Grooms and Your Bottom... Line

Does this sound familiar to you? You have all of the details planned, you are about to sign on the dotted line for 10K worth of absolutely stunning linen, chiavari chairs and stemware when out of nowhere, the groom swoops in and squashes your dream with his mighty checkbook (duh, I know nobody actually writes checks anymore, but it sounded better, okay?).

I know the feeling… You see as a planner, I see this ALL the time! And no matter how many times I tell you ladies to enlighten your grooms about the REAL budget, somehow you fuck it up. So, we go on several appointments, and the bride says, “Yeah, yeah… this is amazing. Let’s move forward with our design”.  And right as we get to the “alter”, the dream fizzles because the groom looks at the price tag and says, “No fucking way am I spending 10K tablecloths”!

Bridey’s, this is a completely avoidable situation! Because not only is it frustrating for you to either a) go back to the drawing board or b) fight it out with your man or c) fight it out with your man and STILL go back to the drawing board, but your wedding vendors want to drop kick your ass for your indecisiveness. They are busy, and when you come in, sit for three hours designing a whole theme, and then renege because you and your groom haven’t talked about the reality of pricing, it pisses people off.

Here’s my advice to you… Communicate! In a similar vein to our post yesterday (and our post on OneWed), communication is key when it comes to planning your wedding. It’s incredibly important that you have an HONEST conversation about what things cost. And if you aren’t sure, then fill in the blanks with the HIGHER number. Because if your groom thinks that you are going to spend 12K on the linen, etc., and the proposal comes in at 10K, then he is suddenly thrilled because you came out ahead. See what I’m saying? Hurray! 

So, no more allowing your groom to rain on your parade! You have control over this by communicating. Consider this practice for when the conversation changes from can we afford the linen to can we afford to buy a house or have a baby. Got it?