Is There Really Always Something to be Thankful for?

You know how on Sunday I wrote a post about how "There is Always Something to be Thankful for"... Well, I spoke too soon. If you saw my posts on FaceBook and on Twitter yesterday, then you know that I literally had a rude awakening on such a lovely Monday morning. I walked out to my car, coffee in hand, ready to start a busy day before hopping a plane to see my folks, and my car had been stolen. Right? So after the shock wore off, my mind started racing... "Did I drop my keys near the car? Was I targeted? Did I park it somewhere else and forget?" But, then I realized... there was no mistake. My car was gone. 

So, I called the po po's, and sucked down my coffee because it was going to be a long fucking day. And by the way, I am not a material kind of girl. I could honestly give a shit about the car. I cared more about the inconvenience and the time it was going to take to get this sorted. Not to mention, that I missed my flight and had to pay a ridiculously huge fee to get on one later in the day, and then am about to get hit with the deductible from my insurance company. Certainly not the way I wanted to start the holiday season. Broke and with no car.

But... It turns out that I'm still am thankful and grateful for a few things regardless of how inconvenient the whole car getting stolen thing was, because in this situation if you don't see the silver lining, then you just make it worse. Remember this bridey... There are always worse situations! You have to let a few things go... Here's what made me feel better.

1. Just being able to get onto another flight this week is huge. So I am thankful that this ordeal didn't completely fuck up Thanksgiving with my family.

2. Got bumped up to first class. I have no idea why, and I don't care.

3. Drank some fabulous wine with my parents... Which led to talking trash with my dad (go look at the gag real from when he made a video debut on BB... It might help you understand where I get my lovely language from!), and getting a bit drunk.

4. It could have been worse. I could have been in the car! 

5. I laughed. Seriously. What else could I do? Because no matter what, we still made it to my parent's house, we were able to drink good wine and ultimately laugh our heads off that my car stolen. Don't know if it was the booze, but suddenly it all seemed pretty funny! 

Bridey, let my story be a lesson to you. I keep saying it... Shit will go wrong at your wedding and during your wedding planning process. And you can either let it get to you or figure out a way around it, and then laugh about it later. Seriously, if I can laugh today, completely sober, then you can too!