Why the Right Floor Plan Can Rock Your Wedding!

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Brideys, I need you to retain this post, because it has come to my attention on several occasions that you all are super uninformed on one crucial wedding planning piece. When you read our post on OneWed, you will see that we are dedicated to helping you make your wedding better and different from all of the others. But, right now I really want to dive into our first point on the OneWed post.

The floor plan. Seriously, I don’t know who told you that you can ONLY have tables of 8 or 10 guests, but it’s not true. And NO, it won’t look funny on the day of the wedding and NO, your guests won’t be aware of how many people are at each table. Seriously, who’s counting? NOBODY! Because nobody cares! So quit obsessing! Okay? Please, check in what you THINK you know about your floor plan at the door, and read on:

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 1. Seating arrangements and floor plans can drive even the most sane, non-bitch bride to the brink of insanity. So make it easy on yourself! Get creative. Okay? Here are the basics… Think 7-12… Huh? Okay, I’ll say it like you are a 5 year old: Generally, you can seat 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 or even 12 guests per round table. And, if you going REALLY crazy, then the number can be infinite if you decide upon a long, rectangular table. Just make sure you know the measurements of the room vs. the measurements of the table. And finally, square tables usually max out at 8 guests. Now, think of all of those options, and put them together. You can have an AMAZING, textured room simply by adjusting the way you seat your guests, and HOW you seat them.


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 2. A wise soul once told me “you can make anything fit on paper”. So if you are taking my advice and getting crazy with that floor plan of yours, be sure you are doing your homework! Get the measurements of the tent or venue and plan accordingly. Get the boring stuff out of the way first. Like, how much space will the band require? How big is your dance floor going to be? THEN start adding in your tables be it round, square, rectangular or all of the above.

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3. Linen… why just pick one color, texture or design? Choose whatever makes you happy, but just be sure that they are all within the same theme. I’m NOT saying that they have to be matchy matchy, I’m simply saying that they should compliment each other. 

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Got it? It’s really very easy, you just have to have fun playing with it. And don’t be afraid to get advice from those of us in the industry. If you ask us nicely, we are more then happy to help. Now, get to work on your rockin' floor plan! Stay bitchless girls...

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