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    Fantasy Friday ~ Destination New Orleans

    I seriously can't think of a better place for a destination wedding than New Orleans. I mean, it's unique, it's fabulous and there's shit to do! Your guests will totally enjoy your wedding, but when they are not celebrating with you, they can actually experience all that The Big Easy has to offer. Seriously, your guests can walk down the street eating a po-boy and drinking a Sazerac all while listening to live music. Pretty cool if you ask me! Go Chileen and Aaron! Nice choice! 

    Sooooo.... Aaron proposed with Chileen's great-grandmother’s ring on their 8 year anniversary in Maui. Not too shabby Aaron! How do you say "Will you marry me?" in Hawaiian? Well, it goes something like this, “e Mele ana ‘oe ia’u?”. But, why get married in New Orleans? Well, in 2008 Chileen and Aaron had vacationed there to celebrate Aaron’s 30th birthday, and they loved it! Actually, they loved it so much that when they got engaged they decided that their wedding HAD to be in NO!!! 

    Love the orange flowers on the shoes, but I cannot stop gazing at her great-grandma's ring!!Unbelievable! Stunning wedding dress and insanely FAB bouquet!I love how the bridal party is watching in the background!

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    Real Wedding Wednesday ~ Dark and Stormy with a Side of Corn

    Katie and Matiss had a simple and beautiful wedding on a private estate in Dover, FL. The stormy weather may have made some of your brideys nervous, but not Katie and Matiss! Instead, Katie and Matiss were able to grab some FAB shots using the ominous skies and cool corn fields as a kickass backdrop. I mean... Scroll down and see... REALLY COOL! And despite a bit of rain, they were able to have the ceremony outside and then celebrate later under the tent.

    Something super AWES? So, Matiss' parents and family couldn't be at the wedding. But, they were able to be present at the ceremony via Skype from their homeland of Russia! Now how fantastic is that? Right?? 

    Katie... That is one seriously sexy wedding dress. And you are OWNING it!  Matiss you are certainly one happy man. Super adorable!I love this chuppah/arch. Beautiful flowers and draping.A MAZ ING shot. Amazing! I love how Katie's veil is trailing behind her. 

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    The Truth Hurts Tuesday ~ Quit Being an Order Taker! 

    Bridey, you’ve GOT to stop trying to please everybody! If you are an avid Bitchless Bride reader, then I’m hoping you are well on your way to sane, non-bitchy, non-entitled, wedding planning so please take this to heart, bridey. It’s YOUR wedding and the more you try to “look out” for your guests and/or over accommodate their needs, then your wedding becomes less and less about you and your sig other, and more about becoming an order taker. Seriously, you're one step away from asking, "Do you want fries with that?"

    And because being an order taker can be frustrating and exhausting here are five ways to STOP accommodating your guests without being a bitch. I know, how could you??

    1. I know it’s crazy, but it can even start with your wedding date. Right? There will always be somebody (you love) who can’t make it to your wedding because of whatever reason so set the precedence and choose the date that works for you! If you listened to everybody and took into account their schedules and their plans, then you’re left with nothing. Okay, maybe not nothing, but definitely not the most ideal wedding date. Getting married on a Tuesday in the fall doesn’t have the same ring to it as a Saturday in the fall now does it?

    2. Don’t put it out there. Don’t over promise. Don’t offer your guests too many choices. Tell them. This is what you are eating. These are your hotel accommodation options. This is the attire. And you know what? If they don’t like it, too fucking bad. They are adults, and therefore they can stay wherever they want and eat dinner before the wedding if they don’t like beef or fish (or if they are gluten free, celiac, can’t eat nuts, shellfish, dairy, sugar, cilantro, YOU NAME IT). See what I mean? You provided your guests some choices, and then it is up to them. I mean, there have been several occasions in which my hus and I decided to stay outside of the wedding block offered because we made a choice to do so.

    3. Just say “no”. C’mon, you say it to your sig other all the time! But, seriously, get in the habit of just saying “no” to particular guest requests if that’s not what you want. For instance, if a guest calls you and asks to bring her new boyfriend to the wedding…

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    Fantasy Friday ~ A Flowery, Boudoiry, Weddingy, Inspiration Shoot

    There is so much eye candy in this shoot that I don't even know where to begin. So take your pick, bridey, take your pick. Need some ideas for your bouquet? Centerpieces? Awesome! Check out the bright, beautiful flowers. Need an idea for your chuppah or arch? Dare I say, look no further? (I totally just cringed.) Just scroll down. Want to roll around in your panties and snap some shots for your man (or woman)? Then check out the babe in her bra. Either way, you are going to walk away smarter and inspired! 

    If this looks famillar to you, then you've lost your mind, bridey. Just kidding! FStop has done it again! In November, I posted The Flower Bed, and I loved it so much that when this one presented itself in my inbox, I just had to share it with you! So enjoy the beauty and the inspiration (and the fucking fab headpieces!), again!

    I am dying over this scene! Amazing flowers (I really love the sun flowers!) and fantastically awesome (and kinda sexy) bed!Sexy and bright and beautiful. Not for nothing... Her body looks incredible. And that headpiece? FAB!

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    Real Wedding Wednesday ~ A Cool Redhead, Some Skateboarding, and Dog

    There are so many reasons why I love Madeline and Tyler, and their wedding. First of all... LOOK at her Madeline's hair. OH MY GOD! I am completely absolutely obsessed with her HOT HOT HOT red! I mean, whoa! Right? And not just anybody can pull it off, and Madeline is ROCKIN' it! DAMN. Okay... moving on.

    Anyway... the other reason why I love this wedding is because it looks like so much fun, and when a few things didn't go as planned (there was a slight mishap with the limo driver) instead of freaking out, they shot the formals at the water's edge and got in a bit of skateboarding. How cool is that? Some peeps would have let it ruin their day, but not Madeline and Tyler. And I dig it! Because you all know that I dig a Bitchless Bride. And know what else I dig? The location of the reception. It was held at the old Columbia Theater which I think is totally FAB! Well, enough outta me... ENJOY!

    That HAIR! Holy shit!!!!! I'm a cat person, but I really love that dog. And I love that Madeline and Tyler included their puppy in such a special day.Okay. SO cute! Amazingly adorable little girls and such beautiful dresses (and that scrumptious dog)!Awwwwwww.......Hilarious. C'mon, that's funny!I am DYING over this. When the limo breaks down, what else is there to do? SKATEBOARD! Oh, and take your formal pics!

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