From Strapless to Fabulous

Girls… sorry to say, but not all of you should wear a strapless dress on your wedding day. Yeah, yeah I know I’m a bitch, but listen to me! I am pro woman, and pro all of that shit, but truth be told, YOU will be at your best on your wedding day if you listen to your instincts (or to me). If those bridal boot camp classes never happened or if you didn’t lose the weight you wanted to before the big day, it’s okay… just be sure to get the right wedding dress for your figure. And if you’re at all uncomfortable with your weight, then odds are… it ain’t a strapless gown. Focus on a dress that accentuates the curves you LOVE about yourself. Your tiny waist or big beautiful butt… Because if you don’t, I can assure you that your energy will be wasted feeling self-conscience about those round shoulders or wobbly triceps. Nothing should get you down on your wedding day; certainly not something you have control over.

Not to mention… you probably don’t realize it, but in the end you are actually creating a ton of extra work for your photographer. Huh? What do I mean? C’mon… you think you REALLY look that good in your proofs? You don’t…. That’s just the magic of Photoshop baby… Gets rid of the back cleavage, jiggly arms, etc. So don’t put yourself or your photographer through the agony of a strapless dress if it doesn’t suit you. If I’m totally honest (and as you know by now, I kinda can’t help that I don’t have a filter) I’d say that about 5% of my brides can actually wear a strapless dress and look incredible. They are the ones that work out all the time (even before they got engaged!), are naturally slight and have a grace to them that you can’t manufacture.

Before you tell me to go fuck myself, I just need to say that I am not in that 5% either! I workout, but so not naturally slight (or graceful for that matter). On my wedding day I wore a cap sleeves (similar to the lace number below). So, do us all a favor, take a look at the pics we’ve posted courtesy of Angel Sanchez. There are some amazing options for us “healthier” looking girls…