Give it to Me Brideys

Sometimes a girl just needs to get laid. We need to get our “swerve” on. We want your hands on our bodies, and your mouth… well; you get the picture (sorry dad!). So, we put on some sexy music, light those scented candles and go to town. But, before I get all hot and bothered, I better get to the point! Basically, I want to talk about sex. Clearly. But, I want to hear about your sex. Specifically, your wedding night sex, and if you “did it” or not. Because there is a lot of pressure to consummate the marriage on your wedding night, but after a 16-hour day, you might not be feeling so sexy.

I mean, let’s not forget that having sex on your wedding night started with virgins, and while I have seen a lot of things during my wedding planning tenure, I can honestly say that have NEVER worked with a virgin couple. In fact, most of you exude sex. It oozes from your pores and makes me totally jealous that I’m clearly NOT having as much sex as most (if not all) of my couples. But, since we won’t be showcasing the bloody sheet from the balcony into the timeline of events (for those of you who have no idea what I am referring to, read this from Urban Dictionary), I really want to know what you think about sex on your wedding night.

If you read our post for OneWed today, you will see that BB gives you the dos and don’ts of consummating your marriage. I know it sounds strange, but similar to all of the other pressures of planning and executing your wedding, there’s also a lot of pressure to have sex that night too, and frankly some of you just aren’t into it. I mean, honestly, most of you wouldn’t come home after a long 16-hour workday and “have” to get laid. And if you think about it, as amazing as your wedding day is, it’s a long fucking day. Most of you will start with hair and make-up at 8 AM (if not earlier), and not get back the bridal suite until about midnight. Seriously, if that were a “normal” day, you’d totally be asking your man to rub your… feet and shoulders (perverts)! Not your ahem… So why have “obligatory” sex on your wedding night just to say you “did it”?

So, give it to me brideys… Who is planning to “do it” on their wedding night? And if you’ve already said your vows, then who did it on their wedding night and who waited until the next morning? This bitch wants to know! Please leave your comments for BB!!!