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    Shouts from Your Local Stationer 

    A love letter from your wedding stationer...

    Dear Bride and Groom,

    Thank you for choosing Secret Squirrel as your stationer.  I truly appreciate your business, but for Christ’s sake, let’s get a few “things” straight.

    First, please know your fucking budget before you contact me! Didn’t think your stationery deserved a place in your financial breakdown?  Listen, my product will make or break your event--seriously.  You know those invitations that set the tone for your whole horse and pony show?  They cost money.  And those place cards and table numbers and reception programs and menu cards you want to all coordinate with your chosen theme? Open that pocketbook a little wider, friends, and hand your dough over.  Quit telling me you didn’t think stationery needed to be budgeted, because I’m not making that shit for free.

    Second, it’s time you two start communicating, or you’ll each be contacting me again for the NEXT marriage in your life--marriage number 2 and 3 and 4 and...  Bride, don’t tell me “Oh, Groom doesn’t care what I choose” when I’ve asked you what HIS thoughts are on the design.  To be honest, he does care, and it’s gonna cost you more money when you finally do communicate effectively and your stationery order needs to be changed.  It’s called a “change fee” and maybe you should go ahead and budget this too.  A friendly tip:  Don’t fucking ask your future husband about stationery colors and designs while the biggest ballgame of the season is on TV.  Learn the art of timing your important conversations NOW.

    Third, my time is YOUR money.  Quit emailing me every 2 hours with your petty questions and concerns, because I’m logging this shit and YOU will pay for each minute I spend answering AND reading an email from you. Emailing me to tell me that you “are thinking the floral print should include one more leaf on the bottom right side of the longest stem” pisses me off.  You already approved the design, and if you change your mind, that’s not MY fucking problem.  You should have thought of this brilliant idea a month ago, when you approved and finalized it.

    And finally, how can you not know your own damn address?  And your product is missing you say?  Proofread your shit before sending my way.

    I look forward to designing for you and truly value your business.

    Secret Squirrel Stationer


    Reader Comments (7)

    Wow I kinda feel like I just got socked in the mouth and I did my own wedding stationary, lol!  I must imagine that dealing with things like this day in and day out, in a volume of different personalities, over time, gets to be too much.  Its a harsh read, but I imagine thats the point.  I will say though, I think couples for sure, under estimate, under value that that is wedding stationary.  Secret Squirrel Stationer (amazing alias btw) has a very strong point in that this is not something done for free, nor does it just... appear.  Time, effort & creativity is put into each and every one, and that my friends is what your paying for.  There is value there...see it.

    With that said, dealing with all kinds is hard, esp those that constantly evolve their thoughts, think something should be different after the fact, yes even after approving a final.  If they are willing to pay mind you, while its a pain in the ass, its a part of the job.  But I dont think those are exactly the scenarios your talking about.

    Couples, I really encourage you, and can not stress to you enough, to proofread everything that you do for all your planning.  Think of each step as something your preparing for your own job.  You wouldnt fire off an email to your boss without proof reading it would you?  Would you prepare an hour long presentation without re-reading it, having a second set of eyes look over it?  Your wedding stationary, your timeline, your decor elements, the convo's with your vendors, everything should always be reviewed to ensure the perfection of it all.  Its a second nature mentality that we all have at our work place, that should be no less applied to weddings.  As one of my mentors says, you have to inspect what you expect.

    May 22, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterJessica


    Ditto! BB feels the same way!

    THANK YOU for helping us educate!


    May 22, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterBitchless Bride

    You are one tough cookie.....tough but brilliant and right on. And while most vendors might rant this in theirs heads, I would hope they would have a smudge more tact. But I guess the whole message is get yer shit together and give vendors credit and respect. AND if you have zero budget just DIY it already! GAH! I will say however as much as a pain the ass as brides can be sometimes helping them figure out what they want and need can go a long way. We want to be on their side....but it all comes at a price. Great rant!

    Thanks Melissa!

    This chick IS one tough cookie! And while BB totally respects her point of view, I get how this may be a tough one to hear, but it NEEDS to be heard! Everything seems to come down to $$, but there is a way to go about getting what you need that goes a long way no matter how much you have to spend (or how much you don't).


    May 22, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterBitchless Bride

    I agree BB, most things do come down to money. And brides do NEED to understand that just cause you are a bride doesnt mean everything is at the whim. But when you as a vendor also combine boundaries (this is how I work, period) honesty (this is what it will cost you, period) and sometimes a little understanding (lets work together on this), and I don't mean compromising money, job or self respect, sometimes amazing things can happen between brides and vendors. But as I said brides HAVE to remember that it is still a business. Love that you always tell it like it is!


    Couldn't have said it better myself!

    Mutual respect is all BB is looking for... I too am a vendor, and compromise daily, but the meeting half way thing is usually the issue...

    Thanks for your comment!!


    May 22, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterBitchless Bride

    As another stationer working with brides- I agree with everything you are saying as well as be realistic about your budget- Don't spend 3 hours with me, come back next week for another 3- pick out magnificent, double thick letterpress invitations- and then say you can't afford them, can I make them in your price range- nope, not possible- can't do it- sorry and now I have wasted 6 hours - if your budget is only $800 then look at invitations that will be $800- not $2,000.

    June 13, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterKaye

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