Because Bustling Doesn't Have to be a Bitch


{Photograph courtesy Person + Killian}

So, I like to think that I am really awesomely good at my job. I am super, annoyingly detailed, I provide excellent customer service, I write kick ass timelines, create and bring to life even the most complicated of floor plans, but there is one part of my job that rocks me every time! The damn wedding dress bustle. Because each one is completely different, and frankly some are designed better than others. I know it's a silly thing to get frustrated with, but it can take a lot of time for whomever is assisting with the process (and quite often, that's part of my job), and sometimes it can create tension where there was none.

So bridey, here are a few tips about the bustle and how to prevent it from being the bitch of the reception:

1. Bring whomever will be bustling you to your final fitting (probably your maid of honor). Make sure they understand where to tie all of the little strings, attach all of the little buttons or snaps and that they pay attention. Maybe even practice doing it before the dress gets pressed.

2. Leave your husband out of it. He may graciously offer a hand, but depending on the dress, bustling can be frustrating, and there is no need to get aggravated at your husband who has no idea what the hell he's doing and is just trying to help. 

3. Recognize that it may take a bit of time, so relax. I know you want to get to your cocktail hour to see your guests, but getting frustrated won't help it go any faster. Actually, it will slow it down. So chill out.

4. Let it go. If your MOH (maid of honor) has had a few cocktails or is just baffled by the buttons (it seemed so easy in the store!), but has managed to figure a few of the pieces out so that it looks good, but it's not exact, just go with it. 

5. Just have fun! Don't let this part of the day dictate your attitude. Sure it's annoying if it's not right or it taking too long, but have a glass of champagne and go with the flow!

Brideys, I hope this helps. I really do. Because even though bustling can certainly be a bitch, you don' have to be... Right? 

***What's YOUR bustle like? Is it complicated?***

***Industry professionals... Any advice?***