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    Real Wedding Wednesday ~ An Amazing Beachfront, Thailand Wedding

    I am absolutely astounded by these photographs. Like, astounded. Part of it is because I desperately need a vacation, and lately if I see palm trees, then I start to daydream about warm beaches, bikinis and cocktails with umbrellas, but mostly it's because this wedding is just fucking stunning. STUN NING. I mean, Gabrielle is a magnificent bride (just wait, you'll see), and Gareth is truly adorable (again, you'll see, and agree!). And you all know that I LOVE Hilary Cam, and when you take in these breathtaking photographs, it will be impossible for you not to to love Hilary too...

    Hilary Cam wrote: Gareth proposed to Gabrielle in South Africa where she grew up. Their choice of Phuket for their wedding was due to it being between South Africa and Australia, so both families could easily travel and share the day. The Jewish ceremonies scattered throughout the day were full of energy and warmth, matched by the stunning beach sunset that seemed to go on forever – something we have missed since returning to the eastern shores of Sydney.

    Seriously? SERI OUS LY? I mean, look at that crystal clear water! OMG! Damn Gabrielle. You are intoxicating.A fantastic way to remember those who aren't with us anymore...Hello handsome!Pure happiness.Apparently it was so hot and humid that Hilary's lenses began to fog! (Like you can tell! Such FAB pics!)I really, really love the bridesmaids dresses!The details in Gabrielle's wedding dress are unbelievable!I can't. I really can't. OMG.Amazing wedding... Amazing.

    Industry Peeps:

    Photographer: Hilary Cam Photography Sydney
    Venue: Katathani, Phuket Beach Resort
    Wedding Dress: Carla Zampatti
    Shoes & Clutch: Jimmy Choo
    Rings: Miller Diamonds
    Makeup: Catie Kenzie Makeup
    Groom’s Suit: Calibre


    Real Wedding Wednesday ~ A Spectacular Wedding Dress, A Pink Champagne Tower and Amazing Decor

    O.M.G. Courtney's wedding dress. Seriously, are you falling over because of her sensationally incredible wedding dress? I mean, hot damn. Holy shit. Just holy shit. I can't... And you know what? Courtney designed this amazing wedding dress (with a little help from Jean Ralph Thurin). Can you believe it? Wowza! And what a stunning design it is!! I love the beautiful bodice and the sea of ruffles. Courtney, I'm officially envious and I'm sure I'm not alone! Pretty sure that every bride-to-be is drooling right now...

    Anyway, I guess I should probably move on and tell you about the wedding, huh? Well, Courtney got ready at her family's home in Dowlestown, PA with her all eight of her bridesmaids (wow!). And just WAIT until you see their dresses! Just a damn fine looking bride and bridal party. Okay, clearly I can't seem to get past the attire so you know what? I'll let you get to it. Start scrolling, bridey!! This is one you don't want to miss!

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE this shot! Oh! I also love the shot below! Holy orchids!!HOLY SHIT this dress!!!!! What a handsome couple...I love that she's wearing the wedding dress (that I am officially obsessed with) while getting a piggyback ride from Tim.Lighting changes EVERYTHING, bridey. The decor is beautiful, but the lighting will change how your guests feel about the decor.Lovin' the pink bubbly being poured into those fancy champagne coupes. NEVER see that anymore!Hmmmmmm.... Not so sure what's happening here, but clearly they are having fun!So sticky sweet... 

    Industry Peeps:

    Photographer: Joe Dantone Photography
    Makeup Artist: Alyne Halvajian
    Hair Stylist: Amanda Elizabeth Thys
    Floral Designer: Encore Florist
    Dress Designer: Jean-Ralph Thurin
    Dress Store: Onlineformals.com
    Makeup Artist: Sheri Kuper
    Reception Venue: The Merion


    The Truth Hurts Tuesday ~ Why Your Wedding Budget HAS to Take Precedence Over Your Guest List

    Budget. It’s a dirty word, but somebody’s GOT to talk about it. Here’s the thing, bridey, when your guest list grows, then your budget needs to grow with it. PERIOD. THE END. Really, it’s as simple as that. Because it’s not fair for you to expect your vendors to adhere to your much smaller budget simply because you want to invite more people, and now you can’t afford the previously agreed upon menu/concept/bouquet/etc. In fact, you should be calling your vendors telling them that they have to provide MORE of whatever it is they are providing, not LESS, because your numbers have increased. 

