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    The Bride Behind the Tux...

    OMG, if I have to hear another bride or groom tell me “Well, we used the national chain store because we have guys in other states.” I’m going to throw someone (probably them) threw a wall. 

    So what you’re telling me is that because you have a groom’s man in another state...you have no option but to use one maybe at best 2 companies? Then let me to assume you tried on one dress, called one venue, one caterer, one photographer. If you limited yourself to only one option in those other categories, fine I will shut up! However I know better, I have friends in those industries. I know you shop around. So shop around for the tuxedos too… My god, why is it that the tuxedos are the last and must unimportant thing in the wedding. If you feel that way than let the groom wear a garbage bag…hell some folks return my tuxedos back to me in them. 

    Get a clue brides, first off if the groom is not willing or you have to fight him to wear a tuxedo for the wedding than you need to think if he is the right guy to marry. If he can’t do that for you, what else will he not do! Don’t limit your options, because we all know you did not when it came to choosing the dress. For god’s sake go to more than one place to look at styles of tuxedos, there are so many options. 

    It’s sad that I have to spend countless advertising dollars, wasted on trying to let brides know that small mom and pop or local stores can service tuxedo rentals for guys that are out of state. It would be so much nicer to advertise our new styles and specials we have, but nope I spent close to 5k this year just to educate brides about our ability to service their wedding for out of town men just like the big chains and yet you still have not learned.
    I called 30 wedding booked over the next 2 months, just to find out that 2 canceled because “THEY HAVE MEN IN OTHER STATES” So F*ing what! To make matters worse they did not even provide a courtesy call to tell me they canceled, nor did they bother to call and ask if we could service the orders before canceling. RUDE!

    Brides you want to complain about tuxedo prices? Don’t bother…keep shopping at the national chain store and see how high they will go. The more of you that shop there the more the price goes up each year. I’m no dummy if they raise the average price $10, I will raise mine $5…still cheaper. Want to complain about selection…can’t go there either. The national chains, know they will get the large pie so they don’t have to offer as many options as the smaller stores do. Service complaints…HA HA, you chose to use a store staffed with pimple faced, horny and lazy teenagers, that could not care less about your wedding. How hard is it to text while measuring someone? Don’t know, because my staff is not allowed to have phones in the front of the store. However I’ve seen it done at the national chain store. Quite comical and next time I’m going to video it.

    When a customer comes into my store, I light up because I love my job. That’s why I own the place; you want to love the tuxedo your groom is wearing? Then take some time to look around and not settle on the first thing you see. Because when it looks bad or goes wrong, we don’t want to hear you bitch.

    Have tuxedo, will travel;

    Tuxedo Mask
    Defender of Formal Fashion

    Reader Comments (1)

    Ditto that! My family has owned a tux shop for years - I'm talking 60 of them. I feel your pain. I always tell myself, you don't want the bride that chooses mass retail over service, its like comparing the mass bridal store to an actual bridal shop. The fault is with the bridal industry websites who advertise them everywhere like they only have one choice. Brides don't get it because they almost don't know any better....and it is so costly to educate them when they choose not to be...

    October 2, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterTuxedo Maven

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