Common Courtesy

I hate stories like this. I swear I am going to start a “respect the guest” league that acts as an intervention for bride that just had to get married in the middle of fucking nowhere USA because she thought it would be a good backdrop for her pictures. I just got off the phone with a close friend of mine who told me a painful story about a bride who completely took advantage of her guests. Along the same lines of one of my previous entries, “But It’s My Day”, the bride did not take into consideration among the most important part of her day, her guest.

The story went something like this. Me, me, me, me, me, oh and fuck you. Fuck you because you, the guest, are going to have to not only travel to far and wide to get to my wedding in a remote location somewhere out West, but I’m going to make you stay for two nights. You see in order for the bride to have her wedding at this particular venue, guests were required to stay for two nights. Well, my friend is what you call important. She has big, time-consuming job, a husband who works full time, and recently moved into a new house. If it was up to her, she would have made her way to the venue on the day of the wedding, stayed for one night and driven home the next morning. So, why’d she go? Because it was her husband’s cousin, that’s why. No way out of that one. Stupid family.

The worst part (outside of being forced against her will to stay in a overnight camp-type cabin (did I mention that this was a more rustic spot?)) was that she and her husband were not invited to the rehearsal dinner. I mean not that they really wanted to be invited to this hillbilly event where you had to bob for apples to get a drink (kidding), but if you are going to make your all of your guests arrive in Timbuktu the day before the wedding, then it is your responsibility to make sure they are well cared for when they get there. It’s common courtesy. Put out a spread, sponsor a round or two of cocktails at the bar, but do something… So now, they are paying for two nights at the dingy Brown Barn Inn, dinner for themselves the eve before the wedding, a gift, gas money and drumroll please… their own drinks at the wedding. Really? They traveled all that way to pay for their own drinks? The happy couple should have skipped the chicken a la whatever and opened the damn bar! Because forget the rest of the story, a cash bar for several hours of traveling might be grounds for ending the friendship.

Whatever happened to, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”? Hey brides! Would you want to schlep all the way to the boonies for a two-night stay in a crap hotel and a cash bar? I didn’t think so. Note to self; remember this story when you begin making your wedding plans. As much as you might love your great grandparent’s ranch in the middle of nowhere USA, nobody else will love it the way you do. Listen, I am all for your wedding day being about you and your sig other, but please respect your guests! Start looking for a new venue or start looking for some new friends.