    I’m currently working with a bride who has about zero control over her guest list. And frankly, it’s starting to really piss me off. We’ve gone round and round and round regarding her fucking guest list, and I have had it. Bridey, if you can’t afford to invite the free world, then don’t. I know what etiquette says about whom you should invite, and who you shouldn’t feel obligated to invite to your wedding, but you know what etiquette doesn’t tell you, bridey? That your budget has to take precedence over stupid etiquette. I mean sure, invite everybody you know, but I hope they like the cash bar, one passed hors d’oeuvre and vegetarian meal. Because that’s what they are going to “enjoy” that evening. Not to mention that their table will stripped of anything resembling a centerpiece and MUZAK will be the entertainment because the DJ wouldn’t drop his prices.

    Okay, perhaps I am being a bit melodramatic, but you get what I am saying, right?

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    The Truth Hurts Tuesday ~ Bridey’s Remorse… What to do When You THINK You Hate Your Venue?

    We’ve all had buyer’s remorse, right? Be it a fantastic dress, pair of shoes or even something a bit bigger, like a car or a condo. I mean, it’s really amazing how awesome that dress can look in the fitting room, and then somewhere between the fitting room and your closet, that sucker takes a turn for the worse, and when you look in your own mirror, your ass looks like a pumpkin. And yes, I’m totally speaking from personal experience! That dress and my ass did not get along! But, what happens when we’re not talking about a dress; something that you can return without consequence (well, besides a huge hit to your ego!)? What happens when we are talking about the venue for your wedding? Scary thought, right? Yeah…

    The reason I’m bringing this up is because I’m starting to see a pattern, brideys… It goes something like this… You secure a venue for your wedding that you are really excited about, begin planning your day, and then you start doubting your excitement as you attend other weddings and events and see all of the cool and different venues that you clearly missed out on. Sound familiar? For some of you, depending on how far away you are from your wedding day, that’s okay. Well, it’s okay if your cool losing your non-refundable deposit (usually ranging from about $2,500 - $5,000), but it starts NOT being okay when you are about a month away from your wedding, designing your floor plan and suddenly you decide that you hate your venue. Yeah, that’s when it starts getting excruciating!

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    Fantasy Friday ~ Majestic, Vintage & Fabulous 

    I'm not gonna lie... This styled shoot is totally an orgy for the eyes... So, in keeping up with the whole "orgy" theme, I'm going to share it with you. Because isn't that what an orgy is all about? Sharing? OMG... SORRY! I think it's time that I move away from the orgy thing... Anyway, this shoot is BEA U TI FUL!! I love everything about it. In fact, I hardly knew where to begin (because there's like, so much beauty), so whatever photograph caught my eye, that's the order in which you are seeing it. 

    I hope you enjoy this one, bridey! Clearly, you know that I did! I mean, considering that I used the word "orgy" four times in one paragraph... Yeah, I'd say this one definitely moved me!

    The lace, the gold and the china, oh my!!Is that the cutest thing you have ever seen? Look at that pink tongue!Um... could you bust? This dress had me at "hello"...SHUT UP!! This cake is fucking incredible!!!Check out the jewels on the dog!Fantastically amazing table... Look at that headpiece!!!I love this one... 

    Industry Peeps:

    Photographer: Robyn Preston Photography
    Etsy Designer: Carolina Moon Designs
    Event Designer: Stargazer Creations
    Dress Designer: Alina Pizzano Couture Bridal
    Veils and Headpieces: all that jazz design
    Makeup Artist: Beautiful Faces by Denise
    Cake Designer: The Blooming Bakery
    Equipment Rentals: The Vintage Table Co.
    Floral Designer: Recycled Love Story
    Reception Venue: The Valencia Country Club