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    Real Wedding Wednesday ~ A Perfect Match...

    I love that Jacqualin and Larry met on match.com. I FUCKING love it! Seriously, I remember the days when people were embarrassed to admit that they met somebody online, and now it seems as though about half of my clients (and submissions on BB) are together because they met on some online site. No more trolling bars or hoping that the dude at the grocery store will magically bump your cart and sparks will fly. Just go online, and meet somebody. And that's just what Jacqualin and Larry did...

    Larry proposed at Disneyland in front of the princess castle via text. Yup! You read that right! TEXT! OMG, RIGHT? When a man is determined to propose, nothing will stop him. Not even a collapsed lung and bronchitis. The poor guy couldn't talk, so he texted Jacqualin his proposal. Are you dying right now? 

    So, that's their story, and below, you'll find their beautiful black and white wedding. Not too mention the adorable firefighters (the groom is a firefighter too!), a very serious bagpiper (yeah, you know I LOVE a good bagpiper), cool black and white bridesmaids dresses and of course, a truly glamorous bride. 

    Um, where can I get those shoes? I'm freaking out over the color, and the detail.

    This dress fits Jacqualin like a glove. Seriously, her figure is ROCKIN'...Gerber daiseys and bridesmaid love....I mean... Can you hear it? I am falling over right now... Look at his cheeks!!

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    Bitch! You're Fired!

    I am so fired up today. Seriously, sometimes I just want to throw in the fucking towel and scream "WE'RE THROUGH! YOU'RE FIRED!" Can I do that? Can I fire this bridey bitch? Because after an insanely frustrating year and a half of planning, I am spent. I honestly don't feel like I have it in me for another two months... And as we draw closer and closer to the wedding, I am at such odds with myself. I feel like the crazy one because although I am happy to see her wedding day come and go, in the meantime, the endless diatribe of bullshit gets bigger and bigger because she is JUST SO STRESSED about her fucking wedding. Really?

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