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    The Truth Hurts Tuesday ~ Quit F*cking Around, Bridey

    **Written by The Peeved Planner"

    My Dearest Brides,

    Please understand that we, as wedding planners, love you. If we didn't, then we wouldn't be in this business. I love everything about planning a wedding, seeing the plans come together and the big day, and well, it just makes me smile. 

    I think back to the time when you and I were just starting out… Looking at venues, sending you off to do tastings, picking out flowers, you know, all the fun stuff. I also think about how you stressed me out more than my 4 yr. old. Ya, you deary, you did that to me. 

    Girls (and guys), my job is to narrow down your choices and offer you some that will fit within your budget and style. I offer you a few fab venues out of the 4000 or so that are out there, bakeries that will make the type of cake or desserts you want, hook you up with a bad ass florist, hold your hand while we check out linens, décor and such. Because that’s my job. Basically, it’s my job is to narrow down and weed out the vendors that won’t work for you and offer choices that will, (and have you make a timely decision on which one you like). Did you catch that, bridey? YOU make a timely decision!   

    Deciding three days before your wedding to change your mind? Well, that’s pretty ridiculous. Oh, NOW you want your hair and makeup done by "the girl" you met with more than two months ago? Really? And then, not understanding why she isn't available?? Seriously?? Oh, and your friend, the wanna be florist, who you “trust with your life”, you know, the one who said that she might be able to do your flowers, but instead she bailed? (Not going to say, “I told you so.”) Great. So now, here I am begging any and all of the florists in my network (a week before your wedding) to do your arrangements and not upcharge you for the short notice, simply because you decided that you didn’t need a “real” florist even though I begged and pleaded with you to get one. Bridey, I know the wedding is all about you, but having me, and my vendors scramble at the last minute because you can’t or won’t make a decision is pretty crappy.   

    Here’s another thing, please don’t lie to me! 

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    The Truth Hurts Tuesday ~ Bridey’s Remorse… What to do When You THINK You Hate Your Venue?

    We’ve all had buyer’s remorse, right? Be it a fantastic dress, pair of shoes or even something a bit bigger, like a car or a condo. I mean, it’s really amazing how awesome that dress can look in the fitting room, and then somewhere between the fitting room and your closet, that sucker takes a turn for the worse, and when you look in your own mirror, your ass looks like a pumpkin. And yes, I’m totally speaking from personal experience! That dress and my ass did not get along! But, what happens when we’re not talking about a dress; something that you can return without consequence (well, besides a huge hit to your ego!)? What happens when we are talking about the venue for your wedding? Scary thought, right? Yeah…

    The reason I’m bringing this up is because I’m starting to see a pattern, brideys… It goes something like this… You secure a venue for your wedding that you are really excited about, begin planning your day, and then you start doubting your excitement as you attend other weddings and events and see all of the cool and different venues that you clearly missed out on. Sound familiar? For some of you, depending on how far away you are from your wedding day, that’s okay. Well, it’s okay if your cool losing your non-refundable deposit (usually ranging from about $2,500 - $5,000), but it starts NOT being okay when you are about a month away from your wedding, designing your floor plan and suddenly you decide that you hate your venue. Yeah, that’s when it starts getting excruciating!

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    Fantasy Friday ~ I'm A Crushin'

    Every wedding planner dreams of orchestrating an amazing event she's never done before. I mean, there's something to be said for doing something new, dammit! Right? A new idea, some new décor... basically anything that's fucking new in general will be exciting for those of us have have "been there done that" in the case of weddings past. And you know what? My fantasy? A fucking candy crush wedding! That's right? CANDY CRUSH WEDDING! Because I don't know about you, but sometimes, I actually choose to "crush" instead of pin! Seriously, what the fuck is that about? I'm obsessed with Pinterest, but sometimes... all I want to do is just crush it!

    Soooo... me being me, I started thinking about how cool it would be to mix two of my favorite things in the world. Planning weddings, and candy crush. How awesome would it be to throw a candy crush wedding? I mean... it would be super colorful, and quite delicious, right? So, check this out... THIS is my Candy Crush fantasy wedding... Let's start with some cake... Look down!!

    Don't you just want to dig in? Seriously. Give me a... Screw it! How needs a fork?Sweet!!!! Love this cake topper!!!

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    The Truth Hurts Tuesday ~ Five Ways to Get the Most out of Your Wedding Planner

    It seems like every wedding planner I speak to during this insanely busy time tells me the same thing… “OMG, I really love this bride, but…” Or, “This fucking bride is driving me crazy because...” So, because I really, truly want to help YOU, bridey, get the most out of your wedding planner, be it the one you’ve hired independently or the catering manager you’re working with at a hotel or resort, I thought it would be helpful if I shared a few of these… hmmm… “insights” so that you can get the absolute best out of your planner, and not have her (or him) hate you.

    Here it goes:

    1. Don’t be a micromanager. Just don’t do it. Bridey, I know that some of you have great big jobs that require you to be in control of a large team or an enormous budget, etc., and that’s fantastic. But, please don’t let that spill over into MY domain. The reason I'm in charge is because you don’t know shit about planning a wedding, and I do. Listen, bridey, I'm not telling you something you didn't already know! Right?? So, let me do it! Stop trying to control me! Wedding planning is MY full time job, so please, give me some room to do it. I mean... You are well aware of this fact because you are the one who hired me. So, back off… Let me handle the details without having to run each decision by you first.

    2. Don’t be a penny pincher when it comes to paying me! When the penny pinching begins, I seriously want to bang my head against the wall… HARD! It tells me that you clearly have no idea just how much I am doing for you, and dammit, I deserve to get paid for the four hours I spent attending an “emergency planning meeting” with your mother.

    3. Don’t confuse me for your therapist. I love to listen. I really do, but

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    The Truth Hurts Tuesday ~ Can I Get a HOLYSHITGODDAMN?

    ***Guest Post: Story by Heavy Cross***

    Bitchless Beauty reporting for duty - though this time, as a super irate and fed up bride-to-be. And I think I know one way that brides can cut down on their stress, frustration, anger and the ensuing red mist that can only mean we're approaching Bitchzilla territory.

    It's by saying 'fuck off' to those who REALLY need to hear it. NOT your wedding planner, NOT your make up artist, and NOT your caterer (i.e. the people you're paying, so thefore you feel some sort of entitlement). Your vendors know what they are doing, and you're paying them based on your own educated decision.

    Say it to whomever has truly earned it. The people you're NOT paying. The people who DON'T know what they're doing. Yes - the people on your guest list, family members or old friends that you by now 'have' to get along with, so they know damned well they can throw tact to the wind and give you all sorts of advice about how they did it, how they would do it, and how you should do it.

    I've been working in this industry for years, and I can safely say that I'm a pretty laidback bride - as in, close to horizontal. All I really care about is that the people I love are in the same place for the day, and that at the end of it I am married to my favourite person. If that happens, I've kicked a goal. I have swallowed and digested all manner of advice, recommendations, insinuations and ideas.

    I get that everyone involved feels they have some sort of stake in or ownership of the wedding, and I know that it ultimately comes from a place of love and excitement. But, HOLYSHITGODDAMN.

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