How Barbie's Evolution Relates to Your Wedding

Barbie, she's the ultimate bitch. Right? Seriously, she's got long, long legs, a rack that won't quit and her hair is always perfect. Actually, everything about her is always perfect. I bet she's even really nice too. The problem? Yeah... she's not real, and if she were human they say that because her boobs are so big, this bitch would be walking on all fours just to support her upper body. So why, ladies, do we continue to compare ourselves to a doll; something that is so completely fake and almost untouchable (without loads of "plastic" surgery)? Kinda reminds me how of often you, bridey, compare yourself and your wedding to those insanely gorgeous yet entirely exaggerated "real" weddings seen on TV.

Yes, those weddings are real. Those couples get married, but what we, the viewer, don't have the opportunity to see (because they don't want us to) are all of the people working hard to produce this wedding. Yes, produce. These weddings are a production, and one person cannot come in, wave their magic wand and make this happen alone. The way that these shows are edited certainly makes it appears that way, but we don't see the crazy shit... we only see the flowers, the silky linen and the glitter. Because that's what they want us to see. And frankly, I'm sick of it. So allow me to assist you with your blindfold. Open your eyes. See that? Yeah, there's a ton of work that goes into these "real" weddings. And you know what else? A ton of money... 

But, here's the thing. Barbie has evolved. Her boobs are definitely not as big as they were a few decades ago, she can bend her knees (somewhat normally), and instead of wearing an apron, she is wearing a lab coat. And if Barbie can evolve, so can you. So stop comparing your wedding (and your budget) to what you see on TV. It's not real. It's only setting you up to be disappointed with YOUR wedding reality. Manage your expectations. Take some ideas from what you see on these shows, but understand that it will come with a price, and one you may or may not be able to afford.

Barbie HAD to evolve. She had to... Because ultimately this DOLL was ruining the self image for little girls all over the world. They began setting unachievable and unrealistic expectations for themeslves based on what they saw behind the apron. So now it's your turn. It's your turn to evolve, bridey. Move past the bullshit and control your expectations. Take what you see at face value and recognize that it's not real. Recognize, that behind the apron is a production, not a reality.