Here Comes the (800 Pound) Bride

Bridey’s… you and I have talked a great deal about losing weight before your wedding, which dress is best for you and your body, and extreme weight loss via the nasogastric tube, but this story is one that will shock the shit out of you… Yesterday on the Dr. Phill show, he interviewed a bride to be, who was trying to GAIN weight. Yes, you read that correctly. And sadly, she's not one of those really skinny, petite people who has trouble gaining weight, and actually needs to put more meat on her bones; she is obese. (check out the link to the show:

After Susanne (the bride in question) was told that she was too heavy to be on a BBW ("Big Beautiful Women") dating website, she felt that the only way to build her self confidence was to gain weight… WHAAAA???? The worst part of her sad tale? Dun dun dah… Her fiancé is helping her. Huh? What the fuck? He’s HELPING her? Yup… he’s a chef and is cooking her the 30,000 calorie a day menu so that she can achieve her goal of reaching 800 pounds. I mean why doesn’t he just give her a handgun to gnaw on instead? They’d save a ton of money on food and it would certainly take a “load” off of our healthcare system…

Apparently the two met through a fetish website, and he just adores her at her size. That’s not my issue… I’m actually cool with that. I mean we all have our stories about how and where we met our sig other, and if big girls are his thing, then so be it. My problem is that he is supporting and assisting a decision that will literally kill her. How can you say you love somebody and then provide the noose that kills them?

Bridey’s… we all need a support system, and I hope that your fiancé encompasses the ability to love everything about you, but at the same time I hope he can tell you when you are being a complete moron. I hope he tells you that you are not just a crazy bride, but you are a crazy person (remember, crazy people get married too!), and should you choose to move forward with your decision, then you will move forward alone.

I need to know what you think bridey’s, ladies, gents and anybody reading this…. Coo coo, yes? Because BB is horrified... 

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