Here We Go Again... Vendors Afraid of Being Hit on Weddingwire and Yelp!


Hey BB,

I have to share a story with you. I had the unfortunate experience of working with a bride who complained about everything (I know this is a huge shocker for you). Seriously, nobody could make this bride happy. Of course, her poor fiancé was a doll, and we all just wanted to say, “Why are you with her?! Run while can, please!." Yes, she was on a tight budget, I get that but…

The bride wanted beautiful letterpress invitations, so I did everything in my power to get them as close as possible to her budget without giving them away. Oh! Please allow me to mention that she came into my shop four separate times to review her invites, and stayed for at least three hours each time she visited!

Anyway, her invitations came out beautifully; I thought they were stunning. Letterpress is really a work of art, although the colors can vary slightly from each order. That said, the bride felt as though the taupe she was expecting to see was a little on the pink side. I explained (gently, of course) that her guests would never know the difference, and that they were absolutely beautiful. But, she was not happy, at all. Therefore, to avoid confrontation, I gave her a full refund simply because I was afraid of the review she might write online. I didn’t want anything out there about me that could be construed as negative (I know too many people that have suffered unnecessarily from terrible reviews they didn’t deserve).

What sucks though, is that I spoke with the photographer, DJ and caterer, and each vendor had similar experiences with her. Everything they did was wrong, cost way too much money, and not what she “envisioned”. Really? Not one vendor lived up to her expectations? Seems a bit fishy to me.

Okay, so fast-forward to over a year later… I find out through the grapevine that this awful bride decided to write a few reviews on and Yelp bashing the DJ (she even sunk so low as to bash a DJ she interviewed and didn’t hire!), photographer and caterer. Talk about needing a life and some perspective! Too bad she wasn’t reading BB during her wedding planning!

Thankfully, I haven’t gotten my review yet, and I am hoping that I am safe since I gave her an entire refund, but I am definitely waiting for that email from telling me I have a new review. And if it's from her, it won't be pleasant.

I just have to say that sometimes I hate that we are part of an industry where brides not only think that it is acceptable and common practice to ask for a discount (immediately), but also feel as though it is their duty to ruin reputations with false and jaded reviews.