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    Remember, the Earth Laughs in Flowers...

    Written by the "Fussy Florist"

    I love weddings. I love getting to create something beautiful that will last a lifetime in photographs. You can say it's a form of immortality. Sure, friends and family probably will never hear my name mentioned. Most likely, I will get the ambiguous honor of 'my awesome florist' or 'the lady who did my flowers' if I'm lucky. That's not the point; the point is, I really do love what I do, and I love bringing smiles, squeals and the occasional happy tears to my brides' faces when they see the bouquet of their dreams. *That* is why I keep doing what I do, even though it's putting me into debt. 

    Allow me, if I may, to break down the typical floral budget from the standpoint of your florist. You have $2,500 and 15 tables and 5 bridesmaids, groomsmen, flowers for the parents and also ceremony decor. It's perfectly possible to outfit you, but not with the crazy huge arrangements you found on Pinterest, which were created by Karen Tran and Preston Bailey. Not with all the extra bling and dozens of candles you want hanging from Manzanita branches (did you know Manzanita is actually kinda expensive?). So, we work out a quote for you, and we go with it (aand you understandably don't have $20,000 to spend on your flowers). Hey, I understand, I wouldn't even have $2,500 to spend on anything if I needed to...because I'm your wedding florist.  

    Because you're spending quite a bit of money, you think that I must make a pretty hefty profit. Well, I don't! On a $2,500 wedding, my own personal profit after taxes, supplies, paying staff, gas, advertising, etc. is between $400-500. To top all that off, that isn't just for me. My spouse and I run this business together; it’s our only source of income. Not to mention that a lot of my clients have smaller budgets than that. Occassionally, I get the rare bride who spends more than $5,000 three or four times a year, and I get super excited because I can actually make beautiful arrangements to attract more of those brides. But, it's hard for a family of three to live on what we make.    

    So brides, if you are working with a small business, be kind to us. We work our butts off because we are passionate about our product and want your day to be perfect. Oh, and don't be shy to tip!  


    Bridey, You're Nothing But a Waste of Time

    Written by Castoff Cakes...

    Once upon a time, a groom contacted me about two months before his wedding date. When I took the call, I was heading out the door for a week long electronics-free vacation, so I said congratulations, took down his info, and promised to call him back as soon as I returned.

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    Delusional, Crazy and Entitled, Oh My!

    Written by the Pissed Off Planner...

    Seriously!?! I want to stick a firework up this bride's backside, and watch the explosions like a belated 4th of July weekend!! She is somewhat similar to BB's bride who would CC her on every email, but sadly her CC habit is not her only issue! But, that is where I'll start...

    This bride CC's me on every fucking email she sends! This morning, she emails me at the ass crack of dawn and then again before 9am to check if I got the first email she sent at 7.45am. And a third email asking for her timeline.... Her wedding is not until the end of November!! Bitch, I have EIGHT weddings to get through before I even look at your timeline!! Pull your head out of your ass, please!! You are not my only bride.

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    And I STILL Don't Like it When...

    ...you expect me to lower my price. I understand "the economy" stinks right now and everyone is "on a tight budget." Who isn't these days? But when you spend 80% of your budget on a venue and catering and then come to me say MY prices/packages are too expensive

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    Shouts from Your Local Stationer 

    A love letter from your wedding stationer...

    Dear Bride and Groom,

    Thank you for choosing Secret Squirrel as your stationer.  I truly appreciate your business, but for Christ’s sake, let’s get a few “things” straight.

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