How to Not Be a Bitch When Your Car Gets Stolen & Nobody Tells You It's Been Found

I have to share a story with you brideys, and it has nothing to do with being a better bride, or realistic tips on how to get shit done for your wedding. But, it is entertaining (to say the least), and if I don't write about it and get it off of my chest, then I might actually get really pissed off, and possibly arrested for my trash-talking mouth (shocking, I know).

Anyway, perhaps this was the world's way of getting back at my husband and me for playing hooky yesterday morning, and then partaking in a lovely lunch. And by playing hooky I mean that we decided to go test drive a new car. And normally when we do this (outside of fabulous joy ride), we walk out of the dealership as proud new owners. But, yesterday was different because we knew that we couldn't do anything without hearing from the insurance company regarding our car that had been stolen three weeks ago. And as a planner (with total Type A personality) I needed us to be ready for when the situation was rectified. Hence, test driving and preparing for something new.

So, we fell in love with a particular make and model, put down a deposit to hold the car, had a celebratory lunch and then came home and called our insurance company for an update. And I have to tell you, I was not prepared for what our "total loss" representative shared with me. She told me that the car had been found, and was in the parking lot of a super fucking expensive towing company. WHAAAAAA? I mean, don't get me wrong, it's good news that they found the car, but then she said, "it was recovered on November 20th." Yeah... not only was that three fucking weeks ago, but November 20th was the day after it was stolen. And this was the first time we were hearing that it had be recovered! What the FUCK?

I know! Right? It's crazy! So, after driving all over hell and back (in a beautiful, horribly slow rental car), we got the stolen car out of the lot of the very expensive towing company, and NOTHING was stolen. And if you're anything like me, I have a tendency to "store" things in my car (as my husband says). Meaning that there were like four handbags, a few pair of shoes, fourteen umbrellas and maybe even some unopened, never been worn accessories from Forever 21. And it was all still there, and for that I am grateful. But, I'm pissed because the police department responsible for telling us that our car had been recovered, simply negelected to share such important information. Needless to say, I'll be on the horn shortly to find out what hell happened. 

This is SO not what I had intended to post today! But, every now and then, I need some support and a forum that allows me to jump on the closest soapbox and vent. Because, you know what bridey? You're not the only one who can be a bitch. I mean... how do you think I know you so well? I too have to fight the bitch within on a constant basis. Although I have to tell you... As much as this situtation has been entirely frustrating (and expensive), I had a super fun day with my husband yesterday. We were giddy. We were detectives. And we were in it together. And that my dear brideys, made an awful situation much more tolerable. Plus, it was all kind of fun. 

So, take it from me bridey, when the going gets tough, it's all about WHO is standing beside you today, and not about the details from your wedding from yesterday. Got it?