Stay Together... Not Just Forever

I woke up incredibly annoyed this morning. I don’t really know why, but I am, so bear with me as I write what will probably turn out to be more of a rant than a post. You see, I’ve been thinking a lot… too much actually about what I do for a living and how people who are not in “the industry” ALWAYS glorify what my job is really like. People constantly say that I should write a book based on how much crazy shit I have seen and continue to see at weddings. And you know what? Instead of a book, I prefer the Bitchless Bride blog. Because with this blog (I thee wed… HA! Sorry! It was there, so I took it!) I am able to educate you brideys and still reap the cathartic benefits of writing (which I desperately need today). But at the same time, your education is IMMEDIATE and free. And here’s another educational series for you to digest as BB continues to educate you on bitch prevention, and this time it’s about staying together.

Huh? Yeah, stay the fuck together... ON YOUR WEDDING DAY! BB, what the fuck are you talking about? Well, last week I had a tasting with one of my favorite couples, and after devouring some delicious food, we walked the space and began discussing the flow of the wedding day. And as we got deeper into what happens when, the groom mentioned how he will “field” his guests in the cocktail hour, and the bride should “deal” with her guests. Whaaa?

“Well, it’ll be easier to keep the peace if we separate.” He said.

Again, WHAT? I told him to fuck the peace. The families will have to deal because it is not the responsibility of the bride and groom to play referee on their fucking wedding day. I told them that I don’t want them to leave each for the duration of the wedding. And unless this is a security issue, then hopefully the families will keep their issues to themselves until the next day because your wedding should not be spent keeping the peace. It should be spent with each other. (Here comes my rant… I feel it bubbling over…) I mean or else why are we fucking doing this? Seriously? If you are not going enjoy your day because you are busy fielding bullshit (or you THINK it is your responsibility to field the bullshit), then elope. Because, honestly, then what’s the point? Clearly your wedding day is not about you. It’s about everybody else, and while they are a part of your day, it’s not THEIR day it’s yours…

Bottom line…. STAY TOGETHER! Don’t have separate wedding days. Not just because of everything I just mentioned, but it’ll show… in your pictures. And twenty fucking years from now, when you look at that gorgeous album, it’ll show then too…

I want to know... Do you feel like have to separate on your wedding day to "keep the peace"? If you are already married, did you stay together?