Bitchless Bride encourages and educates brides (and grooms) to plan their weddings thoughtfully, respectfully and awesomely.


As a newly engaged bride, the wedding industry can easily chew you up and spit you out. But, don’t worry, Bitchless Bride will come to your rescue. 

Essentially, Bitchless Bride is your wedding superhero, your go-to sounding board, your inspiration board and your therapist. We are devoted to making your wedding planning process as un”event”ful and enjoyable as possible by arming you with an education so fierce and fabulous that your inner bitch shrinks into the shadows.

Bitchless Bride fervently believes in perspective. A wedding is not just about one very big, very meaningful (and very expensive day); it’s about what it represents, and all of the days for as long as you both shall live. 

Created in 2011, Bitchless Bride is regarded as one of the coolest, most unconventional and honest wedding blogs in the universe.

The founder, Deborah DeFrancesco, is a straightforward, foul-mouthed wedding planner and bridal coach. What started as an personal outlet, morphed into what Bitchless Bride has become today…. A blog about how to plan a wedding without being a bitch, an inspirational platform featuring amazing weddings from all over the world, and a safe place to discuss wedding planning.