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    Invitations - Why Being Organized Gets the Guest to Your Wedding

    I was working with another vendor in the industry, and you’d think that this would have been simple because as a professional wedding planner, she SHOULD know the dos and don’ts. But, unfortunately she proved to be completely unhelpful and frankly, quite useless. Thankfully, the invitations were just beautiful! The useless wedding planner and her client were absolutely thrilled! In fact, they told me that they couldn't be happier, and professed their undying love to me!!

    Fast forward. When it was time to address the envelopes (the most painstaking part of the invitation process), I sent the bride (and cc’ed the wedding planner) a spreadsheet to use for the guest list. I called multiple times to explain how to fill it out properly although I never received a returned phone call. When I finally get the lists (yes I said LISTS), one from the groom and a three mailed to me from the bride, I created a proof and she approved it before it went to print.

    As a courtesy to a fellow vendor, I offered to stuff the envelopes, and bring them to the post office. I even laid out the money for all of the stamps. Just so you can really picture my pain and anguish, this took about 4 hours of my time, which was my mistake. But anyway, several of the invitations came back returned stating that they were undeliverable, and her some of her guests did not receive them. The bride claimed that I must have done something wrong, and she wanted her money back. Really? Keep in mind, I received FOUR guests’ lists, and I find it quite interesting that every one of the groom’s guests received their invitation without issue. (She must have caught that virus BB was talking about, Bridaldemia!)

    Seriously, what did she think I did? Went through them, pulled her list apart and threw them away? This bride was unorganized, and in a rush. I wouldn’t be surprised if this bitch didn’t even look at the proof. And what about this wedding planner? Personally, I feel as though it was her responsibility to explain the process to her bride, review her guest list and red pen her mistakes. Regardless, I learned my lesson and let’s just say that I no longer mail invitations for my clients. They need to pick them up, stamp them and mail them out all by themselves.



    The Invitation Whore Next Door

    Reader Comments (2)

    Always stand up for yourself and if you receive something you can't use- demand it be provided in the proper format - don't let the unorganized walk all over you!

    And always, ALWAYS charge for extra work you do!

    June 21, 2012 | Unregistered Commenterbitchystationer

    Right on Bitchy Stationer!

    I couldn't agree more! Got to stand up for yourself in this industry! Thank you for your comment!


    June 21, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterBitchless Bride

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