A Dose of Perspective

Let's put a few things in perspective, shall we? I know as a wedding planner how much work goes into the planning of your wedding, but I think there is one pretty big piece of the puzzle often gets missed during the process... Can you guess what it is? Well, here's the thing, when the party's over it's just the two of you. Nobody to cheer you on as you make your grand entrance into being a married couple; no bridesmaids or groomsmen at your side when the day is stressful... Just you two. Dos. Deux. That's it.

The Huffington Post ran an article stating that 30% of divorced women had their doubts before walking down the aisle. And while I can certainly understand getting wrapped up in the wedding details, let's not forget the reason we are throwing such a grand party in the first place. We are celebrating the union of two people. Two people who are in love. Two people who hopefully understand that when the party's over, all you have is each other. Cause really, who cares about the dupioni linen or the cascading orchids or even the dress if the couple isn't right and everybody knows it? Because all of that other shit is gravy. It's fun gravy, but gravy nonetheless.

Thankfully, I've only worked with one couple who called it quits before the big day. Now that doesn't mean that there weren't a few who I thought shouldn't meet at the altar. But this bride had the balls to recognize that forever is a long fucking time, and it's not that easy to love the one you're with if it's not right. 

So, brides... If you're settling (and you know it... clap your hands! Sorry, couldn't resist!) or you hear those little alarm bells sounding in your head, it ain't right. Better to walk away now than at the alter or even worse, in divorce.