In Sickness and in Health... Before the Wedding

{Photograph via Jennifer Brotchie Photography}

So, remember that freebie I mentioned a while back in my "Listen Up" post? You know, the wedding I am planning for free because the bride and groom are my friends? Well, it is coming up this weekend and I could not be more thrilled for several reasons, but most of all because the groom is healthy. The groom is alive, and not in pain. And for that, all of our hard work feels absolutely incredible. This truly is a celebration not only for the union of two people who love each other, but for two people who have already been through sickness and health together. Not to mention a groom that survived a major surgical operation with flying colors, and loves to show off the scars. 

Brideys, I'm sure you are totally sick my overuse of the word "perspective", but I cannot help myself! Perspective, perspective, perspective! We all know that perspective can be a total bitch at times, but it can also be an eye opener and a reality check too. Seriously, this bride has been through more with her fiancé than most of us will be go through with our husbands. The crazy part of this story? She has been totally calm during the wedding planning, irregardless of some of the stupid and annoying obstacles we have found ourselves up against (we'll save that for another post). And frankly, if she went a bit cray cray because of the bullshit we've encountered, I would forgive her. Not just because she is my friend, but because this wedding is a symbol of their strength, love and the desire to overcome something that goes well beyond just planning a wedding. It's about being healthy and happy.

Too many of us take our significant other for granted when we should accept their idiosyncrasies and love them for who they are. Do you really think that when faced with a life or death situation you'll be wishing that you had picked different flowers for your bouquet? Or that you really should have gone with the beef instead of the chicken? I doubt it. 

Brideys, I am not trying to minimize how important your wedding day is or that the planning isn't a big deal, because it is. It is a shit ton of money, time and effort, but it's also important to remember that after the wedding comes the marriage. So the next time you need to take a few deep breaths and deal with some of the nuances of wedding planning, remember how lucky you are to be able to plan without worrying that your soon to be spouse will make it to the alter.

Were you or your significant other up against life or death during your wedding planning?