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    Returns... Please Don't Fuck with Our Tuxedos

    Tuxedo rentals are not costumes and they are RENTALS. These very nice and expensive garments are not your property. They are the property of the company and store you are renting from. With that being said...

    YES, you must return the tuxedo when it is due back & yes, if your late you will be charged a late fee. Making up excuses will not get a shop owner to feel sorry for you or waive the fee. Getting upset about the fee or complaining will have even less effect. 

    BATHE, well...your going to a wedding! Don't you think you should shower before putting your tuxedo on??? These tuxedos come back so dirty that the white shirts are almost indistinguishable from the black coats. The white coats come back and I have to ask sometimes "You rented the white tuxedos correct?" Rolling around in the dirt is a poor substitute for dancing at the reception.

    Control Your Children, come on...a wedding is a place to cut loose but try and maintain some dignity. What will people say about a parent who let his/her children trash the whole reception. Hell, its not a place for a food fight. Children are not dogs, so why do you let them slide around on their knees ripping holes in the pants or worse. Lastly, pay some attention to your son, he may need to pee. In a toilet, not in my tuxedo pants!

    Outside weddings, please get a clue about the weather...at what point do I say to myself lets go for cover? When the water is at knee level? Returning tuxedos with water lines near the knee only shows the depths of peoples lack of reason. Running into the ocean wearing a rental, OMG!!! Now ask me how much you'll be paying for that tuxedo.

    Dare Devil, yes you...the guy who is playing with the candle on the table. Back off! Wool and flame don't mix. Nor does pool water and wool...shall I go on? Yes, how about being dragged by a large truck with you wearing my stores tuxedo. I don't want that back with rips and blood stains and for gods sake don't try and get out of paying for the replacement because your medical bills are to high. Should have thought about that before you were dragged.

    Return complainers, "Maybe if I complain when I return they will give me a little refund" Um...wrong! Fail!!! The time to complain is not after you have used the product. If there is something you don't like about the tuxedo make sure you let someone know when you come in for your final fitting.

    Tuxedo Mask
    Defender of Formal Fashion

    Reader Comments (5)

    Tuxedo Mask,

    Don't you have the guys renting the tuxedos sign off on something that protects you from the aboved mentioned dilemmas? Please don't misunderstand, I don't agree with anybody who has zero regard for your property, but you do have some sort of protection, correct?


    June 6, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterMickey

    Yes, we sure do...and we have had to start taking CC on all orders.
    When items come back unusable we now charge.

    Shirts seem to be a disposable items to these folks. Weekly I have to charge someone for a shirt.

    Shoes are another item. Folks leave the tuxedo in a hot car for a day or two, in tropical environments this melts the glue. Also beach weddings destroy shoes with the sand. The shoes comeback looking like someone took millions of tiny razor blades to it.

    In short, we get our money...but not before we get looks from the customers like we are evil. Have had a few push over my displays on the way out of the store and they were the ones who burned the shirt and coat with a candle.

    June 6, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterTuxedo Mask

    Just a reminder to the "Tuxedo Boys"......please don't forget to take your marijuana joints out of the pockets when returning the items to us..we do not wanted to get busted for your bad habits! Also make sure you wear underwear...shit on the pants is not permitted! Thank you! Tuxedo Shop Owner

    June 27, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterTuxedo Shop Owner

    This is perfectly said.

    June 28, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterJen

    I have read this one several times and have had friends read it too. While I am in complete sympathy with you Tuxedo Mask, I will say that humans can be and are stupid when it comes to dressing for weddings and even worse when it comes to obtaining what they wear.
    You have taken the right approach to making sure folks are locked in to what they rent: having them sign a contract and sticking to 0 return on deposit etc.
    The few weddings I have been to since I was 20, I've never seen anybody go crazy, but I say if they ruin the shirts, make the renters buy you new ones; I say if you're gonna have a ring bearer in the wedding and he can't control himself (same with junior ushers) I'd suggest to the bride that they put the kids in diapers if under 10 years of age-yes diapers. Maybe the kid will be so embarrassed he'll learn to go in time or he'll endure through the event and realize he's got some growing up to do. Maybe his parents will also realize they need to take action and will be more in charge.
    As to doing gymnastics and doing flame stunt, if they ruin the tuxedos, basically make the offender buy the whole suit because you cannot ever rent the suit again. If it's water logged, it'll take longer to dry out and make it totally unusable. Frankly, if a grown man cannot behave with dignity at a wedding and has to do a splat into an ocean, or worse, if the party gets caught in a storm without protection of umbrellas etc. then they shouldn't be doing a wedding outside anyway. As to the shoes, yes, you know they'll get wet, but if the shoes are totally ruined an unusable because some nut forgot about shot car and what can happen to glue in heat, make them pay the ultimate price-replace them.
    And yes, if the groomsmen are stupid enough to leave illegal material in their breast pockets of the jackets, then they should be turned in, because you as a store owner cannot take the rap for their little imbibing of the weed.
    Lastly, if the groom and the bride have to act like it's a dragging contest, maybe someone needs to suggest that tuxedos are not the proper dress for this part of the reception. After all, as you said, you cannot rent the tuxedo again. EVER.
    As a gent who owns his own tuxedos (yes it's plural as I attend a lot of functions and need them) I find that what you have put up with, makes me just a bit shy of very angry. It seems to me that two adults who are mature enough to take the step of getting married and spending a lifetime together, would know that the rowdiness ends when the commitment is made. Their friends and families should not be encouraging this type of behavior at a monuments event such as a wedding. It's costing them a fortune as it is and to have to pay for the replacement of anywhere between one and twelve tuxedos and parts thereof, would really cause the expenses to rise. To top that off, switching your father's tux as well as your father-in-law's tux to something else or to completely say they have to pay to wear them would really be a low point in relations not to mention what it would do to you as the owner of the shop. In short, if someone needs to give a couple a hard lesson or two in etiquette, as well as their parents, it sure isn't you, but you do need to be sure that your tuxedos don't get hurt or even worse-ripped off-because a couple cannot get their way. My thought is before on garment is looked at, before one contract is signed, someone needs to tell all parts of the wedding party just what they'll be in for should any harm come to what they want to wear. After all, more brides buy their gowns and I shudder to think what they would do if their very expensive purchase was treated like many of your tuxedos. Oh yeah, they would go screaming and swearing about how bad it looks. Your tuxedos deserve the same respect and you as shop owner for sure deserve great deal of respecting all you're doing to have them look their best. I have just had these thoughts for a while now, and as I say, I'm a tuxedo owner who would never allow his personal clothing to be mistreated in any way by anybody. You, as the shop owner deserve no less than the same for tuxedos and accessories that cost you far more in addition to time and labor as well as employees involved (and yes, I'm sure they complain about this too).

    July 24, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterWilliam Wright

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