Because There's Nothing Better Than a Stocking...

I know you girls are probably thinking that there definitely IS something better than a stocking, but I'll tell you why there's not... Wanna a secret? A ton of my brides get engaged on Christmas, and you know where the ring is usually hiding? Yeah, in the stocking. So don't knock it wanna-be-bridey.

But, please... Don't be upset if your dream engagement doesn't happen on Christmas Eve or Day. The way I see it, one of two things are happening here:

1. You man is way too clever. There is no way that dude is going to propose on Christmas like all of the other fools. However, most likely he wants you to think he is going to propose, and he'll wait for New Year's Eve or he's going to completely trick you, and propose when you least expect it... Like after you get out of the shower or at dinner with your parents.

2. He's not asking, and your wasting your time. Sorry lady, but if I just hit a nerve, then you know who you are. And deep down you know it's never going to happen, So it's time to determine what you want from this relationship and move forward. Don't waste another year hoping when you could actually be living.

There, now that I've either spoiled your surprise or spoiled your Christmas, you will be thanking me for my honesty. But no matter what, I truly want you to be happy bridey. Because a happy bridey means a bitchless bride.

So... Here's to the stocking stuffers!