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    The Bride Behind the Tux...

    OMG, if I have to hear another bride or groom tell me “Well, we used the national chain store because we have guys in other states.” I’m going to throw someone (probably them) threw a wall. 

    So what you’re telling me is that because you have a groom’s man in another state...you have no option but to use one maybe at best 2 companies? Then let me to assume you tried on one dress, called one venue, one caterer, one photographer. If you limited yourself to only one option in those other categories, fine I will shut up! However I know better, I have friends in those industries. I know you shop around. So shop around for the tuxedos too…

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    Returns... Please Don't Fuck with Our Tuxedos

    Tuxedo rentals are not costumes and they are RENTALS. These very nice and expensive garments are not your property. They are the property of the company and store you are renting from. With that being said...

    YES, you must return the tuxedo when it is due back & yes, if your late you will be charged a late fee. Making up excuses will not get a shop owner to feel sorry for you or waive the fee. Getting upset about the fee or complaining will have even less effect. 

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