I'm Still in Recovery

Today I feel sick. Today I feel sad. And I know what this is all about... I have the after-wedding hangover. Irregardless of how much I fucking hated this bride, I worked my ass off for over a year making all of the details fit perfectly into this colossal event. I mean, I worked with her for sixteen months. SIXTEEN MONTHS! And even though she was a total bitch and pretty much every moment I spent with her was excruciating, the wedding still went incredibly well. If it were any other bride, then all of the vendors would have been completely overjoyed with the outcome. But instead, we were all just happy to see it end. We all just wanted to get through it... And we did... together.

But, it's really too bad because it was a such beautiful event, and sadly I don't believe that the bride will ever really see the true beauty captured in the day. Seriously, this bitch wore a puss on her face for the entire evening. And you know what? The amazing photographer? Yeah, she won't be able to repair ALL of the pictures! You can't airbrush in happiness... (I wrote a post all about this on OneWed.) I HOPE she looks back on her wedding day and regrets how difficult it was for her to smile after everything we put into making it come alive. 

You know, I think it really hit me just how sad this beautiful wedding was as I was browsing Rock N' Roll Bride. Seriously, Kat posts and writes about the weddings I WISH I could plan. The ones where you look at the couple and know that they just "get" each other, and no matter where they are, what fucking dress they're wearing or how much they spend, it's about the two of them dedicating their lives to each other. This one really got me... check out the picture of the bride looking at her man during the ceremony... You see? It's not about the fucking taffeta or orchids or damn charger plates... It's about the vows. It's about him. It's about you. It's about not allowing the wedding industry to swallow you whole until you forget why you are standing at the alter in the first place.

Honestly, I can assure you that there's wasn't a person at the wedding who didn't feel kinda bad for the groom. Because he was one of the good ones. Smart, funny and attractive. I could seriously think of like five girls I'd set him up with if it weren't for what's her name. But instead, he married a completely soulless woman who treats him and the rest of the world like garbage.

Well, good for him. Good thing they got married. Thank God we got those fucking chairs. And how lucky for BB that I got to plan such an event.