Yelp! I've Been Hit

Warning: This post is for all of the people in "the industry" who get fucked by the public every day and have to smile back at the perp. If you think my blog is generally too racy, then this post is not for you. If you dig our honesty, then read on…

I am fired up. Frankly, I’m fucking pissed off. This topic has been brought to my attention on several occasions, and I feel like every time I turn around another one of my peers has been hit by a bad review. And undeserved bad review. A review from a deranged, crazy bitch that has no business writing about an “irresponsible” or “insensitive” vendor when she herself is a lunatic. You see, just because somebody is insane enough to marry you doesn’t mean that you aren’t a crazy bitch. Crazy people get married too…

This shit is how Bitchless Bride came to be. We are sick of it. We are sick of smiling through your Jekyll and Hyde mood swings, sick of being treated like “the help”, sick of bending over and getting fucked ‘til Tuesday because you had a bad day. And you know what? Fuck you! Pick on someone your own size. We are in an industry where it is not acceptable to DEFEND ourselves when we are treated poorly. No no… we just have to apologize for something that wasn’t our fault and hobble away tails between our legs. You win.

BUT, if you think you are going to get away with killing our livelihood by slamming us on Yelp or, then we need to take this shit outside. Do you even realize that? Do you? That your ONE bad review can literally take money out of our pockets?

I mean, look at celebrity planner, Samantha Goldberg, who since the end of 2011 has been fighting Wedding Wire for what began as a bad review about her company...  She has been and continues to get criticized for defending her right to fight back. It all started when Goldberg received a bad review from a completely psycho bride, and stood up for ALL OF US in the service industry by calling them out on the fact that they basically don’t have a filter; that any crazy bitch bride could write whatever she wanted and it would be published. What? How does that protect the vendors that pay money to be on the site? Oh yeah, it doesn’t.

Beyond her Goldberg’s fight, I don’t think that people understand that the service industry is the only industry where disgruntled assholes can blab about us very publicly on Yelp and other service industry forums, and get away with it. I once had a bride who was concerned about using an awesome, well-known wedding professional because of ONE bad review on Yelp. I told bridey to call this vendor and ask for her side of the story. The bride ultimately hired her and was extremely happy with the service provided (duh), but sadly this vendor basically had to sell herself to get the sale (and she’s well past that in her career). Consider your bad review “reasonable” doubt in the minds of future clients. There is no court hearing our case, there is no jury determining our fate, just bad reviews getting posted without the burden of proof...

As I step off my soapbox, I want you to take a peek at this picture on the BB Pinterest page. My boyfriend, Daniel Tosh, had it on his site and I think it is fucking fabulous! Basically, this picture sums up my entire post.

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