Will Your Wedding Planning End in Divorce?

Okay... too busy for the fluff today (like I ever sugar coat anything) so here it goes. I can't stand one of my brides to a point that has escalated well above my threshold. And although I am a thick-skinned, tough wedding planner, even I have my fucking limits. And sadly, I can't fire her because I am in way too deep and her wedding is way to close. 

But really, this bitch has a serious case of BRIDALDEMIA, and I am over it! SERIOUSLY, I have no idea how this awesome, great looking, smart and totally cool guy is marrying this woman. Am I missing something? I just don't get it. But most of all, as I have mentioned previously, I don' know how I, Bitchless Bride, missed the signs of this demonic, bitchass bride. I guess that even the best of us misjudge people, but man... I am just about to lose it.

Here is the kicker... You know what she asked me last night?

"BB, do you think wedding planning is practice and preparation for marriage?"

God I hope not. Because if it is, then we did all of this work for nothing. Because if YOUR wedding planning IS practice for YOUR marriage, then I know a great divorce attorney for you. Because you you failed... and miserably. 

Look, I KNOW it's tough. I have done it long enough to know that it's not all fucking wedding cake and champagne, but it doesn't have to be passive aggressive, misery either. YOU are putting all of this... whatever "this" is, on yourself. So don't ask me to dig you out when you've had enough. It's really very simple. Listen to the people trying to help you, make yourself somewhat available for appointments, and make a few fucking decisions!

Got it?