And They Lived Unhappily Ever After...

I am completely dying right now... I just got off of the phone (literally, like 2 minutes ago) with a Mother of the Groom (MOG), and not only did the conversation begin with her crying, but it ended with her saying, "I just want to do this for them (the rehearsal dinner), and then I want them to get divorced." Right? What the fuck???

After I picked my jaw off my desk, I had to press mute so that she wouldn't hear me laughing. I've known from the get-go that this is not an ideal couple based on what the MOG has told me, and honestly probably the worst part of my job KNOWING that the bride and groom will likely end up in divorce court, but to just come out and say it... kinda made me feel like a proud mama. Has she been reading Bitchless Bride all along? 

I feel badly for her though. Not only is she spending a shitload of money on a rehearsal dinner (probably more than most wedding budgets), but to completely despise the bride and just "get through the wedding weekend" has got to be an awful feeling. I know that oftentimes there are three sides to every story and that the truth is somewhere in the middle, but to make a statement like that leads me to believe that this bridey is a total bitch.

I mean, I've heard the stories about them being in therapy (we'll save that for another post), her total lack of respect for the groom and his family and basic rudeness, but WHOA... Divorce talk from the MOG before walking down the aisle? That's crazy! You know what's crazier? I haven't met the B+G! And now, I can't wait! Does that make me a bad person?

I want to know... What do you think? What's your relationship like with your MOG? Stories please...

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