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    Remember, the Earth Laughs in Flowers...

    Written by the "Fussy Florist"

    I love weddings. I love getting to create something beautiful that will last a lifetime in photographs. You can say it's a form of immortality. Sure, friends and family probably will never hear my name mentioned. Most likely, I will get the ambiguous honor of 'my awesome florist' or 'the lady who did my flowers' if I'm lucky. That's not the point; the point is, I really do love what I do, and I love bringing smiles, squeals and the occasional happy tears to my brides' faces when they see the bouquet of their dreams. *That* is why I keep doing what I do, even though it's putting me into debt. 

    Allow me, if I may, to break down the typical floral budget from the standpoint of your florist. You have $2,500 and 15 tables and 5 bridesmaids, groomsmen, flowers for the parents and also ceremony decor. It's perfectly possible to outfit you, but not with the crazy huge arrangements you found on Pinterest, which were created by Karen Tran and Preston Bailey. Not with all the extra bling and dozens of candles you want hanging from Manzanita branches (did you know Manzanita is actually kinda expensive?). So, we work out a quote for you, and we go with it (aand you understandably don't have $20,000 to spend on your flowers). Hey, I understand, I wouldn't even have $2,500 to spend on anything if I needed to...because I'm your wedding florist.  

    Because you're spending quite a bit of money, you think that I must make a pretty hefty profit. Well, I don't! On a $2,500 wedding, my own personal profit after taxes, supplies, paying staff, gas, advertising, etc. is between $400-500. To top all that off, that isn't just for me. My spouse and I run this business together; it’s our only source of income. Not to mention that a lot of my clients have smaller budgets than that. Occassionally, I get the rare bride who spends more than $5,000 three or four times a year, and I get super excited because I can actually make beautiful arrangements to attract more of those brides. But, it's hard for a family of three to live on what we make.    

    So brides, if you are working with a small business, be kind to us. We work our butts off because we are passionate about our product and want your day to be perfect. Oh, and don't be shy to tip!  


    Five Things You Don't Know About Your Hotel Event Planner

    Written by "Your Friendly Hotel Event Manager"

    (FYI, the pineapple is a sign of hospitality...)

    Honestly I'm so bitter, and so in need of a good vent and because everybody glamorizes my job so much, I feel like Bitchless Bride is my only outlet. Any time I even come close to complaining about my event planning job (at an upscale hotel), my friends with normal jobs give me the eye. I swear they seriously think that all I do is throw lavish parties, eat and drink the food, and schmooze with the clientele. Really? As BB says every Tuesday, the truth hurts. Because, here's the reality. I do throw lavish parties. But, it's not like I am hanging out enjoying the fruits of my planning. And, I would get in deep shit if I ate the food or drank the beverages, and frankly usually the clientele is downright brutal. So for all of you who think my job is just amazing or "so much fun", suck it.

    To all of you brides, here's the truth about what you don't see.

    1. I am drastically underpaid for the amount of hours I spend in this building. BB wasn't kidding when she said that if you divide the number of hours we industry people work by our pathetic salary, then I'm probably not making much more than somebody who works at McDonald's. 

    2. Tying into #1, as if the hours weren't bad enough, I have to show my beautiful face as much as humanly possible around the hotel. For example, I have to be in the lobby of the hotel a few times a month beginning at 7:30 AM for an hour and a half to greet people. Now, that sounds like no big deal, right? Wrong. It's actually a very big deal considering that I pull about 70 hours per week. Half the time I'm here (yes, I'm writing this at my desk) really early anyway, and taking time out of my busy day to stand in the lobby to say "hello" to people who can't be bothered to look up from their phone and acknowledge me is annoying. It just means that I will not get out of the building until 9 PM.

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    Communication Doesn't Have to be a Bitch! 

    Written by "Shop Girl"

    Let me start off by saying that I love my job. It thrills me to be part of such a special time in a woman’s life. Perhaps even a time she has dreamt about since she was a little girl. I know that finding "the" bridal gown is an extraordinary moment for the bride and everyone involved, and I too cry with happiness, when my brides find the perfect wedding dress! 

    Although, last Saturday I got a good cry at work, and unfortunately these were not tears of joy. Because I was so drained and turned off by this horrible bride, I thought I would share my experience as a lesson to all of you brides out there. Here's the rundown... I'll number it to make it easy on you:

    1. (As a friendly reminder) Brides, it’s busy season. That means we (and probably several other vendors in the wedding industry) are booked SOLID with scheduled appointments. In fact, we are booked so solid that should you need to cancel your appointment with us, it is company policy for us to ask you upon cancelling, if you are SURE you need to cancel, because there’s a waiting list of brides that will happily take your slot.

    2. Don't show up to your CANCELLED appointment (15 minutes late at that!). Period.

    3. If you didn't listen to number 2, then keep in mind that it's not fair for you to be pissed off when we are not lining up, jumping up and down, trying to help you when you show up to said cancelled appointment. You should be happy that I tried to accommodate you in the first place, while at the same time I'm struggling to assist the bride-to-be who gladly took your appointment.

    4. Please don't be upset that I couldn't remember you from the bridal show six months ago. Keep in mind, I met over 500 other brides that day too.

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    Stop Penny Pinching Me, Bitch!!

    Written by The Invitation Whore Next Door 

    Unfortunately, I feel as though I need to state that for the record that I put my heart and soul into the invitations (amongst other things) that I create. And because I consider my pricing to be reasonable and fair, I do not offer discounts. A few years ago, I had a client (who I had worked with in the past) come to me for her middle son’s Bar Mitzvah. Immediately, she asked if I could offer a discount, and I apologized, but said, “no”. I told her that with her purchase, a free proof is provided, and with any order over $1000.00, shipping is included. When she picked up her order, she said that I really needed to rethink the foundation of my business because as a repeat client who has spent a decent amount of money with me, I should show my appreciation by throwing something in.

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    Brides, Show a Little Respect... Keep Your Appointments or Cancel Them!

    Written by The Bitter Baker

    I think we need a vendor rant about keeping appointments and the proper etiquette around vendor appointments in general. Unfortunately, I, a wedding cake baker, just got screwed by a bride who had spent several days emailing me about when to come in for an appointment. When we finally narrowed down the date and time, I had to reschedule a cake delivery for 3 hours earlier in order to accommodate (which was fine). Although because of the recent storm, I emailed her to reschedule, and received a response that said, "We are going with someone else recommended by a very close friend." Hmmm… you know what that tells me? She wasn’t going to show up for our appointment. If I hadn’t emailed her to cancel, then she would have blown me off.

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