Happy Anniversary to My Sneaky Love... Why I Still Love You.

Today is my (our) anniversary. And the sad part? Neither of us remembered. Right? Pathetic! But, in our minds, it will always be the Friday after Thanksgiving... in Vegas... Who needs the actual date when you have Vegas? We eloped. Just him and me. And if you want to know more, then read BB's 5 Reasons Why I Eloped over on the Huffington Post, but now it's time to explain how we pulled it off, and the secret to why we still love each other so fucking much. So get out your notebook brideys, because I am about to spill the beans on two very important, life changing topics; sneakiness and love. Yeah, usually they don't mix, but in this case it was meant to be. 

THE SNEAK: Allow me to bring you back to high school for just a moment. We lied. Simple as that. Remember those days? You know, when you'd say that you were sleeping at Jennifer's house, and Jennifer would tell her mom that she was sleeping at your house? And then you'd stay out all night? (What can I say? I loved to dance!) Well, in a similar fashion, he told his mom that we were going to my parent's house for Thanksgiving, and I said that we were going to his mom's house for Thanksgiving, and nobody questioned it, so we didn't explain. We just hopped on a flight to Las Vegas. And it was awesome. It was all about us. Sneaky, ballsy and some might say selfish, but still awesome.

THE LOVE: You know how we started today? We fought. Lovely, right? I accused him of behaving like a five-year-old, he accused me of behaving like a six-year-old, and after a few slammed doors, it was over. We tend fight passionately for about five minutes... And on those rare occasions, if it's not something that can be cleared up quickly, then we will go our separate ways for a bit, and sometimes, even go to bed mad. That's the secret. Fuck the whole "never go to bed angry" thing. Because I find that things always look better in the morning. You're rested, oftentimes less angry and perhaps you can even see the other side. And frankly, my secret to a kick-ass marriage? Seeing the other side, even if it sucks.

That's the thing brideys, after the wedding (or in my case, after Vegas) you have each other. Through thick and thin, and sometimes the craziness, you have each other. And there are days when it's really hard to remember why you married this person in the first place when they are capable of making you so angry you feel the smoke coming out of your ears. But, there is always a little piece of you that is appreciative that your partner doesn't let you get away with your shit. You feel challenged, but in a good way... 

And as a strong, somewhat argumentative female, I need somebody who calls me out when I am completely out of line, but can also hold my hand when I need support. And I fucking love that man for knowing when it's time to fight me or to hold me. And sometimes, I don't feel like I deserve him. So, I do my best to show him how much I love him every single day. Because that's what marriage is about. Loving somebody so hard it scares you, and not being afraid to show him all of your tricks. 

Because seriously... I am so lucky we both ended up at that shitty bar on some random Tuesday night. C'mon! Are you surprised that I met my hus in a bar? But no matter what? I am thankful we did.

Bridey, where did you meet your sig other?? What do you do to show him that you love him?