Ring on it...

    You know what makes me laugh and feel annoyedat the same time? When I meet with a potential client, gaze down at her ring finger, and notice that there is no sparkly rock shining up at me. I immediately think that this meeting is a giant waste of time. And you know what? So does everybody else in "the industry". Bridey, if you're not engaged yet, please don't call me. I know... I know... "It's going to happen soon; it's imminent." But, you all think that. You all think that he or she will pop the question over the next romantic dinner or stroll down the beach, and while you're probably not wrong that it will happen at some point, you're still wasting my time. Because it's not soon enough for me to take you seriously. So, bridey, until you get the rock, get off my clock!

    Look, I know it feels like I'm being really mean, but allow me to shed some light on the situation from the perspective of your wedding vendors. We're busy with weddings or events every weekend, but we also know that securing future business needs to happen even when we don't have time to spare. So, when you, bridey, call us and inquire about our services, we put on a face, go into our spiel, and sell our souls to make you like us over the phone. Because that's what we do. And, if the phone call was a success, then an initial meeting is confirmed, and you've officially made onto our books. Score!! (A bit of a side note? Now I make it a point to weave the whole "how'd you get engaged" question into all initial phone calls so that I can avoid these situations...)

    Fast forward to the meeting...

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    Fantasy Friday ~ It's a Bird, It's a Plane, It's a Superhero Engagement Shoot!

    Don't be jealous of Diana and Kyle's shirts (I know, right? I totally am! I need to have that Wonder Woman tank!). Be jealous of this phenomenal engagement shoot! You know what, bridey, fuck that... Don't be jealous, be inspired! Be inspired to do something different. Be inspired to do something colorful and unique as opposed to simply smiling for the camera and planting a few kisses here and there. It doesn't have to be this, but why be boring when there are so many fun places to shoot your engagement photos?

    These insanely awesome photographs were taken in front of Kyle Brooks street art in Atlanta. You know I'm a graffiti enthusiast, so when I saw this shoot, I just HAD to share it with you, bridey. Just wait, these two are getting married any day now, and I am hoping that Julie of Jules Photography will be kind enough to submit their COMIC BOOK WEDDING to BB so that I can share that with you too... WOW! You think that was a big enough hint? Anyway, enough outta me... Enjoy these fabulous and fun pics!! 

    Between the tat and the shoes... I am OBSESSED!KAPOW!!!! Obvi, I love her hair, but with the KAPOW? I can't... It's just too awesome!Time to kick these off! Um Kyle... What are you whispering into Diana's ear? That girl is blushing!!Diana, I love your dimples! So cute.Costume change.LOVE everything about this shoot!!

    Industry Peeps:

    Photographer: Jules Photography


    Real Wedding Wednesday ~ Forest Fairies, Chandeliers and a Lovely Outdoor Wedding

    "Who needs flower girls when you have forest fairies?" Right? I mean, that's what I always say! Actually, it's what Ashley Roper of ashfall mixed media, inc. said when she submitted this fairytale wedding to Bitchless Bride. In fact, it was the ONLY thing she wrote in the submission! And, bridey, when you see the "forest fairies" and all of the other magical details of Tessa and Paul's wedding, you'll be busting with inspiration! 

    And just what is so inspiration-worthy? Well, the headpieces, the flowers, the chandeliers (and OMG, there are several!!) the dresses, you name it... Scroll down, bridey, scroll down... It's so good you may even shed a tear... Enjoy!

    Gorgeous headpieces.Amazing first look photographs. Super emotional.Check out our forest fairies! Could you bust?I know... This is a fucking fabulous shot!

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    The Truth Hurts Tuesday ~ Phone First!!!

    I am working with a bride (who I took on against my own better judgment), and the other day as we were discussing next steps, etc., she mentioned something about how she was just going to “stop by” the florist to see if she could get a handle on her centerpieces. When I asked who she was going to meet with, she said, “Nobody, I’m just going to stop by.” I stopped in my tracks. I broke out into a cold sweat. My hands started shaking. I felt breakfast making its way back up. Okay, I am exaggerating, but the truth of the matter, bridey, is that you should NEVER just “stop by” or “walk in” on any of your vendors. Nobody appreciates it. Nobody is prepared for it. And frankly, it’s fucking rude.

    Not to sound like a third grader, but how would you like it if somebody did that to you? Just walked into your office, plopped themselves across your desk with a stack of papers, and told you that they were ready to chat about XYZ? I’m guessing that the first thing you’d ask is if you missed an outlook appointment on your calendar, right? I would. And what if you were on a deadline; the project you were currently working on had to be in by noon? Most likely you’d politely ask if you could chat about XYZ later… Right?

    Now, I need you to do something for me, bridey… Please click on this link, and re-read the post I wrote about appointment etiquette, Five Crucial Wedding Appointment Etiquette Guidelines.

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