So you all know how BB feels about bridezillas, or at least asking if you are behaving like one, but one subject that often gets missed because “the industry” is so wrapped up with the bride, is the groom. And grooms can behave badly too. In fact, on the day of the wedding, sometimes it’s the GROOM who can be the pain in the ass of any wedding planner, venue manager, or caterer. And as we state in our post for OneWed today, the groom may have a good reason… he’s lost. He doesn’t know where he’s supposed to go and when he’s supposed to go there because you, bridey’s, have not shared the timeline of events with him.

And while my pal “Christian” from our recent Fifty Shades of Red post was a total dick, this is different. “Christian” was born a dick and his behavior was consistent throughout. What we have here is a completely different kind of animal, because THIS groom has been relatively easy during the planning process. He has been supportive, nice and usually a perfect gentleman. But today, his wedding day, he is a total fucking d-bag GROOMZILLA. He is snapping at everybody, barking orders, and is suddenly very concerned about the cake cutting. WHAAAAA? It doesn’t make any sense, right? But, most of us don’t make a whole lot of sense when we feel vulnerable. And when you don’t know where to go on the most important day of your life, you’re pretty fucking vulnerable.

So, bridey’s, if your groom has been supportive of the wedding plans but not super involved in the planning, the lesson here, is to COMMUNICATE the details to him; even the not so fun ones like the logistics of the day. The dude needs to know where he is supposed to go and when he is supposed to be there (this is particularly important for the pictures and the ceremony). It’s not fair for you to be a bitch when he is panicking if YOU didn’t share the details. Got it? Good. So stop being a bitch and remember, communication is key!